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  1. 10 teams with 4 rounds like in Swithzerland would not be bad at all.
  2. Yeah, like 8-10 years ago. They just came from the 2nd league and their coach is pure garbage, in other hand our new coach seems to have what takes, and we have been improving a lot since he took over, we beat Sporting 4-2 at their stadium last weekend bu it could ended 6/7-2.
  3. Congratulations guys, great win last night, you have the league in your hands, hold it tight.
  4. " might be better to do decently in EL than get utterly destroyed in CL" Never my friend, unless you reach at least the semi-final of UEL, it's allways better to play in CL, even if you get 0 points.
  5. This Oliveira is better than Samaris, good passing, good at set pieces, good positioning not very brave imo, overal is a very good signing for you.
  6. I did not expect this result at all, and it does not display what really happened in th pitch. Your defensive sector comitted too many error and we juts tookadvantage of it altough we neve had the game under control, you could have scored in any moment. We have better player and it makes difference, as a team we are completely trash any team can score against us, any team can troubles us. Good luck i the GSL and Europa League.
  7. He's out. No Jonas, no Castillo, we are stuck with Ferreyra and Seferovic. I think we'll have some changes from the 1rst leg game, Felix might come for Cervi, Seferovic for Ferreyra and Rafa for Zivkovic.
  8. ahah Well i wish we did not meet eachother this erly. Regarding the game PAOK has far more chance than what you may expect, i would even say it's a 50-50 case. For some unknown reason we are not playing our best player( Jonas) and the strikes we brought seems disconected from the team. i do not like thw way we play, any team can cause danger against us, all they need is 3/4 passes. The right back doesn't attack and the left back does not defend. Our miedfild is composed by avery soft player and a 19 years old kid, i'm not sure wether i can fully trust them to do the job. Just cameback.
  9. HAHAHA, yes, but I always have a reason to whatch your games, to be honest i'vent seen many of your games( nor other teams games actually), when you get lately but i always check the results. Yes Rodrigues is such a good player, i wish he was silllayng for you, but i think he made a good move, in 1/2 he maybe playng in one of the big5 leagues.
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