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  1. he really has been around for a while; still, says a lot about Olympiakos (in a bad way) that a has-been like Avraam is getting CL minutes.
  2. Hey, so I just bought an Apple TV box. What are the best and cheapest ways to watch Greek tv channels? I see an app for Hellas TV go for 15 dollars, but is there also a monthly subscription attached to that?
  3. Attendance is up 40% from last season. The only major disappointment is Panatha. Hopefully once they get their ownership and home ground straightened up it will improve.
  4. These numbers show why it is imperative Aris and AEK are never relegated again lol.
  5. Good result. PAOK completes the first κύκλο of games without a loss. I can see them not losing another until the playoffs.
  6. Definitely a good hire for a Greek club. Hope he works out.
  7. Fair result at the end of the day and the streak continues. How many more games until PAOK matches Panatha's record?
  8. I'm a history nerd so, 1. Great pyramids, sphinx, temple of Luxor 2. Machu Pichu 3. Iceland
  9. Any good youngsters in the academy that are looking to make the jump? Only have 1 Greek in the regular 11 is a little disheartening.
  10. Limnios and Giannoulis are great players and have a long future with the Ethniki. We are happily stacked at LB.
  11. Nah, that's what happens when you put a LB at CB. Would have probably had a goal with someone more capable than Bakasetas in there.
  12. Is that old man gonna wail the whole match? Annoying as hell, what's his problem?
  13. Looking like you'll need a top 4 finish to make it into Europe next year. Should be doable as Xanthi and OFH come back down to Earth.
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