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Lebron James

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Olympiakos are interessed in signing Lebron James!!

What do you guys think?

There are many rumors, some sources say olympiakos want to offer 100 million for 2 years. Do we have that kind of money?

Lebron resently said he would be open to a move to europe.

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Now Kobe too

I dont think these can be taken seriously -- but Kobe does have ties to italy

Also looking at the other article about LeBron, $50 million tax free vs $19 million in the NBA, makes some sense, but of course the endorsment side would have to be looked at. However I don't think that the US necessarily has a slam dunk, pardon the pun, advantage with endorsement either.

Of course the NBA could simply remove/modify the maximum salary from their collective agreement.

Who knows. I cold see some bigger name players who could fetch a huge amount of dough, who have run out their welcome in the NBA coming over -- Vince Carter for PAO, Wally Szerbiak at Olympiakos, or Kenyon Martin at AEK???? - this could actually help their careers.

Could be interesting, at least for the bank accounts of NBAers

– Kobe Bryant won

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Both Lebron and Bryant would consider Europe


Bryant said he would consider Greece, Italy, Russia


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