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  1. We may be outnumbered 75k to 5K but it’s ok!! Ouzo vs Tequila
  2. I feel like we always have better options on the bench. Look what happened with Misic and Ingassen. Those two are clearly better than who was being played ahead of them. I think Zivkovic and Pascha are pretty much the same talent level, Pascha takes more risks which hurts him but I would say he is more athletic and stronger than Zivko. I wonder how Rodrigo is at RB, Matos, for me, is having a rough season so I wouldn't be surprised if Rodrigo gets a shot if we end up liking him more. Rey is an interesting case, I always liked him. He never caused trouble when he wasn't playing and seemed like a great teammate who loved being in Greece. I would say he is on the same level as Zivko. He is a technical GK, great footwork, positioning, communication, but isnt at the same athletic level as Pascha.
  3. Most of it here in CT, however, I did spend some time in Detroit. I've been to 3 games, one vs Valerenga, Muslimovic's last game, and Kaparty I'm glad to have finally joined ! Looking forward to some good conversations with you and good debates vs the reds
  4. 28, currently living in Connecticut, family is from Thessaloniki. Been a huge PAOK fan since I could remember. Dad played for youth team a while ago growing up. Actually have Malezas’ phone number, or I did but I’m sure he changed it in the last 9 years 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Y’all should see some of the convos we have on there ...😏
  6. Then he looks down at the grass cause it’s the fields reason he missed it...
  7. Yup we don’t have one player who can dribble the ball into the box. Swiderski stumbles and bumbles when trying to hold the ball too long. Limnios just dribbles straight and crosses the ball.
  8. Thanks brother! Been lurking on these forums for years now, figured it was time to join the chaos!
  9. Esiti got his pocket picked that almost lead to the goal. Defense looking shaky to start.
  10. Matos definitely getting carded this game
  11. It’s official! Greece vs Mexico March 29th in Dallas! Greece is looking for another game in USA as well.
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