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  1. The front four look horrible... fresher more natural players on bench... ah re Skibbe
  2. We don’t look good... Pelkas having a very poor game thus far, like wise Bakasetas We got nothing in attack whilst Fins have looked dangerous
  3. Alphonse

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Absolutely agree. Sums up the brain power of Skibbe & Tsanas yet this is what we have running the NT
  4. I know, I mean in the rest of the half. Given how poor we have been it troubles me to see no changes
  5. Dunno how good this is... we are pretty s%$#! and this covers that IF we win
  6. Mitroglou just useless... Koulouris to come on... Goal!!! F***en just as I write Mitroglou useless lol
  7. 30 mins left, we have not tested their keeper at all, get Fetfa out there at least
  8. Wtf what that Bakakis??? I can’t believe what I’m seen in this game
  9. Far out at the just poor passing!! Like a Sunday league team... team is too unbalanced tbh, no wingers all central players but they should be able to put decent passes together
  10. Tziolis give away nearly leads to 0-1 Hungary.... mind blowing stuff