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  1. Back to Olympiakos. Otherwise his career is cooked.
  2. A+ season from PAOKara this year. Hope that AEK's championship last year and PAOK's this year opens up a new era of parity in Greek football. Though obviously hoping PAOK comes out on top more often than not.
  3. @paokara777 google batman streams.. there's a few good ones there
  4. Traianos Dellas announced his resignation today.
  5. Final regular season standings for the G Ethniki season. Group champions (C) gain promotion to the new professional third division and the 2nd place teams are now in play-off for promotion (P). Group 1: AO Kavala (C), Nestos Chrysoupoli (P) Group 2: Veroia (C), Triglia (P) Group 3: Kronos Argyrades (C), Thesprotos (P) Group 4: Olympiakos Volos (C), Niki Volos (P) Group 5: OF Ierapetra (C), Ionikos (P) Group 6: Ialysos (C), Diagoras (P) Group 7: Egaleo (C), Aiolikos (P) Group 8: Enosi Panaspropyrgiakou Doxa (C), Kalamata (P)
  6. Soprano76

    OFI News

    I read it on AgonaSport or HellasFooty.. .somewhere
  7. If Xanthi beats Apollon, which they should, then they are safe. Honestly I would rather Panionios/Atromitos be relegated instead of either Gianena or OFH. But let's be honest, 2nd best in the Football League isn't going to beat any of these teams.
  8. Soprano76

    OFI News

    Glad they are making a push to stay up. I hear a new stadium is in the works?
  9. Cool thread, interesting to see how influential Pontians have been in Greek society post-population exchange. Is Mitroglou really part Romani/gypsy?
  10. There's probably more Asteras Tripolis fans in Chicago than there are fans of PAOK lol.
  11. So much for all our hyping up of Manos. And the situation at Panachaiki has turned into a ****show
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