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  1. The Giants comeback on Monday night football to tie the game the Dallas Cowboys with a score of 32-32. What a comeback. Right when you thought that they were out of the game, they get ahead by 3 points in the last 14 seconds. And with 4 seconds left the Cowboys make a 52 yard field goal and tie the game....

    It's overtime!... Bummer... It's 12:30 AM and I'm still watching the game!..

  2. Sometimes, some people like participating only in the games -- that's how it has been in the past with the 1-2-X games. They do not participate in the forums, just play the games.

    F -- The goals that a player guesses correctly (meaning FOR)

    A -- The goals that the player guesses incorrectly (meaning AGAINST)

    F-A=GD (Goal difference)

    The standings are based on most correct guesses (W) and (D) -- W for correctly guessing the game score -- D for correctly guessing the game result, but missing the score. The goals guessed are the tiebreaker for those that share the same points.

    Additional details can be found here: Help

  3. Well, the preassure hasn't amounted on the coaching team to take such drastic decisions yet. Although, if not much improvement is realized in the next 2-3 games (that Eagles have a bi-week coming up), I'm sure the preassure will start building up. By then of course it will be too late for the season...

    Next Eagles game will be critical... and that will be at Buffalo!... The Bills are coming out of two glorious wins (against Partiots and Jaguars), and Drew Bledsoe and his team seem to be on a roll!....

  4. That will probably never happen... The Eagles just signed McNabb as a franchise quarterback last season -- which pretty much means he'll get to be the Eagles starting quarterback for the next 6-7 years.

    Personally, I think his performance started going down hill as soon as he signed that deal.

  5. The Eagles are crippled this week. They have lost to injuries two starting defensive ends (Derrick Burgess and Brandon Whiting), two backup defensive ends (Jamaal Green and Jerome McDougle), their all-pro safety (Brian Dawkins) and their starting right cornerback (Bobby Taylor)....

    So let's see what the Partiots have!...

  6. A brand new chat service is now available for members only... The link to the service is located on the top navigation bar, next to the Sports Radio link.

    While this initial chat service is pretty much barebones, we thought we'd release it while at the same time we're working on a more advanced version. That way sports fans will be able to communicate in real time with each other come game time...


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