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Euro 2020 Group J - Greece vs Armenia (11 June 2019, Olympic Stadium, Athens)

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Trying to restore the faith: a MUST-win!

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I have not faith until I see a difference after that disgusting display on Saturday..

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Anything other than three points and we can kiss qualification goodbye. Agona Sports have given me a free pass to watch this game as compensation for my last stream stuttering. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch it as I'll be travelling home, I'm gonna request a pass for the following game (Finland away), hopefully we're still have something to play for! 

Edited by Chris Tsamados
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Should aim for min 3-0 to make up for the a Saturday disaster 

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1 Vlachodimos(GK)

5 Siovas

8 Zeca

9 Koulouris

10 Fortounis

11 Pelkas

16 Masouras

18 Mavrias

19 Papastathopoulos(Captain)

22 Samaris

23 Koutris




12 Paschalakis(GK)

13 Barkas(GK)

2 Kotsiras

3 Bouchalakis

4 Manolas

6 Durmishaj

7 Siopis

14 Bakasetas

15 Valerianos

17 Kolovos

20 Mantalos

21 Kourbelis


Manager: Angelos Anastasiadis(GRE)


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16 Airapetyan(GK)

3 Haroyan

5 Grigoryan

6 Mkrtchyan

10 Ghazaryan

11 Barseghyan

13 Hovhannisyan

18 Mkhitaryan(Captain)

19 Hambardzumyan

20 Karapetyan

22 Ishkanyan




1 Beglaryan(GK)

12 Avagyan(GK)

2 Miranyan

4 Voskanyan

7 Avetisyan

9 Babayan

14 Ambartsumyan

15 Hovhannisyan

17 Edigaryan

21 Hovsepyan

23 Ozbiliz 


Manager: Armen Gyulbudaghyants(ARM)

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Manolas not playing is weird.


Otherwise it's a good line-up for us. We don't have much better (except the injured ones and Lamprou + Limnios )

But that's it. That's the best we can have right now.

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Univision Deportes en Vivo

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2 minutes ago, Chris Tsamados said:

Check out how Live Score has us lining up. Funny thing is this is probably true!




I was gonna post the line up looking like that cause of what a knob this "coach" is lol God forbid he or any of these coaches plays pelkas in his natural cam position lol they must all watch game tape with ouzo glasses on.

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1 minute ago, Chris Tsamados said:

Fortounis as our LB, that's correct isn't it?

Sounds about right lol according to aa (which is where he's going to send all of us with these stunning line ups lol) he's our best player so should he able to easily play all positions on the pitch. 

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Honestly I don't wanna lose, but I wanna drop points so this dummy is gone. At this rate they'd be better off letting someone be player coach. Like I think they still think this is then 90 and we don't have eyes or internet or YouTube to see what kind of Greek players are actually out there 

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Google has our correct formation:




Can't believe we're actually playing with a striker, surely this must be some kind of mistake, that's even less believable than the Live Score line-up! 

Edited by Chris Tsamados

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Nearly 0-1... Armenia all over us early on

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We continue like this we are going to eat an early goal.. horrible turn overs 

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Absolutely disgusting we are absolutely trash.. Armenia goal.. 

Edited by J1078

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      Οι πιθανοί αντίπαλοι του Ολυμπιακού στα προκριματικά

      Οι πιθανοί αντίπαλοι στον τρίτο προκριματικό είναι οι εξής με τα τωρινά δεδομένα: Χάποελ Μπερ Σεβά (Ισραήλ), Αστάνα (Καζακστάν), Παρτιζάν (Σερβία), Ριέκα (Κροατία), Ρόζενμποργκ (Νορβηγία), Σλάβια Πράγας (Τσεχία), Χαφναρφιόρντουρ (Ισλανδία), Βιτορούλ (Ρουμανία), Ζίλινα (Σλοβακία), Ζαλγκίρις (Λιθουανία) 

      Οι πιθανοί αντίπαλοι στα play offs είναι οι εξής με τα τωρινά δεδομένα: ΑΠΟΕΛ (Κύπρος), Μάλμε (Σουηδία), Μπάτε Μπορίσοφ (Λευκορωσία), Μάριμπορ (Σλοβενία), Καραμπάχ (Αζερμπαϊτζάν). 

      Ο Ολυμπιακός φέτος (όπως και πέρυσι) θα έχει την υψηλότερη βαθμολογία σε αυτούς τους δύο προκριματικούς, καθώς έχει συγκεντρώσει την υψηλότερη βαθμολογία (64.580) την τελευταία πενταετία, ενώ δεύτερη (και αρκετά πίσω του) είναι η Σέλτικ με 42.785 βαθμούς.
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