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  1. At this rate we may lose our Europa league spot
  2. How about we stop shooting from 30 yards out
  3. Where can I apply for the paok job? I feel like I’d be better than this guy. No fire.
  4. It’s baffling. Literally playing like our legs are jello. Like we are in quicksand. A step behind everyone. On defense we panic and foul cause we are lazy. On offense we lose it once it goes up. This makes me think 2 things : 1) Team and Abel know he won’t be here next season 2) Team trying to get rid of Abel. For a team who can still get UCL play, this is pathetic. If we were guaranteed a Europa spot I can understand, but we can play in the big boys league and we are fixing this effort!?
  5. So basically a repeat of every game this playoff.
  6. Ok guys just started watching, get ready for my hot takes
  7. Is there a google doc for Europa league possible teams?
  8. Red Card check. If it was the last man or not
  9. I’ve never seen our defense so lost. No communication between our Centerbacks. Giannoulis and his little rat tail look lost. Rodrigo isn’t the answer at RB either. The last 15 minutes have been owned by ofi. When we get the ball we just clear it up and lose it.
  10. OFI controlling the game since the goal. Just his the post on a beautiful shot
  11. Beautiful goal by Diego! Excellent run from Limnios too. Finally they do something good
  12. Team looks wiped. It’s insane. We still only have one shot on goal?
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