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  1. Labor unions? They've been taken over and either shut down or castrated the past few decades and now are nothing more than a bunch of middlemen trying to get a piece of the action (I can only speak about North America). The attack on free speech and opinion is coming from all fronts....right, left, and center. There is a war to control public opinion and I never thought 25 years ago when the internet was moving into the mainstream that it would end up as a tool for misinformation and to control opinion....quite the opposite I believed that it would guarantee the freedom of speech and expression....I was very naive at the time.
  2. Good game today...after a dismal first half the team came alive in the 2nd grabbing a 2-0 win. MVP of the match had to be Insua....non stop work in both ends of the field and scored a picture perfect goal. Bravo to the team.
  3. ^^^^7 appearances in the last year with a grand total of 102 min of action....hardly enough to assess his ability. I would put him ahead of Mitroglou and Durmishaj as far as current form goes. He scores goals in may different ways (much like Gekas did) and he should have started against Bosnia. Whether he blasts one from 30 m out or if it goes in off his butt we need someone who can score on a consistent basis and right now he's the only one doing that on any level. I'm not a big fan of his but his numbers this season can't be ignored.
  4. I hope fetfa gets his act together and earns a call up....he came back from the desert (amateur league) and sucked at Oly, went to Aris and has played a total of 119 min there....and somehow he deserves a call up....but then again the same can be said about Mavrias and Kolovos (who spent last year at Willem II but barely played after being out for 8 months with a torn ACL at Mechelen). I don't think agents and media have much pull with Angelo as far as Bakasetas (or any other player) goes....I don't think we'll see him starting any time soon and I'm sure he'll be dropped when some of the injured players return....plus Angelo will have to start incorporating some of the younger players so we will probably be seeing a lot of depth in many positions where we were previously lacking. The truth is none of the players mentioned here actually deserve to be on the NT based on form or playing time....but I'm willing to give Anastasiades the benefit of the doubt...on account of his deep faith in the Virgin Mary...its a lot more convincing than listening to Skibbe's excuses the last few years.
  5. ^^^^Ninis : 28yrs old and playing in 2nd division Israel, let's allow the kid to continue his journey into obscurity in peace and stop bringing up his name as a possible call up. I personally thought calling up Kolovos was a headscratcher...I still do but after the goal I'm glad Angelo called him up instead of say Fetfatzides....and Kolovos earned more chances instead Fetfa who is all flash and little substance....we can't afford to field players who make a dribble (and solicit oohs and ahhs from fans) and then disappear the next 20 minutes. Add to that the fact that our LBs and RBs are problematic defensively so the wingers need to help out in that regard which is something you can forget about with Fetfa. That's why Angelo called up Mavrias and Kolovos ahead of Fetfa....I think. He definitely has a plan.
  6. Good showing from Samaris finally after all this time....Donis was the guy who kept working after going down 2-0....Bakakis and Koutris were really outclassed by their opponents but Koutris can improve (Idk about Bak)....Zeca the workhorse....lots of positives if you take away the first 20 min. The most important is the reacquisition of the fighting, never die mentality. I'll take the 2-2 happily.
  7. ^^^^He's been crap most of the game...for every good thing he does he then screws up 2....
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