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  1. Lamia

    PAS Lamia

    pame re Lamiara
  2. Lamia

    PAS Lamia

    Rumors and nothing concrete!
  3. Lamia

    PAS Lamia

    οχι εξωτερικο ειμαι. Μας τα χαλασαν με αυτο το Χ με τον Αρη. Θα παιξουμε πλειαουτ με μεγαλο πλεονεκτημα. Δυπλο μεσα στον ΟΦΗ την Κυριακη! Παμε Λαμιαρα!
  4. Η Λαμια εχει αδικηθει παραφορα απο τη διαιατησια σε πολλα παιχνιδια. Ολα αυτα τα "Χ" 12 εν συνολω που εχει φερει τα μισα θα επρεπε να ηταν νικες! Αν η Λαμια ειχε αλους 12 βαθμους,δεν θα μιλαγαμε τωρα για πλειοφς! Εκεινο το ΒΑΡ μας κατεστρεψε!
  5. 1st half 1-0 Lamia. Lamia missed a penalty.
  6. Lamia

    PAS Lamia

    Xanthi - Lamia 0-0 Great chance for Lamia to beat Xanthi today! We had our chances but we did not capitalize. The chance wit Saliakas was huge! We are still in the game of going to the play offs! We just need to beat Aris at home next Saturday.
  7. Lamia

    PAS Lamia

    Papaioannou has invested millions of euros for this team. Imagine 7 years ago the team had fallen to the local Fthiotis divisions and there was no hope for reviving it. He came as a saviour and invested his hot cash. Year after year and with the help of local investors(they could be more) accomplished to bring the team to higher divisions. The end result was the advancement to the S.L two years ago,which was a dream for many Lamia fans for decades. Nowadays the team has established themselves as a formidable opponent looking forward to representing Greece in Europe at some future date. That is the main goal of Mr, Papaioannou a shrewd businessman with no particular affiliations in the Greek football world. They truly love him in Lamia and have resorted in him to bring the club higher. We hope his health holds as this is his only reason he might be resigning! His plans and the plans of the local government are to built a modern stadium where the training facilities are located now. Moneys have been located for that reason. He also has invested in the local crop of players forming a U15,U17 and U19 who participate in the national leagues. Some of the local players have become professional lately and decorate the PAS Lamia roster. The future is bright for the healthy club os PAS Lamia. Indeed!
  8. Lamia

    PAS Lamia

    Lamia is in the Greek football map to make history. Share holder Papaioanou and his staff are working towards making PAS LAMIA a first class organization. There are very few things and obstacles that will prevent the team reaching its goals. PAS LAMIA is a team with no affiliations and strives to bring it's fans and the fans of other teams on the stands to watch a game of football together. We have accepted any football fans at DAK Lamias(soon to be renamed ATHANASIOS DIAKOS) from any part of the country. Lamia fans are known for their hospitality. We will continue to bring a health attitude on and off the field.
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