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  1. This is a great win and hopefully something to build on. Should hope for 6 points in the next two matches. Hope this isn't a repeat of the game where we beat Hungary 4-3, looked good and proceeded to not really build on it.
  2. Why does Greece play people out of position so much? Mantalos on the wing and Staf at CB? Really?
  3. Martins plays his best 11 at home Lamia but rotates for an away UCL match to Red Star. Meriah just terrible.
  4. Small peanuts, but they are now defunct. Another team from Sparti, AO Pellana has changed their name/logo and currently participate in G Ethniki
  5. No European basketball for Aris this season. A shame.
  6. Soprano76


    Have dropped down all the way to the 7th tier of Greek football for this season! I assume they will buy the rights of a Gamma Ethniki or Football League team next year.
  7. When will they start to be more aggressive with selling advertising slots during the game? IMO that would cover a lot of money.
  8. Might be a good race for the title this year between Oly, PAOK and AEK.
  9. PAOK have looked quite poor this year. Injuries to Vierinha to the loss of Lucescu was obviously a huge setback.
  10. Very close call. Needed a better angle on that...
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