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Dutch Eagle

Value of NFL-teams

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Just read an interesting article in a Dutch newspaper. The most valuable team in the world are Dallas Cowboys. Value EUR 3,540,000,000.00. (American football is probably hot and as a person from the old continent I can not understand that; sorry guys!)

In fact there are only three soccer-teams in the top 10: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United. And one basketball-team.

Full top 10:

1. Dallas Cowboys 3,54 billion

2. Real Madrid 2,88

3. New England Patriots and New York Yankees 2,83

5. FC Barcelona 2,79

6. Manchester United 2,74

7. Washington Redskins 2,52

8. New York Giants 2,48

9. San Francisco 49ers 2,44

10. Los Angeles Lakers and New York Jets 2,30

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Doesn't surprise me at all. Football is by far the most popular sport here in the States. The US is by far richer than any soccer-mad country, and also has a large population. The only league that even approaches the commercialization of the NFL is the EPL, and they look frankly quaint by comparison.

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