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  1. Thryleon, I forget you in NSW or VIC?
  2. I wonder if anyone told EPO that in the last 25 years...
  3. Not much to talk about now days but check out the piece on AEK http://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2020/03/aeks-rollercoaster-from-champions-to.html
  4. Expecting EPO to announce it soon after Trumps announcement
  5. I was sure I had read articles saying the games were cancelled/delayed... but can’t seem to find any of the like in Greek media... if anyone has a story in Greek about this please post
  6. UEFA has confirmed the Wolves game will go ahead. All Olympiakos players tested negative to Corona
  7. It sounds good but reality if, if the players are fine it would be a massive stack up of games. We go to the shops we go for coffee's etc... same thing, does not mean everyone will get this virus
  8. I agree with that except for Stafylidis at CB, against a decent opponent or in a game we are under the pump, it’s suicidal and we have better options
  9. Of course your guys wanna defend your club, but it doesn't look good for PAOK.
  10. Right now with the injuries could be hard to not include them but J1078 is 100% in all his points. It's rather bizarre - Manolas at CB is a beast and right now, I actually think Socratis at RB would be rather good for us too HOWEVER we saw a transformed team when these two have not been included and we lost ridiculous games with these two there. To play devils advocate to myself and us... how much better could we be with the system JVS is using and implementing with these two at the back... we could even get better BUT only with them been 100% committed to supporting what the new chapter looks like and not ever putting themselves above the team
  11. 100% they did you a favor, you had ownership of Xanthi, in any other country PAOK and Xanthi would have been relegated would they not? You got a punishment equivalent to what we get for throwing flares... This is Greece...
  12. Ti les re Means you go from 59 to 52 points this season
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