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  1. Alphonse

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    You are wrong, maybe Samaris not so wrong but Galanopoulos is a completely different player to Tziolis and there is no chance he will look equally bad as slow Tziolis, Kourbelis is also more mobile and faster with the ability to move up and down the field faster and better than Tziolis which had been the big part of the issue to out static play and why, guys like Lazaros struggle after coming from a fluid team play at club level
  2. Alphonse

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    I think that sums it up well Argy. The whole Skibbe-Tziolis thing is a joke to be honest and one of a few reasons Skibbe’s credibility has to be questioned although his winning % speaks to that. September & League of Nations should be judgement day for EPO on Skibbe
  3. Alphonse

    European matches

    Thanks guys, good to see some nice words for AEK on this site for a change
  4. Alphonse

    European matches

    Mantalos was injured, he was originally not gona play this game but recovered in time for a second half appearance. Was a very nervous last 10 mins but we got there. I more qualifier to go! Vidi of Hungary the obstacle
  5. Haha tell me how?? You guys are funny. Watching the AEK game in it. Perfect
  6. Alphonse

    European matches

    45 mins to go... AEK can do this but need to stop playing so deep
  7. Alphonse

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    We having this debate?? The Ethniki has struggled so much to create chances and be faster/more flowing... Lazaros helped AEK win the protathlima with his speed and creativity which cause defences so many issues and we want to overlook this guy due to age alone? Ela re RS!
  8. Alphonse

    Summer 2018 Friendly Matches

    The big return to the SL and the field is a mess... that’s just sad and as you guys said... amateur stuff, hopefully fixed in next 3 weeks
  9. Alphonse

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    I’ve seen enough of Galanopoulos to say this... He is what this team needs!!! He’s hungry and runs all game, he also takes the call up and goes forward which we suffer in the midfield from so much atm. He has played in many big games for AEK domestically and in Europe and is only 20. Get him and our in form players starting for Greece and watch a new team explode over the status que stand and pass side ways and backwards m*****es we have had to watch for so long. I can tell you know Galanopoulos won’t be out of his depth in League of Nations
  10. Alphonse

    Stefanos Kapino ‒ Werder Bremen

    F***en hell! 3 months?? What he do?
  11. Alphonse

    2018-19 Season

    Aris funny enough, in recent years has not been an easy game. Def looking forward to seen Harilaou in SL
  12. Alphonse

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    He’s not in excellent form. He is looking better under Ouzounidis that’s for sure though after a horrible last season
  13. Lol it's no illegal Well done PAOK on the come back, big week next week
  14. Alphonse

    European matches

    Great result for AEK in Glasgow! 1-1 with all to play for in Athens next week... defence looked good, attack needs to gel more, especially without Mantalos
  15. Alphonse

    2017-18 Season

    You know they’re in the SL this season? 😁