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  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 https://www.dropbox.com/s/b5snu9fnkst3t6w/Ajax.jpg
  2. Thanks for your kind advice. But no. Dutch people never sleep.
  3. Ad 1) I am not glad that Greek players turned out to be so childish that they would not even shake hands with the team they played against. Up until now, I did not know that some Greek (soccer players) were childish people, either for not shaking hands with their opponents, of for justifying that and being 'glad' about it. From now on, I know. Ad 2) Yes, I believe that, because there were three penalty-worthy transgressions made by Greek players. Your sad excuse is that they were only awarded because your Greek team is not more famous. If this would be a common Greek victim-like attitude (which I doubt), your Greek team is destined to remain second-class for a long time.
  4. If VAR was used, several Greek players would have been sent off. And Ajax would have won with an even bigger score. But alas, VAR was not used. We share our sadness over this fact.
  5. Thank you for proving my point once more, Nilaul.
  6. Hello Greek boy, so kind of you to answer. Have you read the comments about this match in other countries than your & mine? In Britain, France, Germany, Italy? There's none of the whining that the Greek media, Greek fans, and Greek players do. Nothing like the accusatory tone against the arbiter. So the whining and the sourness were typically Greek responses, in this case. Congratulations on being original! It wasn't a nice game. I thought the Greek played rather rough. Sure, they created chances, but that was their job, wasn't it? Have you seen the summary of the match to which I linked? Count the number of times a Greek player holds a Dutch shirt, jumps on a Dutch player, or even pushes a Dutch player to the ground. That is what I mean when I call it 'not a nice game' and 'deserved penalties'. And after the Greek scored 1-0, they already started to kill the time as a first. Yes, I loved the goals made by Bisewar. We Dutch are still proud of him. We like sports more than nationalism, so we have no problem appreciating his goals, even if they count against our team. The behavior of the Greek at the end was downright shameful. I can understand emotions, and disappointment. I cannot understand childish behavior.
  7. . Hi, it's me. I'm the Da Fook guy who is going to tell you that each and every penalty was fully deserved. See it for yourself: Yes, the referee was biased, but in favor of the Greek, who played so mean and pushed so hard that they were lucky the referee let them play the full match with 11 players. Two red cards could also have been possible. Cheers from Amsterdam, home of Ajax*) *) Ajax was a famed Greek warrior, very strong and brave, who fought Hektor in a duel. Both men were very strong and fought until sundawn. Then they paid respect to each other and exchanged presents. BTW PAOK players did not even care to shake hands with Ajax players after the match.
  8. Agreed. Greece is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, much more beautiful than The Netherlands. And with a tastier national kitchen, too. But you are wrong about that sunshine. We just enjoyed a beautiful summertime here, with lots of sunshine, and days around (and above) 40 degrees. Besides, the Dutch are the better soccer players. Sorry, you can't have them all.
  9. I accept your bet. And inform you that I am not one of your old friends. So, you lost that $20. Shall I give you my bank account number?
  10. Dutch children learn at school that Greek warriors were brave and heroic. Not pussies who cried and whined over a lost battle. Today, our children's view on Greek warriors has been altered. I wish you success with your boohoo complaint at Big Daddy UEFA. Oh, and by the way: last time I checked, the Greek people were not a 'race'. To call an innocent TV commentator's joke 'racist' is, well, not very bright.
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