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  1. The point is that Lambrou is a young Greek who has the potential to improve and: 1. become one of those starters who will help lead to you to the CL groups or 2. be sold for a hefty fee Letting him rot on the bench will achieve neither of those goals.
  2. Lamprou was a regular scorer in a league that's better than Greece's. It's a no brainer that he should be getting regular minutes.
  3. Big win over APOEL today; have a sizeable lead in 1st place.
  4. Agia sofia is a pretty dope stadium. Just wish it sat 40k + for European matches and derbies
  5. Humans are destroying the planet. Makes me so sad.
  6. ha! only got 7/12 teams correct based on my pre-season predictions. Playoffs should be fun; thinking KC vs Green Bay at this point.
  7. What ever happened to the stolen gate receipts from the Europa League qualifying match? Were they ever found?
  8. Aris are too big of a club to become a farm client of Olympiakos. Shameful.
  9. You would want Oly to do well in Europe since Greece needs 15th place to have 2 teams in UCL qualies. Given the competitive nature of the Greek league this year, would suck to be left out if you finished second by a few points.
  10. Oly needs a new CB and striker over the winter break. When is the round of 32? Hope Fortounis can help out...
  11. Interesting. I believe there was a free app on the iOS store called Greek Live TV but all indications shows it has been removed.
  12. he really has been around for a while; still, says a lot about Olympiakos (in a bad way) that a has-been like Avraam is getting CL minutes.
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