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  1. Absolutely, also some of the smaller teams seems to have big increases this season. Have to admit the football quality has definitely been better this season than the last 5 or so seasons, not many teams play poor football and most games are really contested well which means we dont see the 0-0's of yesteryear
  2. Different eras though, back then the league had much more quality in terms of players. AEK & PAO had very strong teams, Recobas were at Panionios. The League has improved in other aspects now but we don’t see the big names that we did in the late 90’s and 00’s when the big teams had very good teams vs now.
  3. Well after all that, the Russian fell through. AEK has now appointed Massimo Carrera! He has a good record and impressive CV, hope it goes well. A fair few mediocre players that need to be let go for more quality
  4. Not really, we dont have the squad to make that work, more so in midfield so I think he will not be able to start with that until he assembles his squad, if this does happen
  5. Seem he may be coach by Friday... has some good experience and success, last couple of seasons haven't been great. I read he deploys 4-3-3. Gia na doume
  6. Another knee injury for a Greek International - Siovas this time but not as bad as the others - out for 1.5 months
  7. Equally ridiculous was the two week training camp that was completely unorganized
  8. He will have to settle for Greek second division at this rate...
  9. You just striked a nerve of mine reading that... that statement alone speaks volumes about this debate
  10. Staf is bit of a headache but we dont have any games for a while to see what happens. He is obviously JVS's pick as captain but how far can we go with this... he's not a great CB and the other guys at LB are actually much better IMO, you cant start Staf over Giannoulis or Tsimikas or Koutris (when he has match sharpness). I think, ultimately, we need a new captain and I am sure that's not too hard to fix now days without Mykonos FC. BTW, I have not seen Sokratis play of late but hear many different reports
  11. I find this funny... watch the highlight? I watch the games file. And if you watched the highlights, you missed the +25 attempts at goal? Mi leme kai m*****es. Well said @Bananas very much spot on
  12. Unlucky guys, you were very good, should have kept attacking our horrible team even with 10 men. That was not a penalty but VAR always gives stuff like that - I hope one day VAR is removed from football globally
  13. Mate. You’re kidding me... Keep telling yourself that
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