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  1. We should rather strengthen our defense.
  2. I'd leave Estonia out of there. For the obvious reason.
  3. Me too, haha. Just watched it 2 days ago. this reaction is also good. Toumba begins at 2:47
  4. I don't get the hate. Koulouris knows how to score, is in great form and we still have Mitroglou and Donis. 3 (more or less) decent strikers. We can even play in a 4-4-2 or even 3-5-2 with Donis and Koulouris/Mitro. It's good to have options, and I am very glad Koulouris is doing fine. He improved a lot over the past 3 seasons.
  5. Some can play in the center and on the wings, and some don't. Mantalos can't. Not in AEK, and not for the Ethniki. Pelkas however is not the issue in our national team at all. Him on the left or right side is not ideal, but it is not the main issue Greece has. It's the lack of good DMs or CMs in general. And Pelkas could be a good option right next to someone like Zeca (or someone better, if we had one). Fetfatzidis has never done anything for us. EVER! He should try and play more consistent from now on. He is one of the guys who can have a great match (like against Milan) and then disappear for the next 10 games. There is a reason he only got to be a starter in Saudi Arabia, and nowhere else.
  6. I don't think Bakasetas is any good, but Mantalos and especially Pelkas are good enough for us. They just aren't wingers! You can't expect them to shine on this position. Pelkas should be used as an 8 right behind Fortounis. Defensively he is much better than those useless players like Tziolis anyway.
  7. Merry Christmas :) Here is the big problem: We lack players who are successful at international level. There's Sokratis and Manolas. And that's about it. Our CM is the biggest problem, and there is no big difference between players like Bouchalakis, Tziolis, Zeca, Kourbelis, etc. We simply lack someone good there. There is only a handful of good players in the Super League, like Fortounis, Pelkas, Fetfatzidis, and perhaps Koulouris and Koutris. Not including our U21 player. They need to develop first.
  8. This is complete nonsense. Most players in the Ethniki are not AEK or PAOK players and we still get very bad results.
  9. I hope he never comes back. He has no connection to Greece, and only used the national team for his career. We don't need him at all. And thankfully he already said he is done with Greece. We should built on Koutris and Tsimikas.
  10. Our young talents are looking good. Pablo is making real men out of them!
  11. And what's stopping them from training even harder to eventually not ride the bench, but actually play? Being lazy won't get you far, especially as a professional football player.
  12. Oh man. i totally forgot that we LOST to Estonia.
  13. Nations League system is really flawed. We are in a group with Finland. Let's say they need a win against us in the last game and we have no chance to qualify anymore. We can just let them win and take their spot at the Nations League Play-Offs. I doubt it will come to this, but this is a very flawed system.
  14. I'd like to see something like this -----------------------Vlachodimos ---------Sokratis-------Siovas-------Manolas Torosidis------Pelkas----Kourbelis-----Koutris ---------------Fortounis----------Donis ---------------------------Koulouris Pelkas is a good choice as an 8. You can replace Kourbelis with Zeca if you like. And Donis can also serve as a second striker next to koulouris.
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