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  1. We lost twice against the Faroes. 2 different coaches at that time. We lost with Ranieri and Markarian. Outplaying Estonia doesn't mean anything. At the end we lost ! We also lost to Armenia because we seem to ALWAYS start sloppy under Angelos. It's not just this game. .... We are slightly underneath Finland in terms of quality. We can beat them, but it won't be easy at all. 2 wins against them is almost a miracle with our current team.
  2. And those countries beat us in our last encounter against them. And no, we certainly don't have much quality. There is Fortounis, Manolas and Sokratis. That's it.
  3. Who does Armenia have? Or Estonia? Or even the Faroes? It's not about roster quality (not that we have much either).
  4. Why shouldn't Postecoglou succeed? I think he could turn the Ethniki around. He doesn't have that Greek mentality, yet he is Greek, already managed in Greece before, had a decent run with Australia. We need somebody who won't take no s%$#! from the players, teach them discipline. Could he be our new Rehhagel? I don't know. But he'd be a better coach than everyone we've had since Ranieri. You could be right here. And if Angelos stays, he should NOT nominate those anymore.
  5. We can't even win against Armenia. How the hell are we supposed to win against Finnland. I see us draw against them, and draw against Bosnia. Maybe get a win against Armenia next time. Right now, that's all we can achieve.
  6. True. But it doesn't explain why they played like s%$#! in their games.
  7. He is 80 years old now. He is retired for years now. Let the man live in peace. He did enough for us!
  8. PELKAS is the only one who shows some kind of passion out there today. Best player by far.
  9. Manolas not playing is weird. Otherwise it's a good line-up for us. We don't have much better (except the injured ones and Lamprou + Limnios ) But that's it. That's the best we can have right now.
  10. Angelos is testing this line-up ------------------------Barkas Mavrias--Sokratis--Manolas--Koutris ----------------Zeca-------Samaris Bakasetas----Fortounis----Masouras ---------------------Koulouris
  11. Coach is at fault for a lot of things. But he isn't at fault when the best players like Manolas, Sokratis, Samaris, Siovas are having a really bad game. They should lead this team, and defend with all they got. Instead they barely run, can't mark players, and just are overchallenged by the Italian attack
  12. I do blame the coach, too. But we should also blame our best players, who are supposed to lead this team and show at least some passion (Manolas, Sokratis, Samaris, Siovas). But Kougias is an a**hole. Always has been, always will be.
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