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  1. The way the virus is trending, no way. Greece has the thing fairly under control but once you peel off the lockdown measures then things will get out of hand again.
  2. Biden was dead in the water until he won big in South Carolina since he does very well with the black electorate. Then, all of the leading moderates dropped out of the race and threw their support behind him, thereby coalescing the field. The Dems will win the popular vote (again) but due to our outdated electoral system, he will need to win some key swing states. The big ones to watch out for are Penn, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Biden does well with the white working class voters so he has a good chance to take these states.
  3. The federal government has handled this entire situation so incompetently. I'm not kidding when I say this: Trump and his people should be immediately removed from office and tried for criminal negligence. This is a F***-up of epic proportions.
  4. If the season is cancelled, couldn't have happened at a better time since every team has played each other twice. I would favor awarding the championship outright to Oly and relegating Panionios.
  5. The red was a shite call too, I must say
  6. I'm afraid that this thing will spread like wildfire throughout the USA. We are not prepared and the federal government has been dragging its feet.
  7. Italy is currently in a state of emergency. Greece, with its elderly population, can be significantly affected. Good call to keep the stadiums closed. I wouldn't be surprised if this game is postponed too.
  8. Soprano76

    OFI News

    I think they get Europe regardless because Panatha is banned right?
  9. Oly, PAOK, AEK, Panatha, Aris and OFH qualified for the playoffs in that order. Attendance was up about 20% from last season, so that's good. Panionios are most likely to be relegated but I think Panetolikos stays up in the Super League.
  10. Tsimi is most likely going to be sold for big bucks
  11. Soprano76

    OFI News

    They've made the playoffs and will be in the top 5 for European football next season. Their first representation in Europe since the 07-08 season.
  12. Greece were actually 6th!!! around the time they had 3 teams in the UCL groups. How the mighty have fallen.
  13. I hope we draw the Skoppers gia gelia
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