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  1. Pretty soon there will be more gringos running for President than beans in my bean soup. But spoon by spoon we will manage to reach the bottom of this. Yummy.
  2. It looks like somebody has flunked math in highschool. 7,000 refugees cost $100M - that's CAD 14,285 (USD 10,742.32) per refugee in Canada. 65,000 refugees in Greece get €1.6 billion, that's €24,615 per refugee or USD 27,800.67. That's a lot of money that Greece gets with the sole purpose of absorbing 65,000 people. Compare that to what Turkey gets to absorb 3 million refugees (approx. €1,000 per refugee) . Of course what the Greeks do with the money is a totally different story. For that kind of money Greece should be asking for more refugees - provided of course they don't make the money disappear in somebody's pockets. Greece could absorb more refugees while at the same time benefit their economy. Of course they won't because of corruption factors.
  3. ...they post in forums? Either that, or they don't post in forums? It's one of the two - not sure which one. In the country where I live (USA), the ruling government party considers all non-white voters as 'plebs'. While they cannot outright suspend their voting rights (yet), they try and make it increasingly difficult for them to vote. For them it's white men = patricians, white women & colored people=plebs, black people = slaves. Still, to date. I wish they would build that wall, to keep them all out of my beloved Mexico.
  4. On a related note, "Make Greece Great Again" hats are available for sale. Somehow Tsipras' swamp looks identical to the Trump swamp which looks like the Putin swamp. Full circle.
  5. Ha, ha! You're so funny! I really don't care what you do in your personal life, but if my mayor said "it's time to tackle home security services" instead of his usual "this is how we tackle crime" then we'd all vote to lock him up in the looney bin. Nobody harps on how Croatia was responsible for France winning the World Cup final. As is the norm, winners are responsible for winning. The losing team bears responsibility, only with their fans, of not being able to win the game. My point once again is: the Republican Party is responsible for this oozy lather of absurd hyperbole that goes by the name Trump. Any which way you slice or dice it. You can be cute all you want -- entertain people with your gonorrhea stories -- the Republican party, from US Congress to local government is responsible for bringing this fart-infused lump of raw meat to the White House. Unless of course one voted for Trump and now has to make up some sort of excuse. Ahhh... Let's blame Hillary. Why not? Let's blame the Democrats. Why not? Things don't need to make sense. Just chant "lock her up" a couple of times and you'll get plenty of cranial bee sting victims joining in on the dance.
  6. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to witness a round up of his entire family. Did anybody say shackles? 🚨 Maybe even lucky enough to witness a Presidential execution for treason? (If you're going to wish for something, wish big)
  7. Oh boy! You really think the dumbF***s have a brain? Trump's base is what? About 27% or Republicans? The rest of the Republicans that voted for Trump were hoping that the checks and balances of the US democratic institutions would keep him at bay. Now that we see him slowly tearing apart the fabrics of American democracy, do you think Republicans will have enough votes stay in power? I don't think so. Baring some newly started war or Russian hacking (with the blessings of the Republican party) this November should be the end of the line for Trump and Republicans. If Democrats win, they'll have a big mess to clean up. (A scathing attack by a veteran Republican congressional staffer) And then we can safely say: Look what's happened to Rosemary's Baby.
  8. Love is like oxygen
    You get too much you get too high
    Not enough and you're gonna die
    Love gets you high



    1. Lazarus


      "Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species."
      - W. Somerset Maugham

  9. It's called Republic Party, US Senate and Mitch McConnell (aka the Turtle). Need to keep up with timeline of events?
  10. WTF are you talking about? Is it not the Republican party that gave birth to a candidate the likes of Trump? Is it not the Republican party that experimented with aborted creations the likes of Sara Palin and the Tea Party? It's either the Republican party failed to stop Trump in his tracks or is complicit in giving birth to this monster. Either way they bear the entire responsibility for the arrival of this xenophobic larval stage of a yam that responds to the name of Trump. The Republican party is responsible for propping up Trump, defending him against possible legal and ethical inquiries. Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes, Wisconsin by 22,748, Pennsylvania by 44,292. It's amazing what a 'little' Russian propaganda can accomplish if it targets the right people and places. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.9 million votes. One can safely say that Hillary Clinton lost the election. The Republican party and their flag bearer won the 2016 election. Let's see what history ends up saying about this. The Republican party gave us Rosemary's baby. Sorry to say, your Dr. Frankenstein wasn't a part of the 2016 thriller of a movie. Somehow this feels like deja vu. Been here, done this before. Or was it last night in my neighborhood bar?
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