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  1. Yes, it is... Unfortunately, we have experienced malicious attacks and attempts to hinder the functionality of these forums in the past. Our 'tight' reaction to the situation has purely been taken to safeguard the operation of these forums, and focus on what we do best: Provide a source of information and dignified personal interaction to Greek and International Sports fans...

  2. Lazaros too, only that he doesn't know it yet

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Oh, I know it... Last night I had a dream that I gave up season tickets to the Eagles for a joy ride with the Little Mermaid at Disneyworld ! When I woke up, I had the feeling that I acted pretty smart during my ...sleep!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. Aren't you being a bit harsh on the Bucs? They shut out the Eagles in Philly, and you still don't have nice thing to say about them?

    It's just an opinion MikeS... The fact that they shut out the Eagles last night doesn't (in my opinion) make them a better team (again, in my opinion). Personally, I think last season's Superbowl championship was a fluke!.. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

    as the Bucs showed everyone who was watching why they have one of the best defences in the league

    I'm not arguing the fact that they have a good defense -- but last night wasn't about how good a defense they have, it was about how terrible the Eagles played...

    The other teams are ready for the Bucs this season -- and they will give them a VERY hard time. Let's see if their defense holds up.

    Other than that, looking forward to a nice season....

    This Sunday, the Eagles play the New England Patriots -- now there's a game between two first-day shut out teams, thought to be title contenders. I'm sure it will make for an interesting game.

  4. Well the best team wasn't the Eagles (but neither was Tampa Bay -- go figure!...) In this case it wasn't the best team that won -- it was just that the worst team lost!... :lol: Today's loss is attributed 100% to the Eagles coaching team -- terrible calls throughout the game.

    Season predictions? Tampa Bay won't make the play-offs. The Eagles? If they do, they're not going anywhere...

  5. Q: I would like to join a group, but what are the groups available, what do we have to do, and is it time consuming?

    A: The groups currently available are:

    The Artists

    The people that make sure we always 'look sharp'... Those who are successful in graphic design.

    The Reporters

    If they didn't write about it, it didn't happen!... People willing to contribute to the news reporting services of Phantis. News covers all areas, from politics to arts, to sports.

    The Developers

    If we don't have it, they'll make it!... People knowledgable with computer languages and programming. The basic necessities of these services are HTML, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.

    The Evangelists

    Spreading the word... Individuals that are willing to assist with making these services known to a broader public. Activities will include recruitment of members from other forums, chat rooms and the likes.

    The Surfers

    Riding the WWW, finding and listing, for the rest of us, those elusive sites that we've all been looking for. Contribution in this field will help expand the Phantis search engine and directory services resulting in a broader public appeal to the Phantis services in general, including the Phantis Club Forums.

    The Sharks

    Always looking for the next big deal!... Those individuals familiar with seeking sponsorships and/or collaboration relationships with other relevant WWW services.

    The Sportscasters

    Who played whom and what happened. All the scores and statistics updates. And of course, your occasional sports trivia.

    Once you join a group and become a Level 2 member, you will get access to Group Forums. Within those forums we we be discussing how members can contribute to each group.

    Each Group will have their assigned Group Leader, who will be responsible for coordinating individual Group members.

    Your contribution in the group that you join is not expected to consume more half (1/2) an hour per month of your personal time (of course if you are eager to volunteer more time - like some members are - you are always welcome!)

  6. Welcome to the forums of the Phantis Club. The Phantis Club is a new service that Phantis begins introducing on Aug. 20, 2003.

    This service will provide with a place where opinions and infornation on subjects of interest to the Greek community at large and its friends are exchanged.

    Through the Phantis Club, members will have access to a broad range of services, from news and sports, to online games, forums and chat rooms.

    Membership details and they way in which the Phantis Club will be operating will soon be announced in this area. The structure and the concept behind the service is something new and innovative for the internet world - as you will soon see for yourselves. Our goal at Phantis is to continue our contribution to the Greek worldwide community through innovation and fresh ideas, continuing the course that we started on May 1, 1997.

    We are still exploring alternative method to best protect these forums from abusive users, as that has been our bitter experience from the previously held forum services. While this issue remains unresolved, new members will be admitted by invitation only. We hope to have this issue addressed in the next few days, at which point registration will open to the general public.

    The Phantis Club Forums Team (in alpha order...)

    Attilio, Evergreen, Irlandos, Karamurat, Kerr, Kostas, Lazarus, Nakassis, nightsurfer, Panionios, Stereo Sushi, The2ndMouse, Vaggar, Ziaka

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