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NESTEA European Championship Tour 2007

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2007.08.27 NESTEA European Championship Tour 2007


Luxembourg/Valencia, August 27, 2007. The NESTEA European Championship Final, which was played over the last four days in Valencia (ESP), was won by Austrians Clemens Doppler/Peter Gartmayer in the men’s and Greek Vassiliki Karadassiou/Vassiliki Arvanity in the women’s, both teams being crowned with the European Champion 2007 title.

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25 August 2007

Good Ball Control and a High Level of Match Intelligence

Vassiliki Arvanity and Vassiliki Karadassiou from Greece win the NESTEA European Championship Final 2007 in Valencia and are the new queens of the wind

Valencia, 25 August 2007: Many teams have had trouble with the conditions on the Playa de la Malvarrosa. It is a real challenge to deal with those kinds of winds. You need virtues like a consistent serve, good ball control and a high level of match intelligence to defeat the elements. There were two teams in the women’s competition that best converted these qualities: Vassiliki Arvanity and Vassiliki Karadassiou from Greece as well as Sara Goller and Laura Ludwig from Germany.

And so it was no coincidence the two dominating teams met in the final of this years’ NESTEA European Championship Final. The Greeks and Germans defied the difficult conditions and delivered a world-class final in Valencia. The Bronze Medal went to Nila Hakedal and Ingrid Toerlen from Norway who defeated the defending champions Alexandra Shiryaeva and Natalia Uryadova from Russia in three sets (18:21, 22:20, 15:13).

The final was exactly as thrilling as everybody had expected. In a high class match the team from Greece played a bit smarter and won in three sets (21:15, 22:24, 15:12). In the third set the European Champions from 2005 had an early lead of 8:2 and let their opponents come back to 10:9. “I do not know why we lost concentration“, Vassiliki Arvanity said after the match. Laura Ludwig was a bit disappointed because she and her partner did not show their best performance at the beginning of set three: “If we had not fallen asleep on the court we could have won this match.”

Goller/Ludwig had dethroned Shiryaeva/Uryadova in the semi final in straight sets (21:17, 21:16) to advance to the final. The match was a demonstration of wind control and Laura Ludwig predicted an especially good final: “The Greeks play very well in the wind – but so do we.” While the Germans talked about an equal match-up, Vassiliki Arvanity put pressure on herself and her partner: “If you play in the final there is no alternative to winning the gold medal.” She was especially motivated because her partner Vassiliki Karadassiou had the chance to make history. Following the 2001 European gold in Jesolo (Italy) with Efi Sfyri and 2005 in Moscow with Vassiliki Arvanity, Karadassiou had the chance to win her third European Championship title in Valencia. That is a feat only the Italian duo Laura Bruschini and Annamaria Solazzi have achieved so far. After the impressive feat was accomplished the Greeks found the right words: “This is a big deal for myself and for Greece.”

In the men’s tournament the Champions from 2006 Julius Brink and Christoph Dieckmann are out. The Germans played a disappointing championship and lost to Boersma/Ronnes from the Netherlands to finish on ninth position. The matches are behind the schedule because it was impossible today to play on the side courts due to the windy conditions. That is the reason why the four semi finalists will be determined tomorrow.

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