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  1. Alphonse

    OFI News

    Not a big fan if this... original was better
  2. 100% true, hoping he signs as he would be a huge signing for us, def rate the guy
  3. Alphonse

    General chat

    Indeed, very interesting to see, they had a decent roster IMO but couldnt click this season
  4. Sad to see him go, I just hope this move lines him up for the EPL someday soon, SPL is step down from SLGR
  5. Alphonse


    Brilliant piece of work
  6. Your paranoia will ALWAYS get the best of you. Keep believing your PAOK based theories, na mi se po.
  7. True to their name Hahaha, AEK did some thing NO Greek club would do, including your precious PAOK. Na to thinaste Great point
  8. Alphonse

    Aris - AEK

    Good win as expected. Mantalos and Oliveira very good today.
  9. Alphonse

    PAOK vs AEK

    Added to that, we have been very bad in derbies, this is just the second win in 17 of the last derbies. Our record against PAOK especially has been poor the last year and a half at least, if not two. We need some decent signings in the off season, especially defense and wingers
  10. Alphonse

    PAOK vs AEK

    Great win over PAOK today! We are now in second but with another round of play offs to go
  11. 1.7 million to Aris
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