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  1. 2017-18 Season

    Just tuned in to the watch the game.. Panachaiki has a pretty big crowd for this game, bigger than most of the Superleague games I've watched this season. We'll see if Aris can pull it out.
  2. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    when should we expect a ruling on the outcome of this game and/or the one against Oly?
  3. Justin Trudeau

    You shouldn't really need to validate the quality of your country's leader based on a whataboutism regarding other leaders. Like I said before, Trudeau is well educated but to me he comes off as someone who likes to take advantage of a PR opportunity and also someone who likes to play the identity politic game that is so popular on the left. Why compare Trudeau to Trump, which is a low bar, when you can instead compare him to Macron, Obama or even Xi? You mentioned Putin.. Putin is probably one of the shrewdest, most intelligent politicians alive. He also has a morality system which puts him diametrically opposed to us in the west, therefore we can't really consider him in a positive light. Merkel, well, it seems like she's been a good leader for the Germans for the most part. However, her insistence on the EU accepting a flood of refugees over these past few years has been a bit baffling.. seems like she's backed off of that a bit though. Tsipras and Trump, while very different in terms of politics, both came to their respective political positions by employing demagoguery and false promises to mobilize an agitated populace. Not to mention that Trump had a lot of outside help too. In short, people are dumb and they elect even bigger idiots into office. Just because your guy looks good in comparison doesn't erase his own flaws.
  4. Justin Trudeau

    Comparing Trudeau to Trump is a pretty low bar, no? All I'm saying is from the little I've seen of him, he comes off like a bit of an opportunist when it comes to public relations matters; and a couple of times it has backfired on him. I was being hyperbolic when calling him a "touvlo" since I'm sure he's well educated. I don't know much about him honestly since I don't live in Canada.
  5. Justin Trudeau

    Trudeau always struck me as a bit of a touvlo, especially when it comes to him wanting to get some good PR. Sometimes it makes him look foolish though. Remember the hijabi attack hoax and when he met with that fella who had been released after years of being a Taliban "prisoner?"
  6. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    It seems so odd to me that Fetfa has been essentially blacklisted from NT these past few years. Is it really because he's playing in Saudi Arabia? I find that hard to believe. Not saying the guy is a world beater by any means, but he's pacey and provides the type of spark that the Ethniki is largely missing.
  7. Trump Presidency

    Trump's presidency has been a circus. I'm still surprised by the sheer number of Americans who were able to fall for his incoherent speeches and essentially deify him. Perhaps what's most disheartening is that the majority of the GOP is following him down this road of right wing populism and demagoguery (but her emails!!!!). Republicans are slowly becoming a party strictly for Evangelicals, rural old-timers and unemployed factory workers. The middle class suburbanites and highly educated folks are flocking to the Democratic party who are having a bit of an identity crisis of their own. Both parties are at an interesting crossroads, whereas the Republicans are marching to the right, the mainstream Democrats have so far resisted become the party of democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders. What I fear is that with increasing polarization, a large number of Americans (including myself) will find themselves stuck in the middle with no voice to represent them.
  8. Interesting, I had thought Larisa had one of the nicer stadiums when it comes to size and modern infrastructure. Let's hope the boys get the win though. It would be nice to see some new blood in there. Still don't understand why someone like Fetfatzidis is basically black-listed from the NT despite people like Tziolis and Maniatis being regulars.
  9. Would be nice if they played it somewhere else. Larissa has a nice stadium don't they?
  10. That's unfortunate. Seems like there's a pretty big rift between Athens and Thessaloniki when it comes to football.. does this indicate a deeper divide perhaps?
  11. What makes you say that? Have there been mumblings in the news or just a gut feeling? It would be nice if the NT could spread around and play in different parts of the country to get everyone more involved. From what I see the Ethniki has pitiful support during their games in Karaiskaki. I remember they played a friendly in Xania a few years back but I'm not sure how that went.
  12. Ancient Greek History

    In truth I haven't read the article in a couple of months so my memory on it is a bit hazy, but since I just joined the forums so I thought I would share. I suppose I misspoke and should have said the article disputes the fact that the native population was largely displaced by Slavic invaders and the latter make up only a small portion of the genetic input to today's modern Peloponnisiotes. The people of Mani and Tsakonia had the most difference from any other subgroup as well, which if you look at the historical context makes sense. Either way, you're both correct in that since Greece is at the cross roads of 3 continents, it's bound to have both ethnic and cultural variances throughout the millennia. Just thought I would share
  13. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    I think emotions are running a bit high here for some people. We should all take a step back and re-evaluate the direction of this discussion. We're all Greek and want a strong, competitive Super League right? I get it that we're all just some randoms on an internet forum but things in Greek soccer get way too tribalistic for its own good, and I'm seeing it play out right now
  14. 2017-18 Season

    Hmm interesting, I can only follow so much since my Greek isn't that good and there aren't many English sites to get this stuff. I hope all the best for Aris. They have what, the 5th largest fanbase? So their involvement will be good for the league. I hope Papadopoulos or whomever gets involved can do a good job running the finances and turning into a strong club once again. Look at what happened to AEK, their turnaround these past 4 years has been very impressive.
  15. Ancient Greek History

    Not sure where else to put this and wasn't sure if it was worthy of its own thread, but here's an article published in 2016 in the European Journal of Human Genetics that discusses the ethnic background of Peloponnesean Greeks and how close related they are to the Greeks during the Middle Ages. A popular hypothesis is that the native Greek populations were either wiped out or wholly assimilated with the Slavic invaders of the 6th and 7th century CE, but this article seems to dispute that. It is definitely an interesting finding that sheds new light on the question of how closely related modern Greeks are to their ancient counterparts. https://www.nature.com/articles/ejhg201718: "The Peloponneseans are clearly distinguishable from the populations of the Slavic homeland and are very similar to Sicilians and Italians." I believe it quite likely that the further north you go, into Makedonia and Epirus, the people there will have a much stronger Slavic and Albanian admixture.