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  1. Alphonse

    FIFA World Ranking

    Need to start winning. Simple as that, look at the teams we have lost to the last 4 years... ridiculous stuff
  2. Alphonse


    Go the Bulldogs 😁
  3. Alphonse

    Other Greeks Abroad

    Man... talk about some slick finishing there
  4. Really nosedived... spend half season at AEK after his down fall at Fiorentina and did nothing following a decent season... just don’t get how such a talented and fit player can go to waste like this
  5. Alphonse

    Official Super League Game Topic

    That plan seems to be working for PAOK... that’s what they did with AEK at OAKA
  6. Alphonse

    AEK Transfer Talk

    Andreas Simoes has re-signed with us
  7. Alphonse

    Marinos Ouzounidis

    Marinos out Manolo in
  8. Alphonse

    Greeks at the Australian Open

    I couldn’t believe what Nadal was doing
  9. Alphonse

    Greek Cup 2018-2019

    Couple of upsets today. PAO really is jinxed with Lamia lol
  10. Alphonse

    Greeks at the Australian Open

    Nadal was in great form in his game too. While be a great match. Our boy will have his work but out for him but anything is possible
  11. Wow!! That’s so bad, literally cow paddock level!! Something must be done
  12. Alphonse

    Greeks at the Australian Open

    What an incredible match! I couldn’t go to sleep afterwards lol Kids got plenty of talent, looking forward to the QF
  13. Alphonse

    Other Greeks Abroad

    Wow that’s fantastic!
  14. It’s been like this for some weeks now and getting worse, really needs to be fixed, unsatisfactory for Super League
  15. Alphonse

    Got Playstation 3

    FIFA 17 pumps, is 18 better?