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Rise of the Super League

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I predicted a few things last summer. AEK would walk into second spot in the league due to Tiger knowing more about football than Savvidis and Alafouzos combined. And secondly, more violence due to the return of AEK and the pressures that will create among PAO and PAOK who will battle for third. Finally I predicted a more competitive league.


The league is not yet concluded, but one thing is for certain. The entry of AEK has made the league more competitive. This winter alone Alafouzos acquired Sebastian Leto, Boumale, Mesto, Moledo, Villafanez, Mamute, Evangelista etc out of complete desperation. AEK, PAO and POAK all changed managers like pairs of socks this season. These new players and managers show a capitalism - a type of meritocracy among the bigger clubs.


The highlight for me has been Panionios. A team constructed of 98% Greek players - sold its best player this winter and is still 5th.


I think next season with AEL back in the league, the league will be even more competitive. However, this depends on whether Kontonis does a Tsipras and does as 360 on the Cup. I think despite all the dark clouds of violence (that will never go without arrests), the future looks a little brighter for Greek football. A new AEK stadium, remodelled leoforo etc - Aris back in the League will make the league even better. Greek football has just about survived the crisis. 

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