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  1. @J1078 you didn’t watch the Aris Molde game did you? Fetfa has his pros & cons but given how we are playing, he is someone that can help, the team desperately needs creative players with skill, look at the 2nd Aris goal in that match, we could use that. He has experience too, much of the young guys we wanna transition too, don’t have that
  2. An incredibly worringfull second half performance Livaja subbed off and starting to the dressing rooms... not good
  3. Huge chance just missed by Younis I think for 4–1... that needed to go in
  4. Good luck, an early goal & anything is possible
  5. Legia is just better... best team in Poland so was always gona be hard. Their finishing was pretty good
  6. I’m going; 1. PAOK 2. AEK 3. Olympiakos 4. Panathinaikos 5. Xanthi 5th could be a variety of teams, haven’t seen anything from Atromitos & Aris to suggest they will finish their although Atromitos’s defence looks strong
  7. Lamprou would have been good/useful in Holland
  8. Taxiarchis Fountas with 2 goals for Rapid Wien, I’m surprised he is only 23... has been around for long time, not a bad little player at all
  9. Another injury prone Greek... This is just so common now days...
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