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  1. If he's the only realistic option then I'd take him back. I think we need to add some fire power up front. However i don't believe it will happen.
  2. Yaaaaaaasss delighted for Lamprou. It’s so pleasing to see him take his chances and hopefully this is the beginning of all that potential being unlocked for PAOK!!!
  3. What a strange post. I take it you don’t rate him at all then? Good to see lamprou on. Hope he plays well and gets a goal.
  4. Lamprou surely must start playing more, he has so much potential. Hopefully we get the worms in the next round.
  5. Doesn't help when Zivkovic has been like playing with a man down though.
  6. We don't even look interested and Aris players are hungrier and more organised which is shameful. Biseswar is the only one looking for the ball and trying to make things happen
  7. Get Biseswar on now.. this game is slipping away big time and unless we change something soon its game over
  8. two pretty poor goals to lose. Matos getting caught flat footed then the keeper getting beat near post. Then a free header.. just not good enough.
  9. Thanks @Bananas I'll be looking to head over for a some of them if i can but as usual it will be last min with dates changed constantly to inconvenience anyone and everyone but with a bit of luck I'll make one or two.
  10. ***Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this and please move to the appropriate section if necessary*** This is probably a stupid question but has there been a definitive, official announcement of the way the 'Play offs' will work and if there are rough dates penciled in? Last i remember was a round robin of games with the points won here added to the seasons tally? i think i may have that wrong now that i have typed it out and with the superior knowledge on here im sure i will be corrected.
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