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Posting pictures


A quick guide on how to get pictures in your posts.

What you have to use for this are the "image tags" ... this is how it should look like:

[IMG=Link to your picture here]

So now an example with a real link:


Which as result gives:

Posted Image

Alternatively, instead of writing those tags, you can just click the IMG button once to open the tags, copy paste the link to the image, and click IMG a second time to close the tags.

Sometimes, web sites do not allow their images to be shown on other websites (hijacking)... If that is what is happening in your case, the only way is to have an image copied/uploaded to a web server that does allow public access, and then reference the image.

You cannot upload images directly to these forums.

Examples of these kinds of servers are: photobucket, imageshack, putfile, tinypic ...

If you have any questions on this, post here or -if you're the shy type :D- PM me.

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:LOL: glad to see you got it working ...

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