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  1. And Oly has drawn Viktoria Plzen.... doable
  2. One step at a time Yiankos. I think the league is in a better shape today than 3-4 years ago.
  3. Maybe not too far into the future (5 or so years?) all of Greece's "big" teams will have a modern, quality stadium.
  4. We'll see I guess. Apparently they are supposed to start work on it this summer? These company also posted something on their instagram page.
  5. So apparently you all are getting a new stadium?
  6. It will probably be a BS 1-0 win, a specialty of ours for several years.
  7. Very sad ending to the game. I hope to some day see Cyprus make it to the Euro's... with 24 teams and automatic qualification thru the Nations League, this should be doable IMO
  8. Warming up for UCL quali's next month. Let's see what they can do.
  9. I'd prefer the Super League teams coming in earlier in the comp and lowest ranked team getting the home fixture until the quarters or semis.
  10. Katalava xaxa. Yeah good to see Aris back up and doing well. Hope they can make the Europa group stages but I doubt it unfortunately.
  11. PAO should continue to focus on developing their youngsters. Hopefully that will lead to domestic success and perhaps some big transfer fees. In other news, Giannakpoulos has revived his Athens Alive project from what I hear? PAO need to get out of OAKA.
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