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  1. Good luck Koulouri! Hope he does well
  2. Alphonse

    PAS Lamia

    Worst case scenario came through lol It was indeed though an impressive finish to the season by Lamia, see what they can do in the new season
  3. Nothing wrong with that. Not good business or marketing having two games on at the same time
  4. Must have done well at Benfica... I think he is overrated
  5. Good friendlies!
  6. Seriously, how can Pankritiko have so many issues? They have been talking about this for so long and can’t even get this right
  7. Over 5 years ago I thinks. Good to see
  8. Aris won the lottery or something lately?
  9. Brown Ideye is a great signing
  10. I dunno Cincinnati... I’m really worried about next season... Geraldes and Vranjes def the pick of the bunch so far but their both loans with no buy option... Everyone else comes from the Xanthi’s and OFI’s of Portugal We desperately need a striker and wingers now. Gianniotas would have been good
  11. Pretty sad that even 2004 guys are not respected but at the same time, I thought Stelios and Basinas would have helped create chemistry and moral or work with Anastasiadis to get things in order, from what has been reported this has been the most unorganized campaign ever but that does not add up as a training session was called with a couple of friendlies before the two games with Italy and Armenia, so why would Anastasiadis and co do that but have no plan what so ever for that time in Holland... The other part is our players have become pre-madonas and the dressing room is really back to the dark ages but heavily due to ego not club affiliation, a lot of this does not make sense., I am sure there is details we dont know. Anastasiadis said great things before hand but his erratic player choices and tactics look to have back fired, but again, are our players that undisciplined that the first sight of hard work turned them against the coach? There has to much more to all this
  12. I don't know how real the Postecoglou rumors are, in fact I don't think they are but he is a good coach, he has Australia playing good football and had good club success too but again... don't think it will happen, wont be a bad thing if it did
  13. 🤣 you realise the “Australian” guy has much more experience than those 3
  14. Not long ago we went to Finland and got smoked off the park playing the football we play now... I dunno, I feel we need big change but time is limited. If Anastasiadis or who ever is coach in September can’t see we need to use wingers on the wing and stop playing Samaris + a decent RB we may do something
  15. I agree, not the first time Papastathopoulos has made statements like this, not the right message for young players and from our leader. Anastasiadis has every right to say, if you think we have no hope you shouldn’t be part of this. On his side, coach needs to look at some of these call ups and if we have premadonas in the squad that’s a bigger issue. I’m personally starting to question the motivation of Socrates, Manolas & Toro... why did Toro have a bif with Angelo? Or visa versa... our experienced guys seem to be crying and playing the worst (exc Fortounis) - think about it
  16. Have to admit, don’t like what he is saying and not the mentality needed right now. Yeah we have been bad, but the leader been so negative is not good
  17. Our midfield needs an revamp. There is simply not enough skilful players out there, can't move as a unit and pass and move, Armenia made us look like idiots when they attacked, as did Italy and Turkey cause we would do silly passes and then lose possession + chase whilst opposition holds, moves passes when they need to, we have to be the easiest team to defend again as its so predictable and silly what we try do in attack, Only Fortounis has these marks to make it work but he has no support. Samaris for example, very poor player that does not help.
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