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  1. :tup: lets hope another OAKA fulled of aek fans !!! 1-0 for aek i think !! GO AEK GO AEK !!!
  2. dave22222

    we must win !!!!! and it will be so great to have more than 30 000 fans at Oaka GO AEK !!!!
  3. tough game at xanthi but if Aek play good like against paok i think a victory 2-0
  4. AEK wont be defeated today !! GO AEK !!!!!!!
  5. it will be so tough to beat Paok without Soares ...and we will be tired after Sevilla game :-/ let s hope to not lose the derby against Paok it s the most important thing right now
  6. the first game iwth a sponsor and we are leading the league !great !!!!
  7. at Toumba we will play our 1st place ...so be prepare to see a tough game over there go aek go aek !!! :tup:
  8. im not dreaming !we are in 1st place !!! it will hard to keep this place ! keep going like that Aek !!!! ;-)
  9. finally we keep our 2nd place :-)
  10. yesssssssss aek win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we lead the championship !!!!!!
  11. if we win and pana make a draw , we will be on the 1st place !!! aek keep this advantage !go aek go !!!!!
  12. 2-0 for us i think go aek go aek !!!
  13. i will see the game and i hope the 3pts for Aek go aek !!!
  14. a great victory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! katsouranis is a hero !!!!! :nw:
  15. a win 2-1 will be fine but it will be difficult to win other there go Aek go Aek and take the 1st place ,you deserved it !
  16. it s great to be free !!!! go aek go aek !!
  17. source "nikolaidis interview about the stadium "I have spoken to Mr Granitsas, and he is optimistic on the issue of the stadium. I, on the other hand, am pessimistic. If no stadium can be built in Nea Filadelfia, which is what we want, we will look at building elsewhere. I want a stadium seating 45,000 – 50,000 spectators, as the stadium will be there for years. And you don’t know what kind of crowds it will pull in thirty years. That’s why I want a big stadium for AEK." "I have not discussed our plan for the stadium with Mr Granitsas. I have not spoken to Mr Granitsas for about forty days. We have to do something ourselves about the stadium, as if the amateur plan does not go forward, then what will we do? We have to have an alternative plan." "The matter of the training center is coming on well. For the time being we are nomads and go from place to place. Money from tickets will not go to transfers. It will go to academies."
  18. we cant celebrate 80 years without remember our home ....Nikos Goumas stadia we can hope a better futur when we see an OAKA full of aek fans
  19. Maybe another OAKA full for our team , it will be great And if we win ,we will be in a good position with 3pts like the other teams GO AEK GO AEK :tup:
  20. thanks to you OM 21 i found some videos on Aek.com forum ;-) great crowd !!!
  21. It will be good to see some videos clip of this game evan it was a draw
  22. Eurosport put a tennis game to replace the derby ...i was so angry !grrrrrrrr they will diffuse the game at 8:30 AM tomorow BRAVO AEK FANS BRAVO AEK TEAM !!! :tup:
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