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  1. I'm keeping an open mind in regards to this coach....it doesn't take a footballing genius to do the obvious in regards to selections and team strategy. If he can evaluate the players in an honest manner and make unbiased choices in his selections that will be the first step and he seems to be really studying the available options. Midfield is where the real difference will be shown in regards to how he wants to play. That will determine whether the team will be able to play with pace and attack or if we will be sitting back and defending for 90 minutes. Personally I would put Mantalos smack dab in the center of the pitch so he can transition the play. He works hard and while he's not the player he used to be before the injuries he would be a better choice than Bouchalakis, or Taxtzidis who are too slow (defending or attacking) for any modern attacking game...or we can go with 3 DMs as usual and try to slow down the game and not give up any goals which hasn't worked for us in a long, long time. Either way I'm curious to see what players he selects....that will also show how much meddling is going on behind the scenes and if he will be working independently or if he is listening to the little voices whispering in his ear.
  2. The main reason we are losing is faulty defensive play on both a team level and an individual level....i.e. stupid game strategies, lack of effort and stupid player decisions. If you don't give up goals you don't lose, if you don't score goals you don't win. The team has to start with not losing (not giving up crappy goals) and then try to win by somehow scoring, which has always been a problem. The coach can mitigate the defensive problems with his setup but if the players don't put in the effort there isn't much he can do except change players and hope for the best. On another note Sokrates and Manolas et al better step it up now that they got Angelo canned and perform like world-beaters....the pressure is now on them with no room for excuses....the team better tighten up defensively in general or they will become a complete joke (if that hasn't already happened).
  3. Its called sarcasm, man....all the stuff I mentioned are still around and interconnected with the current problematic conditions and have a compounding effect and yes the changing of the name of the effect of human industrialization on the earth is just to distract from the fact that we have done very little right from the outset correct things.
  4. Look guys, you can't pinpoint one thing that is wrong with the NT and you won't fix it by changing the coach or not having an injury to a certain player or any single remedy. The biggest problem is the players themselves who have developed many different ways to lose matches. As I've said before the loss against Armenia was the only real fail Anastasiadis had and it was purely on the players. Before the game against Italy, most fans were mildly hopeful that the team was turning it around....and that was being credited to Anastasiadis (rightfully or wrongfully idk). This team has to start at the beginning and first learn to not lose, and then figure out how to win....baby steps....because no one coach or players is going to be able to make the difference....and the garbage goals we've been giving up have to stop.
  5. After being released from Omonia, Kolovos, previously linked to Atromitos seems to have come to an agreement with PAO.....he should play a key role on either team especially PAO who needs experienced starters to play alongside the youngsters.
  6. Well it seems Kolovos has come to a verbal agreement with PAO getting his walking papers from Omonia. Good move for both PAO (who need all the help we can get) and Kolovos who will surely be a key figure on the team and get plenty of action. Hopefully it gets done because the team is in sore need of both starting and support players.
  7. There is no global warming don't you know?....the proper term nowadays is climate shift! Whatever happened to acid rain and the greenhouse effect and the hole in the ozone layer? The scientists change the nomenclature so that the general public forgets how long these issues have been around and that the previous stuff has some how miraculously been solved and now we have some new, more pressing emergency to deal with....until the next re-baptism of the same old problems under a new name.
  8. ^^^^Its bad news for Oly and for Ang's plans but maybe now the NT can look at implementing some speed in the attack and not rely on one player to create (who hasn't produced the desired results)....and you won't need the extra defensive cover for a player who gets gassed after 25 min. All the same I wish him a speedy recovery.
  9. ^^^^That's a major loss for Oly who will have to rethink their plans which were pretty much dependent on either building around Fortounis selling him and getting a replacement.
  10. ^^^^^c'mon....say it, say it, say it....we are all adults here. Seriousness aside, voting in Greece is like having to choose who's gonna have their way with you at the end of the night....never mind the wife!
  11. There are no serious political parties in Greece....never have been. There should have been a ban in place for all politicians involved with ND and PASOK prior to the financial crisis and all their family members....the only measure short of violence which might have actually brought positive change to Greece.
  12. Good move for Koulouris to a league that will help him improve if he puts in the work. Big chance for him to prove himself for real.
  13. Staf was out the first half of the season with injury but started regularly in the 2nd half (14 games)....he didn't do too well against Italy so Koutris started against Armenia.....he sucked @$$ also.....hopefully Lykogiannis gets a call up because he's a much more balanced player than the other 2. He played Masouras-Kolovos against Italy and we saw how successful that was. He asked Siovas if he could play RB and Siovas said he couldn't and that's why he played him at CDM a position he has played before.....a dumb move by Anastasiadis which created 2 problems instead of correcting one. It was a trainer and the goalie coach who got into it and Anastasiadis intervened to cool them off. Yes he said that and has done it at PAOK beating Oly with Salpi playing RB....don't know what to say about this one.... He used Pasxalakis against Turkey and lost, used Barkas against Italy and lost so he tried Vlaxodimos against Armenia and lost....its not like anybody put in a great performance and then got screwed over....none of them were able to win a game. Do you really believe the way the team is playing atm that Toro or Mitro would have made a difference? Torosidis with a knee injury since the start of March and appeared for 8 min in the last game of the season so he must be in tip top shape right? Or Mitroglou who also was injured and hasn't been getting playing time or scoring goals since leaving Benfica. My opinion: if you don't play regularly at club level you shouldn't get a call up....most members of this forum complained about this with Skibbe, Santos and Otto. The leaky defence started right after Santos was driven off the team and the only constant in this is Manolas/Papastathopoulos....they are the ones who bind the back line and no NT coach is gonna teach them how to defend. I can't believe I'm defending Anastasiadis but if you step back and look at the big picture the only bad result he got was against Armenia when he fielded a very reasonable line up and the players simply failed to produce....I'm pretty sure he tries to prime them and get them up before the match because that's always been his style and yet they come out looking like they just woke up and need a coffee before getting started. Its the players' mentality at this point that has to come into question....the coach can't run or kick the ball for them and if you believe that in the game against Armenia we lost because of Anastasiadis you're kidding yourself.
  14. Yo JVC, sup? Let's wait and see what the "logariasmo" will be next time it gets publicized and what the next government has to say about Votanikos et al. Hopefully something starts happening soon and as I said the team can't afford to lose the young core players because they can't afford to replace them...and you need to field a competitive team otherwise what's the point.
  15. All this because the players half @$$ed it against Armenia.....if you're gonna get Ouzounides you might as well keep Angelo. Ouzou is really hopeless at in game tactics and while he did ok at smaller clubs (Panionios, Xanthi) he flopped at AEK and did a very average job at PAO playing the "timio palikari" to the end. The truth is that Angelo (and I'm not a fan of his) has been hung out to dry by the players before even getting a chance. You can say what you will about his decisions and call ups but the only real damage done to the campaign so far is the loss to Armenia and as I stated before, its entirely on the players.....the team beat Lichtenstein, drew Bosnia, lost (as expected) to Italy and lost 3 points to Armenia (THE PLAYERS FAULT) and now he's being crucified by all the press so he can get canned. Something stinks about this scenario and as much as I like Sokratis as a player, his behavior after the match makes him seem unworthy of being a captain....he could have discussed things with Angelo and the EPO before pulling the rug out from under him. If they had won the game against Armenia (which they should have been able to do even without a coach) then no one would have said a peep....so 1 game lost with the blame squarely on the players and he's gonna get the boot....that's real nice.
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