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  1. With less than a month before the Superbowl, now is probably the time for some heavy duty predictions...

    Who's gonna make it? Take your pick!....

    Here's your candidates:


    New England Patriots

    Kansas City Chiefs

    Tennesse Titans

    Indianapolis Colts


    Philadelphia Eagles

    St. Louis Rams

    Green Bay Packers

    Carolina Panthers

    Here's mine (for now)

    Indianapolis Colts - Philadelpha Eagles

  2. Emmanuelle (1974) was a milestone in the history of cinema and affected the way sex was perceived in society. Whether you like it or not, it has played a significant role over the depiction or eroticism on the silver screen, which in turn has a social reflection.

    (she was portraying a woman who was sexually as uninhibited as a man)

    I would disagree with the generalization of this statement, as men tend to have inhibitions - to the same degree as women -- a different set of inhibitions, but they're there. I would say, she (Emmanuelle) was a woman trying to uncover her libido

    Emmanuelle made the real Emmanuelle famous to the point that several idiots found feminist values in her drivel

    From what I find out on the Net: "If she appeared brighter she could even be viewed as a feminist icon, but even the high queen of feminism Germaine Greer says she is a 'bimbo.' "

    Anyway, it was what it was, and the social impact was limited to the times. Either you were there or you weren't.

  3. This was a record setting day for Greek teams (to bad all of them negative) -- first Olympiakos turns out a total disgrace for Greek soccer, and then we have AEK with a record that nobody looks forward to achieving.

    From Reuters:

    AEK set unwanted Champions League record

    AEK Athens set an unenviable Champions League record by chalking up with their 18th match in the competition without a win after drawing 0-0 with AS Monaco on Wednesday.

  4. Yes, but Olympiakos now have a record, that nobody else has...

    From BBC: The result was the biggest winning margin in Champions League history and left Olympiakos bottom of the group.

    The biggest winning margin in Champions League history!... Well, it's nothing to be proud of, but hey... it's a record ! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  5. that the latter are forced to play defense, defense, and more defense in the hope of scoring on a counter

    Great teams have left a legend by relying on the performance of their defense. For reference purposes use Italian soccer starting at 1970 and extending to present days.

    However, the reason for starting this topic was that Julio Losada came to mind. Nothing more to it...

    However... since you're dropping in the bait...

    3. In its most recent match OSFP played the #2 team

    I would assume you are talking about current A' division standings? Because (and correct me if I'm wrong), I think that PAO holds a higher position than Olympiakos in international rankings, right? If that is correct, I guess your argument would be dependant on geographical with similtaneous chronological confinements. Again, if my argument is correct then OSFP could not have possibly played against himself, could he? He probably played against the #1 flagship team of Greek soccer!... Which makes Olympiakos simply contenders for the #1 spot... :lol: :lol:

    If my argument is not correct... Well... I owe you a drink... Cheers!

    But yes, Greek soccer has fallen in the ditch... To its lowest point... Can't fall any lower, and the only place it can go from here on, is upwards. Give it 5 years. By then, I hope, we'll start seeing some signs of upward development... Because it's not just the players, it's not just the teams... It's the people, the fans, and all the leadership all the way up to the top!

    On the same note:

  6. it is that the Greek soccer, as a whole, has taken a giant step backwards.

    2. OSFP supporters do not need to be reminded of past glories as the team is currently doing very well, thank you

    Maybe your first quote does provide with a justification for an answer to your second quote? Just maybe...

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