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Olympiakos 2006/07 Two Kind of Home Jerseys?

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I have several Olympiakos jerseys and recently I bought next jersey. Home jersey 2006/07. It is old jersey and in the Internet there isn't a lot of information about those jerseys, thatswhy I'm writting for advice to you. I received jersey as in the following pictures:



This jersey is a bit different of other jerseys from 2006/07 season. Looks:

1. The words in the collar are sticked askew. Additionally there isn't information where the jersey was made.

2. The stripes on the sleeves are also askew. The end of sleeve is thin red stripe.

3. Tho logo Puma is smaller than normally.

4. Under the sticker with price (39.99) there isn't standard Puma's labels with information about jerseys (number of article, colours, size).

5. The internal label is another than in other Puma's jerseys which I have. The article number of jersey is 732680.

What is it? I searched the Internet and I found two kind of home Olympiakos jerseys. The one is identic as my jersey, and the second is as another Puma's jerseys (this mean normal Puma logo, normal internal label, information where the jersey was made, information about jerseys on paper labels). I also searched on ebay, and there also are both of jerseys, my and normally jersey.

Now, I have a question for Olympiakos fans. Is my jersey fake, and all jerseys as my are fake, or in 2006/07 season there were two kind of home jerseys? Maybe my jersey was dedicated only for Greece? Somebody has some idea? Please, help :)

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