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Is Harvey Weinstein Fit For the Supreme Court?

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Weinstein was in the news today

  1. MICHAEL R. SISAK and TOM HAYS, Associated Press, reported today that

    Manhattan's district attorney dropped part of the criminal sexual assault case against Harvey Weinstein on Thursday after evidence emerged that a police detective had coached a witness to stay silent about evidence that cast doubt on the account one of his three accusers.

  2. Elsewhere (Variety, today) we read that

Prosecutors also recently obtained a draft email written by Evans to her fiance in 2015; the email contained a version of the encounter that is at odds with the version she had told law enforcement.

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What ? You mean exchanging promise of employment for a blowjob isn't a crime ? I'm sure he raped someone along the way but I doubt it was her....or is simply being a scumbag @$$hole a crime in itself.....if so a large chunk of the population at large will soon be incarcerated.....including luscious Lucia Evans....which may actually happen.

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Oh, I can ..elevate that. In my company, the women hired must be pretty and willing to please me. Please don't object, it's my religious belief and I have a right to run my own company by it.  


If you ask, I'd be willing to serve on the supreme court, because I am a moral person that goes to church every Sunday, and my thoughts & prayers (only) are with the victims of gun massacres.


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You mean exchanging promise of employment for a blowjob isn't a crime ? 

Not at all! I fear I am not a good writer. According the press

1) Lucia Evans (who alleged rape) offered conflicting accounts about her encounter with Weinstein.

2) The police censored statements (by a witness) that did not support the accusation and

3) Lucia Evans' e-mail offered a conflicting account about her encounter with Weinstein.

As of now it is not clear who did what. Anyway, my target was not the exploits of Weinstein, it was the senatorial circus. Namely,

1) Obama was not allowed to propose a judge to the Supreme Court. The Republican Senators were scratching their balls and they would not have the time to assess the choice of Obama.

2) The first choice of the present president for the court was the Judge Gorsuch, the son of Anne Gorsuch Burford, who became the first female head of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Ronald Reagan. Gorsuch attended the Georgetown Preparatory School. His critics claimed that he was more to the Right than Attila the Hun. But, like Attila, he could not be stopped.

3) The second Supreme Court choice of the president was judge Kavanaugh; he too attended the Georgetown Preparatory School (simple coincidence but, given the school, they may have been both trained to Catholic casuistry). His ascent to the Supreme Court was turbulent. He was accused of attempts to rape and of excessive drinking.

4) If Weinstein is not found guilty of any rape (attempted or successful), he should be the next nomination for the Supreme Court. The nation will not have to go again through a circus like that the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh unleashed.

I do not know if Weinstein has the proper education for the court. Nevertheless (1) the descendants of Abraham are believed to be good lawyers and (2) justice Sotomayor stated that “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life”. As a New Yorker, WeinStein has been exposed to all the bizarre ideas and he will not adopt any of them.

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