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  1. Jaba has just posted the below on Facebook "Just a few remaining matches. I'll miss it. I will be always grateful to PAOK" Looking at the glass half full you could surmise that hes just saying he's grateful to PAOK for bringing him here and that he will miss this season once finished or that when he eventually leaves he will miss being a PAOK player. The more likely alternative is that he's away at the end of the season and that's that 😭
  2. Looks like a carbon copy of the Juve Stadium.i would like the ‘new Gate 4’ behind the goal and corners to be very slightly curved and a single tier, rather than flat and two all the way round. Similar to spurs new stadium. A roof and steep terracing though and the noise will be phenomenal.
  3. PAOK have been supporting the Down Syndrome Association of Greece for a while now and I was of the belief that the 3rd strip was to do with this link. The profits go to the DSAG and turquoise is the colour that the Down syndrome association use. I'm sure i read that a couple of years ago but if I am talking rubbish then someone please correct me.
  4. It was the pass as crespo hits it into the ground so it bounces and bobbles up. Although the should have still slotted it. @Athens4 Think it was crespo as I’m certain he was wearing the cpts arm band. Also oliveiras miss at the end as poor. Anyway , a fantastic win and 1 more final out of the way. The PAOK championship train continues. 10 points.. “Mind the Gap”
  5. Yaaaaasss. Job done. Should have scored a few more but to be fair paschalakis made a couple of cracking saves at the other end.
  6. Diego should have won the penalty.. absolute stone Waller
  7. Away goals only count in ties over two legs I am assuming @Athens4 suggested single tie rounds with teams being pulled out of a hat and the first team drawn gets home advantage? A draw should equal a return fixture or just extra time and penalties on the night. Away goals would/should not count in those scenarios.
  8. My ideal scenario was to beat them in the final so a little disappointed but I wont complain.
  9. What drama! I was struggling to watch that at times. This Season has been pretty spectacular so far.
  10. I know we are a long long long way off this yet so bare with me as I'm not being arrogant here.. When is the league trophy handed over to a team in the super league? Is it the game in which they win the league or is it the last home game of the season (unless the league has not been won by that point and so it would obviously be handed over away from home)
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