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  1. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2019

    FFS!!! Bit of a disaster losing Prijovic 😞 Reports that PAOK representatives are in England just now talking to Wolves and Leo Bonatini. He was superb for them in the championship, especially the first half of last season. Would rather not have Berg in our team but I do think we need someone in. Wouldn't even mind a loan move for an out of favour striker at one of the top clubs that maybe has something to prove.. if that was possible. Time for Akpom to make himself a hero though? He certainly had/has a huge amount of potential.
  2. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    SL–R15: PAOK - PAS Giannina (POSTPONED)

    I hope he gets a really good reception from the fans. Regardless of how the goals dried up for him etc it wasn't for a lack of of trying.. he was probably trying too hard and struggling with the pressure of being the main striker and captain. Seemed to have no confidence in that last season.
  3. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    SL–R14: Levadeiakos - PAOK (17-Dec-18, 19:30 EET)

    This 100% Pontus is a massive blow! I genuinely thought he would be the one player that drags this team through the difficult periods with his attitude and drive from midfield.
  4. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    SL–R13: PAOK - AE Larisa (09-Dec-18, 19:30 EET)

    If they are near the threshold then hopefully they can hang on until after Feb or if not then just pick them up soon and miss games in December/January so they are available for Oly in February! how many yellows gets you a suspension? Is it 5 = 1 game suspension?
  5. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Finally........ you....have...stopped....typing....like....this...... well.....done.....
  6. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    "Winning the title is not a big thing to me" Because you hate PAOK more than you love your own team and having an 'anyone but PAOK' attitude is quite sad. "PAO can win a meaningless championship today" no you can't, and you wont. "However JVC and PAOTHEGREAT are not passing judgment on anyone" did you forget which account you were logged into? Question "you are saying that it is Savvidis problem that Alafouzos destroyed Panathinaikos" @PAOTHEGREAT Answer... "I don't know who's at fault, " Jesus wept... either up your dose or stop taking the medication all together as its clearly not doing you any good. To be honest rather than being ridiculed, you probably need help.
  7. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    JVC, I would say you have lost the plot but i don't think you had it in the first place.
  8. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Toumba Stadium

    No really sure why they don just play the big fixtures in OAKA when you need the capacity, but for run of the mill games, take it round the country to Volos, Larissa, Crete, Pampeloponnisiako (Petras) and Kaftanzoglio. Having any games at toumba in this present climate would be nothing but a disaster and the cynical side of me almost leans towards them suggesting this to cause friction between the fans and the club. the fact toumba is on the verge of being renovated and out of action for a while, this announcement seems strange.. unless ofcourse they are talking about a few years down the line? ,
  9. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    @PAOTHEGREAT I don’t know why you typed “Again” as if you have been clear and coherent with what you are saying... because believe me your not, and you rarely are. Tbh, no one really cares what you want and or your attempts at trying to belittle anything that PAOK or a club out side the big three in Athens does. I couldn’t care less who comes second to be honest, if we come first and we beat everyone else in Greece then great. You said that anyone doing well in the league outside of POK is bad for the league...we have had that for the best part of 70 years and look where that’s got Greek football and the league. Just because your team are no longer the European powerhouse that you still have delousions of grandeur about, this does in no way mean that any other clubs achievements are in some way reduced in prestige. Your idea of a competitive league is only if oly, AEK and PAO are 1,2 and 3.. a tragic but unsurprising attitude to take. Keep living in the past and clinging on to the hope of returning to the glory days of your beloved POK while the rest of the league strive for less curruption and more fairness. Only the arrogance of a POK fan could think that the ‘smaller’ teams being in a healthy state, playing and performing well is bad. Unbelievable.
  10. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    @PAOTHEGREAT Im stuggling to understand what your point is half the time but even if that were true and every single PAOK fan wanted Oly, AEK and PAO to go back to playing each other their own league, I honestly have no idea what that has to do with the utter drivel you posted that smaller clubs, with smaller fan bases do not deserve to be successful? Do you want to have another go or are you happy just posting incoherent nonsense?
  11. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    JVC, your idea that only teams with million of fans should be the only ones that deserve success, money and admiration is boring and frankly bizarre. However, if you can expand on why Greece doesn't need a diverse league or that teams to succeed on sporting merit then I'll humor you.. go on, try and justify your nonsensical mindset for a laugh.
  12. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    El–GS-R5: Chelsea FC - PAOK (29-Nov-18, 22:00 EET)

    Got back to Scotland this morning and in the office 😴. It seems weird to think that last night I was walking through London with thousands of PAOK fans giving git big licks and now reality has hit my with an almighty slap in the face! To be honest i thought we played OK in spells last night, all things considering, but ultimately once we we're down to 10 any chance we had was gone. a really kick in the balls for the thousands of PAOK fans that traveled from all over to be there. I didn't expect us to get anything last night anyway but it was just so frustrating with the game lost after 7 mins. It was an absolute pleasure meeting @Athens4 yesterday and i can happily confirm that all my organs are still intact!
  13. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    PAOK Marketing (PAOK Store, Sponsors, Jersey's, Season Tickets)

    Yeah, I received an email stating that it was only for VIP members. I have a Season ticket for 4a so i doubt i will get a chance and the people i know that are part of fan clubs cant help either. Chelsea tickets go on open sale on the 16th (if they have any left) but the idea of sitting with Chelsea fans doesn't give me a great deal of excitement. I guess i will probably have to keep my powder dry until February for Olympiacos and if we qualify for the knock out stages. let me know how you get on.. @Athens4
  14. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    I heard the same as you @Blackhawk Two things I take from that.. 1. Olympiacos fans don’t sing very loud 2. how stupid/drunk/stoned do you honestly have to be to allow that to happen? Seriously, unless the boy was under the age of 10 or disabled then there are no excuses.
  15. DunfermlineAthleticPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    I assume they will only lose points from their group in the cup and not the league? I read that it started because a PAO fan was in the Oly section... that can’t be true? Surely not as that would be bizarre.