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  1. Good move for Koulouris to a league that will help him improve if he puts in the work. Big chance for him to prove himself for real.
  2. Staf was out the first half of the season with injury but started regularly in the 2nd half (14 games)....he didn't do too well against Italy so Koutris started against Armenia.....he sucked @$$ also.....hopefully Lykogiannis gets a call up because he's a much more balanced player than the other 2. He played Masouras-Kolovos against Italy and we saw how successful that was. He asked Siovas if he could play RB and Siovas said he couldn't and that's why he played him at CDM a position he has played before.....a dumb move by Anastasiadis which created 2 problems instead of correcting one. It was a trainer and the goalie coach who got into it and Anastasiadis intervened to cool them off. Yes he said that and has done it at PAOK beating Oly with Salpi playing RB....don't know what to say about this one.... He used Pasxalakis against Turkey and lost, used Barkas against Italy and lost so he tried Vlaxodimos against Armenia and lost....its not like anybody put in a great performance and then got screwed over....none of them were able to win a game. Do you really believe the way the team is playing atm that Toro or Mitro would have made a difference? Torosidis with a knee injury since the start of March and appeared for 8 min in the last game of the season so he must be in tip top shape right? Or Mitroglou who also was injured and hasn't been getting playing time or scoring goals since leaving Benfica. My opinion: if you don't play regularly at club level you shouldn't get a call up....most members of this forum complained about this with Skibbe, Santos and Otto. The leaky defence started right after Santos was driven off the team and the only constant in this is Manolas/Papastathopoulos....they are the ones who bind the back line and no NT coach is gonna teach them how to defend. I can't believe I'm defending Anastasiadis but if you step back and look at the big picture the only bad result he got was against Armenia when he fielded a very reasonable line up and the players simply failed to produce....I'm pretty sure he tries to prime them and get them up before the match because that's always been his style and yet they come out looking like they just woke up and need a coffee before getting started. Its the players' mentality at this point that has to come into question....the coach can't run or kick the ball for them and if you believe that in the game against Armenia we lost because of Anastasiadis you're kidding yourself.
  3. Yo JVC, sup? Let's wait and see what the "logariasmo" will be next time it gets publicized and what the next government has to say about Votanikos et al. Hopefully something starts happening soon and as I said the team can't afford to lose the young core players because they can't afford to replace them...and you need to field a competitive team otherwise what's the point.
  4. All this because the players half @$$ed it against Armenia.....if you're gonna get Ouzounides you might as well keep Angelo. Ouzou is really hopeless at in game tactics and while he did ok at smaller clubs (Panionios, Xanthi) he flopped at AEK and did a very average job at PAO playing the "timio palikari" to the end. The truth is that Angelo (and I'm not a fan of his) has been hung out to dry by the players before even getting a chance. You can say what you will about his decisions and call ups but the only real damage done to the campaign so far is the loss to Armenia and as I stated before, its entirely on the players.....the team beat Lichtenstein, drew Bosnia, lost (as expected) to Italy and lost 3 points to Armenia (THE PLAYERS FAULT) and now he's being crucified by all the press so he can get canned. Something stinks about this scenario and as much as I like Sokratis as a player, his behavior after the match makes him seem unworthy of being a captain....he could have discussed things with Angelo and the EPO before pulling the rug out from under him. If they had won the game against Armenia (which they should have been able to do even without a coach) then no one would have said a peep....so 1 game lost with the blame squarely on the players and he's gonna get the boot....that's real nice.
  5. ^^^^really good movies....I would add "A History of Violence" "Ichi the Killer" "Miller's Crossing" and my all-time favorite "White Heat"
  6. You can't lay the blame on Angelo for today's fiasco....just as you couldn't blame Ranieri for the Faroes defeat. Come on, they're playing Armenia and you guys think that tactics and selections made the difference? I'm not saying he isn't an idiot but today's loss is due to the players lacking pride and self-respect. Italy was one thing....today something else entirely. He put Koutris in Staf's place, Zeca in the midfield, started Koulouris and Pelkas and benched Bakasetas and the [email protected]@kes still lost....do you think in 10 days training he's gonna teach them "balla" or do you think that Sokratis, Samaris, Siovas, Manolas, Zeca, etc need to be told how to mark and defend? The responsibility lays squarely on the players and if they have any pride they'll bust their a$$es and qualify....nothing less will do.
  7. ^^^^Holy crap!! Are you waxing nostalgic about Skibbe???? I've heard it all now! 😜
  8. The blame lies on the coach for fielding the lineup that he did and the players for their [email protected]$$ed effort. If you're lacking at RB and decide to put your best DM there you automatically go from having one problem to worry about to having two problems. You then put a CB (Siovas) who is much too slow to cover the necessary ground that Zeca would normally cover and you have problem #3. You put Fortounis up high, a player who can't or won't press and then you expect Kourbelis or Samaris to become the link up to the attack? Do the NT coaches (since Santos) get doped up or do they have something put in their water? A draw would have been totally doable yesterday, all he had to do was field an orthodox line up and have the players press in the midfield and up high to isolate the attackers....not rocket science. Oh yeah...this is the coach who used Salpi at RB at PAOK. On the other hand, the when you have Masouras and Fortounis $#itting the bed every time they had a decent opportunity well that's not acceptable. Speaking of Masouras, did he track back even once to help out Zeca who had to play out of position? Kourbelis and Samaris can't be inserted in the lineup at the same time....they are too similar and their faults grow exponentially when played together....and without Zeca covering their @$$e$ it gets even worse. There really is no one in the midfield who will put in the effort that Zeca does and it becomes obvious that the rest of the DMs are a couple of levels below him. Sokrates, Manolas and Staf were all disappointing and while losing against Italy is not the end of the world, the way we copped the goals and basically gave up the game with no fight shows that there is a serious problem with the NT. The simplest thing would have been to start Mavrias (yes he sucks) or Kotsiras at RB and put Zeca in front of him to help out. You want to press up high? You play Pelkas instead of Fortounis who at least has speed and a decent work rate. What position was Masouras playing anyhow? You want to keep Fortounis in the lineup? play him between Zeca and say Siopis who can make up for his lack of running....or just sit him and use him as a sub later....you have to look at the team line by line and decide what you want to do and then field the players who can perform the tasks assigned. I would have thought that Koulouris would get the nod simply because there was no one else....but Ange pulled a Skibbe....and the substitutions seem to point at the Bosnia game comeback being a fluke....right after the first goal he should have shifted Siovas to CB and put Sokrates or Manolas at RB and Zeca in the middle. At least then we would have had a fighting chance. I can see it now: we tie Armenia 0-0 and the press will start with the "giname oikogeneia pali" b.s. and Ange gets a 3 year contract extension.
  9. I think it's time for Koulouris to get a proper chance....Donis is a definite loss but Mitro hasn't been doing much in Turkey or France before that. Yup....euro 2021 qualifications going on right now so....
  10. Personally I would pencil in Pelkas instead of Fortounis simply because of his speed up the middle (not on the wings). It would be a big help in keeping the Italian defense honest and speed up the transition especially if Donis is able to start. Fortounis tends to disappear when playing solid teams....sub him in later if needed when his lack of fitness will be on par with the players who have already put in 60-70 minutes of playing time.
  11. PAO needs to keep the core youngsters because if they sell them they won't be able to find adequate replacements at that price. Need to find a solid, experienced CB who can bind the backline as well as a CD in the event that Kourbelis leaves. Insua and Johansson should be kept as they have been competent. The team has to improve next year despite the ownership....build on the positives and hope someone steps up and takes over from Alafouzos otherwise the downwards slide will continue.
  12. When you say "you", who exactly do you mean? I suppose you agree with Pangalos when he said "Ta fagame mazi". The fact is that the ones responsible for all that happened are a very small group of corrupt individuals. What's incredulous is that many of them (or their offspring) are still around active in politics and business. Laying responsibilities on the vast majority of the people who have had a corrupt system imposed on them and having to find a way to survive within that system for years, is like blaming the casual football fan that watches the matches on tv on the weekend and occasionally attends a game for corruption and game fixing in the GSL. It's the common people who had "austerity" imposed on them to bail out the small minority in charge of the financial workings of the country and allow them to continue to operate.
  13. ^^^^Looked a lot like his dad on that play....unfortunately the Stuttgart defense has been weak all season long and the major reason that they are in a relegation battle.
  14. ^^^^Ummm....guess who runs the capitalist corporations 🤔
  15. Well the Dems decided to fight fire with fire....their analysts crunched the numbers and decided to pit one comic book character against another. The analogy about the different jokers shows the level of surrealism in American politics atm.......maybe we're living in the Joker-verse.
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