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  1. What's going on with Lambrou? Strange the team isn't keeping him around. He is definitely adequate to play against almost all of the Super League teams (except Oly, AEK, maybe Aris)
  2. Can see us overtaking Cyprus, Czechs and Danes if Oly gets past Krasnodar. Cyprus: APOEL will most likely lose to Ajax and drop to Europa League. Apollon will also be unlikely to beat PSV and thus be knocked out of Europe altogether.
  3. This game shouldn't even have gone into extra time
  4. Some BS calls in favor of Molde IMO. Their player should have been red carded.
  5. What has Marinakis done with all the money Oly has accumulated over the years from CL and EL?
  6. My predicted top 5 this season: 1. PAOK 2. Olympiakos 3. AEK 4. Atromitos 5. Panathinaikos Relegation favorites: Lamia and Panionios
  7. I dont understand why they couldnt keep Lamprou and give him a run against the likes of Larisa, Asteras, etc. Is the upside for a 30 yo journeyman Brazilian that much greater? Ridiculous tbh.
  8. So no group stages this year I'm assuming?
  9. Let's just hope for a win to give soem coefficient points at least.
  10. Atromitos is alive and got some coefficient points too.
  11. The guy with the afro should never play for Oly again
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