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Catalan Independance

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It appears the Catalan Parliament is going all the way with this.  Not sure exactly what they want.  A separate country ?  Or just more autonomy and they're using this as bargaining tool ?

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I think both sides are led by knuckleheads who are leading Spain into serious conflict. The way they speak and their actions are not wise if indeed they want to reach some kind of resolution to this serious issue. The Catalans feel that their separate identity warrants more control over their own affairs, and I understand that,  but establishing a new country by cutting of a big chunk of another is very difficult.

The Madrid government should also realize that it can't keep Catalonia by force alone. What, is the Spanish government going to occupy and brutally suppress such a large area and millions of people? Greater autonomy is the solution for Catalonia in my opinion.

Also, Catalonia has many benefits by being in Spain and the EU.

By the way, as anyone who knows about state formation would tell you, people are patriotic and feel proud citizens of a country because they receive benefits for giving their allegiance to the state. It could be cultural, political, identity, economic, whatever, but if people don't feel emotionally tied to a country, there's a big problem... Being occupied of feel oppressed doesn't make you want to be part of what you hate.

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