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  1. montrealitis

    Domestic Terrorism

    At least the GD don't set off bombs in the country
  2. montrealitis

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    I believe for starters that we need to educate the world more about the history of Macedonia, Alexander the Great..etc through Museums in Thessaloniki and throughout Greece, Movies, courses in Universities, books..etc. We cannot take this lightly. We need the Diaspora to help in promoting the historical facts around the world, maybe have historians speak on the big news channels like Fox, CNN...etc. We have to fight to gain favor with public opinion, because what I see we are doing absolutely nothing. Many people out there in the world are clueless and need to be educated.
  3. montrealitis

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    What happens if we were to continue with a tough stance and Not accept that Skopje use Macedonia anyway whatsoever? Or better yet how should we handle this negotiation process with Skopje?