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  1. Taxi scored a hat trick in 3-5 win against Orlando city yesterday. Also scored DC only goal in 1-3 loss last week June 25. Now has 9 goals in 10 games so far in MLS.
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  2. Sastre (Loan deal made permanent) Rafa Soares (left back), Gianni Karagas(Center back), Nicolas Quagliata (winger/attacking mid), Tiago Dantas (Midfielder on loan from Benfica), Dominik Kortarski (keeper), Andre Ricardo (Winger, signed for the B team initially?) and although not officially announced, reports for weeks have said Ivan Nasberg is a done deal from Valarenga. PAOK is just waiting for his contract to expire at the end of July. Apparently Norway has different contracts that end in July and not June. Others that are apparently almost done are Khaled Narey and now Brandon Thomas, but nothing official on those guys just yet.
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  3. We did it, boys! We got ourselves a soundcloud rapper!
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