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  1. Olympiakos and Marinakis - "Offended by everything, ashamed of nothing"
  2. Maybe he's home sick? I thought this was finally going to be the season where he really kicked on and started realising his potential. sadly it hasn't happened and if we got a decent offer from West Ham then it's thank you and good bye from me.
  3. Lets be honest here, this is the biggest game in Greece right now and a huge derby/rivalry. Even El Classico gets dragged down to a poor level at times. Give me a good result over pretty football in theses games every time! To say that it was " Piss poor mentality" is harsh. The players did fine under such intense circumstances and this was, as so many are, a dog fight. Piss poor mentality is when teams/clubs try and get games called off or look for a result or points deduction to be decided by a court case and a trial by media.
  4. Good result in the end. It was a disappointing way to concede but I was really worried about getting a doing here so I would have taken a point before KO.
  5. Haha.. When I read "Fanela" my brain changed it to 'Fustanella' and I was too scared to look! Fortunately it's not; he's Irish, has about 15 years on me and specialises in Doom Metal (whatever that is)
  6. A fast start and routine home win. Looking forward to this game although i will be a nervous wreck fearing the worst some Sunday! I watched the highlights of their previous game and i was absolutely shocked at how small their crowds are. I know they are going through a tough period but it is utterly pathetic. Average attendances so far or just over 4,000... i assume there is an organised Boycott? or is there such a strong 'glory hunting' culture down there?
  7. You honestly couldn't make this up. No way is this a welcoming and genuine gesture.
  8. Yeah its a great stadium on the inside and nearly identical to the preferred capacity. The outside lights up similar to Bayern Munich's stadium. I'm not keen on the modern, over designed stadiums. I much prefer something industrial with loads of concrete and metal rather than the corporate, 'Disneyland' designs that you see now. AEK's new stadium is a cracking effort but the stands look quite far from the pitch so might not feel as enclosed as it could. I'll admit, the outside looks magnificent and if it does end up looking like the artist impressions then fair play to them.
  9. "Also different events require different configurations too, so that stadium will definitely not be a stable 41,926." You must be fun at parties.. Would love something similar to the Wroclaw Municipal Stadium. Couldn't care less about the exact number of seats as long as its intimidating, steep stands hugging the pitch and on top of the players, with a roof designed to enhance and keep in the atmosphere, then we wont go wrong!
  10. If we can get anywhere near 8 figures for him then we need to pay business class for his flights to Lisbon with out hesitation. Limnios is the boi
  11. 58: Olympiacos (1972–74) with defeats to PAOK in October 1972 and April 1974
  12. My first game was V Olympiakos in 2018. Scotland had beaten England the night before in the 6 nations which we watched in a nice wee rugby pub (I'm not joking) called Rehab in Thessaloniki. I celebrated far too hard that night and we didn't get to bed until about 7am on the Sunday! As we were running late and and still a bit drunk, we got a taxi to the ground and my first sight was a procession of people (the only orderly queue and peaceful scene that day) scaling the wall of the church, praying, then jumping back out lighting flares and cracking open the Malamatina while running into the pandemonium that was taking place 100 meters away. I knew then I was witnessing something special, something that only a few cultures and fixtures round the world can produce. This was about 6 hours before KO. Fast forward to being inside and I went with my then 'wife to be' and stood in Gate 4. The 2 or 3 hours before KO in G4 was ridiculous.. it felt like a religious experience but at the same time as if we were about to go to war. So much so that i was genuinely taken by surprise when the players emerged from the tunnel as i had forgotten we were there for football. Well, as you know the rest is history and we stood in the rain for what must have been at least an hour (maybe two hours?) after KO before everyone decided enough was enough and there was no way the game was going ahead. A group near by were on phones and arranging people to go to the airport to presumably stop the Olympiakos team from leaving and also trying to find out which hospital Garcia had been taken to. Next thing i know is we're leaving and i was absolutely devastated..i Remember heading down towards Gate 1 to get a better look of the commotion before getting close enough to realise that it was about to explode at any moment. I managed to put my sensible head on and thought it was best to get her out of there and so started walking away when the flares et were being thrown. Without a word of a lie, Maria turns to me and say's "come on, if your not going to get a Greek game, you will get to see a Greek riot" I had to pinch myself as i turned round to see here tying her t-shirt around her face! she told me to do the same before skipping off into the smoke towards the bother. I decided that covering my face was not necessary as it was dark, and didn't imagine the CCTV was like what we have in the UK (if there was any at all). As we passed a man smashing up the pavement handing out rocks ( think 2001 a space odyssey monolith monkey scene 😂) i thought "what the hell is going on here? this is mental!". Then the shouting seemed to stop and these things started whistling over head and hitting the ground with a clink. i thought it was strange PAOK fans were throwing stuff at our own until Everyone started shouting "Πάμε! Πάμε!" then metal canisters started to explode and it was apparent that they were stun grenades and tear gas being launched by the police. Haha boy did it immediately regret not covering my face as it started burning and i couldn't breath or see Anyway, to conclude, we managed to escape in one piece although we were barricaded in a bar on the main road for a an hour or so where the police tried (unsuccessfully) to force there way in to batter anyone they could. They even had tear gas at the door in some sort or weird attempt to smoke people out. Luckily we had enough people to keep the door from being forced open and they ended up being occupied by the main trouble up the street. which drew their attention away. One of the most incredible things i saw that night was 3 or 4 really old woman hunched over out sweeping their patch of street to get rid of the gas canisters, rocks an broken bottles... and all this time the police and fans were exchanging turns in charging and throwing stuff at one another over their heads. bins the streets were on fire all around and yet these woman were so cool about the chaos unfolding and not phased by anything. Eventually we walked back into the center and fell through the door of our friends apartment around 2am.. i was absolute burst by this point and slept like a baby. I was so angry with the game being abandoned and it was one of the most disappointing things to happen but wow what a buzz and a surreal experience that i will never forget. We made up for it the following year though What a Baptism! I saw the best and the worst of Greek league football that night but i was hooked and couldn't wait to book flights to come back.
  13. Cracking Video Blackhawk! In 1968, my team in Scotland, Dunfermline Athletic played Olympiakos. We won 4-0 at home and Lost 3-0 in Greece. Some of the players that played in the away leg said that Olympiakos were the dirtiest team they faced in there career. Incidentally, we went on to beat West Bromich Albion in the QF and in the SF we Lost 2-1 on aggregate to Slovan Bratislava. We played them off the park and our players were convinced the referee had been paid off in the away leg. Slovan went on to beat Barcelona 4-0 in the final. To think we would probably have lifted a European trophy if it wasn't for a dodgy ref. I don't think my Dad has ever got over that result haha. Anyway, Sorry for straying.. it just reminded me of the 4-0 over olympiakos in the same year and then Slovan Bratislava.
  14. From what I gather, the commentator was making derogatory remarks about PAOK fans and mentioned something along the lines of 'Greek people are so poor they cant even afford clothes' in reference to us (the fans) having our tops off? Can anyone confirm if that's correct as it was loosely translated from a dutch article yesterday while we were hungover so it might be nonsense. The official complaint to UEFA about Craig Pawson is 100% the correct thing to do. If this was the other way round then it would be a much bigger issue.
  15. Nice one. I'm going to get that printed on a t-shirt for when we inevitably play them in next years qualifiers.
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