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Teams Being Punished

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I can't believe the bs that Olympiakos was handed a 9 game home suspension and 111,000 Euro fine. Are you kidding me? What HUGE corruption and incompetance from the Greek Government & Greek Sports Athletic Commitee.

Where is the justice in that? I and a few people go to a stadium (basketball, soccer or whatever else) and we decide to trash the place... The team (it doesn't matter which team-all teams) has to pay? Pure Garbage!

The people who did these things should be held liable and responsible. Here in Canada, you try and do something like that, police in Riot gear will come and take you away, where you belong... No teams are charged for this crap.

This is ridiculous and a outrage!!! :nono: :angry: :blink:


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That is the stupidity of the greece athletic justice.Since they have no laws or police or any serious way to fight violence in stadiums,they pick the easy way out and penalize the teams and the normal season holder ticket people whose only fault is that they like the team and the game.......Greek systems at work....

The funny thing is that if you serious want to stop any kind of violence from sports is really easy.Put cameras in the stadiums,stop giving tickets for free and have only people with IDs to get them and actually when they go to the game to sit in that spot thet they have purchased and then in case anything bad happens,you arrest the people who start trouble and penalyze them financially for any damage and kick them out for life from any future games or sport events.

Simple and nice like that.

When the higher ups willl get it that emptying the stadiums do not hurt the troublemakers?????Imagine yourselfs having purchased season tickets for the Miami Heat and you are not allowed to watch half the season.....insane...

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