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  1. Fantastic of Biseswar to get Schenkeveld sent off. He'll miss Asteras, so hopefully that has an effect. A win, draw, or loss by 1 in a few days and we have an easy semi-final before reaching the cup final. At the moment we're in 3rd place, points shown below. If Olympiakos draws (it's 0-0 at halftime now), we'll stay in third place. PAO 45 AEK 44 PAOK 39 OLY 39 (assuming current result stands) Have some faith in Lucescu. We have a month that looks to be shaky for Panathinaikos, followed by play offs. We can still win the double ?
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  3. Douglas Augusto is the first of the bunch with his fourth yellow. Next games are Levadiakos (H), Gayros (H), Asteras (A) and AEK (H). Levadiakos seems to be the best option.
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  5. At last Konstantelias with a goal. 0-3. Bravo, Giannare!
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