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  1. Congrats well deserved. Your presentation was amazing, credit to those who organised such an amazing event
  2. Oh come one! It is un-Australian, we keep hearing about vegetarians and their choice, they don't need to keep raming it down our throats - Many Australians agree with Mr Morrison very much so
  3. I think he needs to go back to Greece or Portugal
  4. Alphonse

    Eugene Gerard

    He was a legend. See if OFI can remain in SL this season for next
  5. So Skibbe got a new job... Under 19’s at Dortmund
  6. Didn’t work out lol
  7. Not really, Atromitos voted for you 😂 Too bad guys,, just hope that silly playoff suggestion doesn’t become a reality
  8. Alphonse

    OFI News

    Really?? They should just upgrade their awesome boutique stadium, looks so cool but one side can def do with an increase in grand stand size
  9. Seen you’re taking us back to ‘98... we should have won that game. Missed many many chances, Alexandris stuffed the 1:1 and we had a few posts towards the end as well, I think Kalitzakis was inches away. We had a great team that campaign
  10. Alphonse

    OFI News

    Big win over PAO. I hear the match fixing scandal is more of a farce and there is no great evidence against OFI
  11. That’s just making excuses bud. Nations League is what it is and it exposed how crap we were under Skibbe and that Finland was better than us
  12. Alphonse


    Have to say, very surprised by the consistent poor results for Asteras this season. Hopefully no relegation, thought they would beat Levadia on Sunday
  13. That would be tragic if they did that... Given they need 30 rounds why not leave it at 16 teams instead of dropping to 14 and having to create another 4 rounds (approx) to cover the deal... Having 1 team play all home games... lol they sure know how to kill football in Greece
  14. Really hope they do not split the 14 into, two groups of 7 at a certain point...
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