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  1. You have just one final game for the bottom two teams at a neutral location. Loser gets relegated and top GSL2 team currently goes up. Or you can have a “championship game” like England has for their 2nd division. Winner goes up.
  2. Paok will now have 10 points deducted because of this!
  3. Marinakis contracted the virus
  4. Yea, rumor here is that they will cancel the games. I had tickets to both, so that will suck
  5. Yup, and our game at PAO won’t have fans either.
  6. What’s new. I feel like every game lately , our opponent plays harder, tougher, quicker.
  7. Horrific defensive display too. When I’m danger we are just kicking it out for a throw in, not even trying to hit it off them or up the field. We are rushing everything too, Lamprou has about 5 turnovers. Vierinha has already whiffed and missed the ball twice. Paschalakis looks stupid with his dumb hair.
  8. The seedings came out for the next edition of the Nations League. I am not sure what the winners qualify for, there's some talk about WC Qualification ... We are in League C and here are the pots: Pot 1: Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Georgia Pot 2: Skopje, Kosovo, Belarus, Cyprus Pot 3: Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Luxembourg Pot 4: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova Draw is March 3rd
  9. 5 min into the Oly-Arsenal game and Oly should be up 2-0 already. They play so fast and quick as opposed to our continuous back passing to the goalie over and over again
  10. Don’t worry, we will score on an 80th minute PK .. On a more serious note, we are getting outshot at home to a B team
  11. Falling asleep while watching this game.
  12. There’s the goal, it was a matter of time. This years team couldn’t lick the jock strap of last years squad
  13. Going down our left side all game, Vierinha isn’t coming back and PAO knows it. The whole game has been in our defensive third on the left side
  14. Another slow start, PAO could be up 2 goals already
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