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Buducnost Podgorica-Omonoia(Gradski Stadion, Niksic)

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real madrid 5-2 APOEL poursiatidis and charalambides start  and satsias comes off the bench. http://uk.soccerway.com/matches/2012/04/04/europe/uefa-champions-league/real-madrid-club-de-futbol/apoel-nicosia/1274341/?ICID=PL_MS_02


lyon 1-0 APOEL poursiatidis charalambidis and chiotis start http://uk.soccerway.com/matches/2012/02/14/europe/uefa-champions-league/olympique-lyonnais/apoel-nicosia/1237453/?ICID=PL_MS_01


APOEL 1-0 lyon poursiatidis charalambidis & chiotis start alexandrou comes off the bench



APOEL 0-2 SHAKHTAR poursiatidis charalambidis & alexandrou all started 



APOEL 2-1 porto charalambidis solomou & poursiatidis all started alexandrou on off the bench



ZENIT 0-0 APOEL charalambidis solomou & alexandrou all start ilia off the bench



shakhtar 1-1 APOEL chiotis and poursiatidis start charalambidis off the bench




i don't see a difference between greeks and cypriots and the facts are APOEL started with 3 greeks/cypriots in virtually all of their champions league games.


on no occasion did APOEL field a side with no cypriots during their champions league run.

Well they often only had one Cypriot, and at least Omonoia had Kyriakou starting. I could see Giorgallidis breaking in.

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APOEL during their CL run often had no Cypriots in their lineup.


Well they often only had one Cypriot, and at least Omonoia had Kyriakou starting.

mate your comments are simply not true, i've posted line ups for you to see that above. how many matches did APOEL during their champions league run only have one cypriot??

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