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  1. We do but there is a 2% chance of this happening - we would need this Serbia - Beat Ukraine & Luxembourg Portugal - Gain no more than 4 points from 2 matches with Lithuania and Luxembourg Hungary - Beat Wales Slovakia - Gain no more than 4 points from 2 matches with Croatia and Azerbaijan Norway - Beat Faroe Islands and Malta Romania - Beat Sweden and lose to Spain Sweden - Lose to Romania and get no more than a draw with Faroe's Israel - Beat Poland and Skopje Slovenia - Lose to Poland Austria - Lose to Skopje and Latvia Finland - Beat Liechtenstein Cant see those in bold happening, especially Portugal not beating both Lithuania and Lux - that would mean Serbia takes their place in auto qualifiers All this would mean - Norway, Serbia, Finland, Israel and Hungary all qualify directly and we get a play off spot via League of Nations
  2. Crazy the opportunities we have passed up... what could have been...
  3. Impressive player. I really like his passing game, forward passes that make their mark
  4. I thought Mantalos was doing just fine too. Prob would have put away one of the many chances Masouras has had
  5. Come on boys. A second goal looks so doable but I bet you Bosnia get it lol
  6. We really need to try a new RB, Bakakis is not international material
  7. 1-1 Hatzidiakos lost his marker... we wasted too many chances before that
  8. Hatzidiakos’s forward passing is a breath of fresh air, Koutris should be playing on the left, not Giannoulis. Pavlidis goal!!! Great forward play!!! Mantalos in the middle with the assist
  9. Some one in midfield needs to step up and hold the ball a little. We can’t keep giving Italy the ball like this
  10. Moving well as a unit, some good pressing and defense is going good. Nothing in attack unless Limnios is involved which lead to the games best chance so far. Italy have done their home work and know how to get possession back which we keep giving them. Very big opportunities for Donis, & Fetfa do weave some magic if they get a chance. Mantalos can help the midfield hold the ball but go forward too
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