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  1. It has been, although we saw one game, the Slovenian guy had an absolute shocker, but as @Bananas has perfectly pointed out, as it was a foreign reff, people just got on with it. If he was Greek, as per @Blackhawk its rigged etc... All in all, Bananas has summed it up PERFECTLY.
  2. Possibly but team that finishes better will start Europe later than the other
  3. As previously stated in advance, very good move by Aris
  4. Not sold on Giannoulis? Come on, he had a ripper season and did well at both PAOK and NT
  5. This covers the post USA 94 Campaign - Euro 96! Part 1 (2 parts) http://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2020/05/post-usa-94-euro-96-qualifying-part-1.html
  6. Stafylidis is no longer a great option IMO, he obviously has some good leadership skills and that's important at the moment but on the field we have a stack of left backs who are better, better options at left wing and he should never play CB again, the guy is so error prone it's scary, he has also hardly played in Germany the last two seasons (!) which I think coincides with what I have said so at best a squad player but I think time to look beyond this player who needs to get his club career back on track.
  7. They would need that offer to come in before then
  8. Tzatziki, I can make a video of myself and look like Vryzas in his prime 😂 The Aris guys will tell you, I am surprised they haven't already
  9. If they can get a big offer for him that could be good. His finishing has been rubbish but Aris have looked better with his presence on the field, weird one although he is replaceable but Aris have the transfer ban which makes things tough
  10. I believe its Wernbloom at bit over 4 million or Jaba around the same for signing
  11. Or they may just play better and beat you. In saying that, god know what type of shape the teams will be in when football re-starts
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