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  1. No fans allowed in any of the games Because of the virus is what I am hearing?
  2. Pardon my ignorance but I assume there is no away goal rule.
  3. Crazy start to the game. Fair play to the team for getting themselves back into it so quickly.
  4. Hard to argue with that and I too hope Paschalakis starts. Akpoms physicality and hold up play might be better option but he is so wasteful in front of goal and constantly offside which is frustrating. pelkas will be really important with his energy so I really hope he starts and just plays his game with freedom and does not try to force things. i was reading up about the German ref for tomorrow and he absolutely loves handing out cards so I think a red is an absolute certainty. We must keep our discipline and not be drawn into any stupid reactions. maybe Vieirinha at RB would not be such a bad option? I cant wait to see the reaction The General gets when he’s presented to the crowd. it will be some occasion for the older supporters that grew up with him and the younger ones that idolise him and only know of his legendary tales. Apparently one of Tottenham’s supporters clubs are in Thessaloniki this weekend (not sure why) so they are are taking over Rehab to watch the football so no rugby will be shown and instead Chelsea v Spurs 😩. There is an Irish bar in ladadika showing the Scotland game so will maybe head there or just watch it in the house not sure yet.
  5. Scotland Clan PAOK will be in Thessaloniki from Friday morning onwards. On Saturday we will be in a rugby pub (Yes you actually read that correctly!!) called Rehab, on Valaoritou 19, for the Scotland game. KO 16:15. If anyone is about and keen to meet up for some beers then or at any other part of the weekend then great
  6. https://inpaok.com/630161/inpaok-live-i-diamartyria-tou-dikefalou-pics-vids/
  7. If he's the only realistic option then I'd take him back. I think we need to add some fire power up front. However i don't believe it will happen.
  8. Yaaaaaaasss delighted for Lamprou. It’s so pleasing to see him take his chances and hopefully this is the beginning of all that potential being unlocked for PAOK!!!
  9. What a strange post. I take it you don’t rate him at all then? Good to see lamprou on. Hope he plays well and gets a goal.
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