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  1. “In 2019 the Benfica GK currently leads Europe’s top 10 leagues in Clean Sheets (8) & Goals Conceded (3) with a 90% save rate” yet we will play any goalie besides him lmao.
  2. I was really enjoying some of our passing game va Bosnia (I finally found the game on ESPN) who would have thought. mantalos was serving up some good passes too, I’d give him some credit. Bakasetas too! my biggest and maybe only disappointment was koulouris missing a wide open shot on goal with the goalie on the ground. I know it’s a lot of pressure but YOURE WIDE OPEN
  3. Does anyone know where I can watch a full replay of this match?
  4. Guys please send any link where I can watch the entire game, recently started a new job and wasn’t able to watch. Also, I’ve been saying all along the skill is there, it’s a chem and mental issue this team has, and that’s why I think we will have an unrecognizable squad by the World Cup qualifiers. also it’s possible that having Manolas and Sokratis on the field makes other players feel a little more comfortable that they will handle business on defense causing them to not play with the same energy. the players don’t have our star CBs to lean on so they kick into overdrive and play their heart out (to make up for thhe loss). So it may not necessarily be an “ego” issue but just the effect of the “safety net” they provide for other players. Too much of a comfort zone may not be good for these players
  5. That’s just how transition periods work, they’re not about results
  6. Yeah i saw something there with donis at the end. (I was the one asking about him earlier in the week). He is better at creating opportunities for himself, while koulouris is more of a poacher, needs to be set up nicely. I mean we can’t be surprised with this result, we held up defensively. Gave up a stupid penalty, and once we were down it was all out attacked which exposed our defense and they were able to get a second. I’m actually not to disappointed because I think we saw potential in several players like Limnios for example. Which is what the purpose of these games is. Paschalakis was ok at best, faced a tough side and wasn’t challenged to often. Second goal should have Been blocked
  7. The team is not responding well to the goals, you can tell they’re not clear headed right now
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