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  1. According to the Guardian, the antibody has not yet been trialled on humans.So they are still a long way away from the desired result. Anti-Semites on the other hand have repeatedly been tested on the human population. They always perform the same. On a similar development scientists at Utrecht University (Netherlands) have worked on developing antibodies. As per the scientists it is “an initial step towards developing a fully human antibody to treat or prevent” Covid-19.
  2. Those are the kind of pseudo-nihilistic arguments made by advocates of the status quo to discourage people from seeking life altering decisions to improving their life. As Heraclitus so wisely has said: Τα πάντα ρει και ουδέν μένει Sometimes not at the pace we would like, but change is constant. Let us stick to the coronavirus subject. Let us attack each other's political beliefs in some other topic. Todo cambia, nada sigue igual
  3. As opposed to what? A current and ongoing disaster that threatens the collapse of the world economy? LOL. Sure. It's always best to be dependent on the generosity of fat cats, big business. You are so funny. Bourgeoisie arguments are outdated and will have to be called out for what they are. Oppression of the weakest among us. Capitalism in the US and UK haave failed to provide economic security and social justice for working people. Failed capitalism only perpetuates the well being of those that seek money and power. The same goes for communism. If we are going to survive as a species, we will need to think about what we need to do in order to protect people and the planet. We need to change the way we think the way we act. El capitalismo le ha fallado al pueblo! Viva Zapata!
  4. Well it doesn't really matter if we know that or if it true or not. I hope you are right and that is the case. Because Texas is not really ready to open. Texas will pay a high price for doing so. Opening up will require health care personnel and lab capacity for testing and contact tracing that is perhaps an order of magnitude greater than what is currently available in Texas. And experts say it will be very, very expensive. Political decisions like this will cost human lives. Remember that next time you go to the voting booth. Nuestros pensamientos y oraciones están con usted (Our thoughts and prayers are with you).
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for this post. If not please delete or move. I thought it is funny.
  6. It speaks volumes about the people that continue to congregate there. I think I will take my show to the road: "eat beans - you might fart a lot, but aromatic gases will keep the virus from spreading". I sound like a preacher - no?
  7. Yes the comeback surge was surprising. But that also speaks volumes about Sanders' viability and how ordinary people don't think he stands a chance in winning the Presidency. His pitbulls tout otherwise, but that's what pitbulls do. Think SYRIZA and KKE. Personally, I think Biden stands a better chance against Trump. But I also think that Sanders if going to f**ck things up for the Democrats - just like he did in 2016. His polarized followers will abstain from voting - yet once again - if Sanders is not the party's nominee. We've seen this show before.
  8. Bernie is nothing more than a populist that utters promises with zero percent chance of fulfilling. Sanders is exactly what Trump is, just on the opposite side. If he ends up winning the nomination for the Democratic party, Republicans will win in a landslide, take back the House and hang on to the Senate. In other words, the USA (and the world) is f**cked for years to come! But it is possible.
  9. For those that follow these things, what do you think about Biden's take on the climate crisis and fossil fuels? I'm not sure I'm sold. But whatever it takes to get the Orange Orangutan out and bring a little sanity to political life in the US.
  10. So did another 51.4 million people according to Nielsen. Your point is? Is that your opinion or is that what you quoted from the Guardian? What? Are you a totally confused individual? Who cares about Pence and Kane? I don't know where you think you quoted the Guardian, but even if you did... So what? The Guardian is a British daily that features opinion articles. Even if somebody has an opinion of something does not mean it is true - or a lie for that matter. It's an ...opinion. You have an opinion that Biden was aggressive with Ryan. Is it the truth or is it a lie? Neither! It's just an opinion. Again I suggest that people watch the debate and form their own opinion. Maybe you should watch it again too. If you don't like Biden, don't vote for him - if he wins the nomination.
  11. Sure. Maybe Gibril (by divine intervention) can pay for the NYT subscription as well? ¿Porque en la tierra? Why on earth do you keep pushing this stuff? We don't need Alessandra Stanley or Timothy P. Carney to tell us what we can see with our own eyes. Anybody interested in what Joe Biden and Paul Ryan said and did watch the debate at the Youtube video above. The rest is a waste of time, an effort to tell us "don't believe what you see with your own eyes. This is what really happened". ¿Qué tan estúpidos crees que somos?
  12. Yes, but was that with sugar and cream or without? It makes a huge difference. ☕
  13. Great goal to tie the game. Força PAOK!
  14. It seems that domestic terrorism is alive and well in the USA under the auspices of the grand wizard, Donald Trump, and the Republican party.
  15. I don't recall a similar word in the US English language (or Spanish for that matter), but yet it appears that the symptoms of the government plundering the country while enriching the insiders are all there for the USA and for Mexico. Can you please explain how that is possible? Is it that we are becoming 'Greeker' without knowing it?
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