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  1. Soprano76

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    After an embarrassing display in Europe this season by AEK and PAOK, Oly came through. With their win, Greece moved up to 13th in the coefficient rankings
  2. Soprano76

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    I read that Atromitos got the 3 points back as of today since they repaid the player.
  3. Soprano76

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I honestly thought masouras looked pretty solid in the Estonia match. What do you guys think?
  4. Greek Men's Senior National Team results for the 2018 calendar year: Greece 0 - 1 Switzerland Greece 1 - 0 Egypt Saudi Arabia 2 - 0 Greece Estonia 0 - 1 Greece Hungary 2 - 1 Greece Greece 1 - 0 Hungary Finland 2 - 0 Greece Greece 1 - 0 Finland Greece 0 - 1 Estonia That's 4W - 0D - 5L and an average of 0.56 goals per game. That's all you need to know. I'm no longer going to waste my time watching this team.
  5. We should just disband the men's national team for like 20 years
  6. So who do you all think is a better long term option: Koutris or Tsimikas?
  7. Soprano76

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    Skopia lost 4-0 to Armenia yesterday but is still top of their group. Gibraltar also has two wins haha. Funny thing is that these bozo nations play better football and draw better crowds than our beloved Ethniki.
  8. Soprano76

    NT Coaches

    To the people saying that we will never have a player like Messi, Mbappe, etc.. well why not? Look at Croatia, tiny nation yet producing footballers like Modric. Is it because Greeks are genetically inferior athletes? I think not. Football culture in Greece is both defeatist and not conducive to developing those types of players. A change in culture, brought forward by a national academy and proper coaching staff would be able to do great things. If you want to look on a smaller scale, heck look at Iceland! They got to Euro 2016 and WC 2018 because of proper footballing infrastructure developing their youth players.
  9. Soprano76

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    So it is slightly more complicated than what I was saying, but there are 4 Euro 2020 spots available from the Nations League. Read more here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_Euro_2020_qualifying_play-offs. The goal is to make sure the playoffs have teams of similar quality within the same bracket so we will still have two lowly ranked teams (likely from both Leagues C and D) make Euro 2020.
  10. Yeah, pretty sure that was a major selling point to the smaller nations... they would be playing for a Euro spot in League D. Funny thing is that Skopia is probably in prime position to get that spot lol.
  11. Soprano76

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Lol you guys think Odisseas will go back on his decision after seeing this game? Just kidding...
  12. They would have to win the group then win the knock outside between the other group winners in League C
  13. Yes, but there will only be 20 spots up for grabs since the victors of Leagues A-D each get a spot in the tournament.
  14. To continue on the subject of the EPO's failures, how many youth teams have we seen that have been very successful in Euro competitions? A fair amount. Yet all of these players fizzle out and end up busting or only becoming average. Look at the U21's now; one of the better sides yet I can almost guarantee none of them will become stars.
  15. Also, why do you guys care about the Hungary-Estonia match? If Finland beats Greece, the group is over.