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  1. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Isn’t that the problem JVC? Some individuals, fans and clubs don’t want it to be about football. They would rather win a league by another team getting docked points and points awarded in their courts rather than sporting merit. Thats the problem, everything was going fine until Olympiakos realised that PAOK (and AEK) were pulling away and they were looking out of it. It’s an absalute disgrace that it’s entertained and accepted as normal. That the league can be sabotaged by a petulant set of people that cannot accept not being in control and dominant.
  2. Ivan Savvidis - PAE PAOK owner/president

    Thanks very much for sharing that. It just shows you the type of forces that are at play here. It's actually quite incredible.
  3. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    http://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20180314-anakoinosi-upallilon-pae-paok/ Statement of PAOK FC employees 14.03.2018 Ανακοίνωση Υπαλλήλων ΠΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ Οι υπάλληλοι της ΠΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ στέλνουν το δικό τους μήνυμα μετά τα τελευταία γεγονότα. 14.03.2018 Τις τελευταίες μέρες γινόμαστε μάρτυρες μίας συντονισμένης επίθεσης τόσο στον Πρόεδρο της ΠΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ, όσο και στην ίδια την ομάδα που υπηρετούμε. Οι επιθέσεις αυτές στο πρόσωπο του Ιβάν Σαββίδη, για εμάς που τον γνωρίζουμε και τον ζούμε πλέον καθημερινά, δεν είναι μόνο άδικες, αλλά είναι και υποκριτικές. Ο κύριος Σαββίδης έχει ανεβάσει τα επίπεδα ασφάλειας και σωστής διεξαγωγής αγώνων στην Τούμπα, σε σημεία που κανείς δεν φανταζόταν. Παρέχει αφειδώς όλες εκείνες τις συνθήκες σε εμάς να παράγουμε έργο για τον σύλλογο που υπηρετούμε και βρίσκεται πάντα δίπλα μας για να ανεβάσει ακόμη περισσότερο τον πήχη των προσδοκιών. Οι στοχευμένες και συντονισμένες επιθέσεις όχι μόνο δεν κλονίζουν, αλλά αντίθετα ενισχύουν την εκτίμηση και την αγάπη μας προς το πρόσωπό του. Ο κύριος Σαββίδης προτίμησε να πάρει πάνω του όλη τη φθορά, προκειμένου να προστατεύσει την δική μας δουλειά και την υπόληψη της Τούμπας κι αυτό είναι από μόνο του ηρωικό. Είναι σειρά μας να είμαστε η δική του ασπίδα! Με εκτίμηση, Υπάλληλοι ΠΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ
  4. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    This is my take on it. Mauricio was not in the keepers line of sight and did not affect the play. You can tell a lot from players reactions and the keeper had no complaints what so ever and neither did any of the players bar 1 who made a fuss (probable more a release of motion than anything) and then when they all jumped on the bandwagon, all hell broke loose The linesman ran straight back to towards the half way line with his flag down, he had no intention of giving it as offside. In 'close' calls the benefit of the doubt should always be given to the attacking team. The officials totally [email protected] it with the way they handled the situation and allowed the drama to build up. The main point is that they gave the goal, then were swayed by AEK's bench and players, then disallowed it, then started strutting about as if they were enjoying being the center of attention. We watch football to see the players, not some power happy drama queen with a whistle.
  5. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    http://www.paokfc.gr/en/news/20180312-dilosi-ivan-savvidi/, "I wish to apologize to all PAOK supporters, Greek fans and the international football community. I am deeply sorry for what happened. I had absolutely no right to enter the pitch the way I did. My emotional reaction stems from the widespread negative situations prevailing in Greek football lately and from all the unacceptable, non sports-related events that took place towards the end of the PAOK – AEK Athens encounter: the actions of the referee and his assistant (goal – offside – goal), the match suspension, the protests and invasion on the pitch by many people from both sides. All that could lead to uncontrollable situations. My only aim was to protect tens of thousands of PAOK fans from provocation, riots and human casualties. Please believe that I had no intention to engage in a brawl with our opponents or the referees. And Ι obviously did not threaten anybody. Unfortunately, my family and I, as well as my colleagues, have been taken hostage by a totally sick football status-quo. Despite the non-stop attacks I am facing on all fronts, I fight and I will continue to fight for fair football, equitable refereeing in all encounters and titles being won on the pitch and not in courtrooms. I would like to apologize once again. PAOK FC President Ivan Savvidis"
  6. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    PAOK are being made out to be the bogeyman here but the system is so corrupt and has been broken for so long that it had to boil over at some point. TBH when you go back and look at previous incidents, then what happened on Sunday night was nowhere near the worst and I am actually surprised that in years past, clubs have not just gone "whats the point?" and given up totally due to being sick and tired or the same crap every year. Ask yourself what the difference is now in 2018 rather than any of the past 20+ years? In my honest opinion, it's clear why this is getting so much attention and faux outrage. Savvidis has come in and kicked the hornets nest big time and spoiled the equilibrium. God only knows what he was thinking on Sunday night and he deserves to get punished big time to stop things like this happening again. The players and fans should not be punished for this sorry mess. The money men and people with 'power' in Greece have caused this and its been coming for a long time. Funnily enough, up until Olympiakos fans stormed the pitch, this season was passing without major incident and seemed to be fairly contested with games and the league being decided on the pitch. Why anyone would want to be a ref is mystery but especially in Greece. They lost total control with the farcical way they handled the situation.They are over dramatic and get far too animated which only makes it worse. Saying that, the way AEK's players and bench reacted was pretty disgraceful referees need to be more decisive and stronger mentally... i guess it's easier said than done though.
  7. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Well said.. take a bow.
  8. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    JVC just F*** off, seriously. You are a joke. Just take off your Athens tinted glasses for one min! Greece and the Decades of cheeting is what has driven things this madness. Savvidis seems to have lost it and his actions screem of being too close to putin for too long
  9. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    What the @@@@ has savvidis done....
  10. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Thanks Pash! Got it now.
  11. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Does anyone have a link? Even for the official one as I can’t find it 🤯
  12. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    I wanted biseswar to start.
  13. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Agree with what JVC, klaous and aekaraCLE have just said. May the best team win
  14. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Chill out mate, I am saying the way you and other teams fans were acting as pathetic. Im sorry but saying things like we are the ‘gavroi of the north’ and We don’t deserve to win the league because our fans get into bother from time to time is a joke and pretty desperate. This is the problem with Greek football. The best team does not always win and the teams fortunes are determined by courts and off the field incidents.. it’s not fair and it’s not right on a sporting level.
  15. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    JVC and AEK fans losing their sh1t here. It’s pathetic and quite sad to see. You lot have had control for so long that you can’t even see the truth. We SHOULD have 6 more points!!! If you cannot beat PAOK on sporting merit then tough sh1t. Imagine celebrating winning a league because the best team got points taken away?...it’s pathetic!! “Gavri of the north” hahaa i honestly think you are an Olympiakos fan.. if not then you have Stockholm syndrome and you need help.