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  1. AchillesHeel

    Official Super League Game Topic

    Wow....AEK completely [email protected] the bed in the 2nd half after seeming to be in total control in the 1st. Totally unlike Jimenez-style AEK with the defense first mindset....a complete defensive meltdown in the 2nd half when Oly came out firing with all cylinders. Congrats to Oly who needed the win after last week and Jimenez is gonna have to reevaluate his players and system after this one.
  2. AchillesHeel

    PAO League Games 2018-2019

    Well he's staying on at Mouscron in Belgium. The president of the club a while back said that Piempongsant backed out due to the high debts at PAO. Funny that anyone who takes a look at the books backs off as if its the plague, all the while nobody really knows what has been paid and to who.
  3. AchillesHeel

    PAO League Games 2018-2019

    PAO getting back to winning after a string of disappointing performances. Altman scored a beauty on a great pass by Kourbelis. A much more professional display by all players and much needed win to stay in the hunt for a top 5 finish.
  4. AchillesHeel

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    The "people" voted for Syriza simply based on the promise that the austerity measures would be stopped and that they would implement a strategy to lead the country out of the crisis....a bald faced lie by the Tsipras et cie. The people decided to give the new blood a go simply because there wasn't much left to chose from. PASOK and ND were equally to blame for the crisis and KKE showed that there is no such thing as a communist party, making no political gains , even loosing percentage points. The fact that you seem to put the onus on the people who voted in a new political party into power after decades of crap served alternately by PASOK and ND leaves me confused. Syriza basically did the opposite of everything they pledged to do but that reflects on the people who voted for them on the terms they campaigned for? The fact that there are no laws in place to force politicians and their parties to adhere the their campaign promises or else step aside is what is at fault....it's a political free for all globally right now and Greece is no exception. 🔺This sounds very much like this🔻
  5. AchillesHeel

    PAO League Games 2018-2019

    Well it looks like the honeymoon is over....after a string of expected but apparently unacceptable performances, Donis (the coach) is an ampalo and the kids are a bunch of kakomathimena koproskula. The truth is with no depth and no reinforcements coming in January it was obvious the team's performance would dip. Apparently it came out in Belgium that Piempongsant backed out of the deal with Alafouzos because of PAO's debts and will remain at Mouscron....which again leads us back to Alafouzos' b.s. in regards to what the debts actually are. Gotta hand it to him though...he's a genius at creating smokescreens and diversions to keep the pressure off himself....lots of fans are back to saying "if it wasn't for him...." as if he is the messiah.
  6. AchillesHeel

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    ^^^^Great post Bananas....100% on target.
  7. AchillesHeel

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    My personal opinion : you don't build national teams, you go with the best players available atm....otherwise by the time the "youngsters" are actually good enough you won't have qualified for anything. I suppose the french, dutch and other nations that have an abundance of talent can do that but for Greece its a question of finding solutions among very little options. You don't make long term plans around players because that limits your options even more. I'm all for getting rid of Tziolis Tzavellas and the other deadwood but they should be replaced by whoever is playing best right now and fits into the strategy needed....otherwise we end up developing new versions of Tzavellas and Tziolis (ex: Bakasetas). If Lazaros or Fetfa are playing well (neither are) then they should be called up, if not then leave them out and call up someone else.
  8. AchillesHeel

    Transfer Talk

    When has any greek striker created something out of nothing? Gekas (who got a lot of hate for some reason as well) was the last striker we had any success with....and he was a classic poacher. When exactly does it make a difference if you score from a long shot, a scissor kick or a tap in? As a matter of fact tap ins are the results of timing , positioning and instinct....they don't happen by themselves. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, all our players are very limited....and I mean all....Donis has speed and is good 1 on 1 but hasn't shown any finish, Lazaros zigs and zags and carries the ball but has no substance, Fortounis makes a play or 2 but is too slow and has no endurance or grit....seriously they are all very limited and only through team play and using the players strengths while covering each others weak points will they ever accomplish anything. And I'm not a Koulouris fan, just that he's the most in form attacker we have atm and people are looking for reasons not to play him because they're not impressed with the goals he scores....the only reason not to play him is if he gets gametime as the most in form striker and doesn't deliver.
  9. AchillesHeel

    Transfer Talk

    How you score makes no difference as long as you score consistently. The ball can bounce in off his a$$, its still a goal and something we can't seem to get on a regular basis so let Koulouris have a run and if he gets the goals stick with him cause what we've had lately has been very disappointing. I've always said that selections should be based on current form and currently he has been very impressive numbers-wise.
  10. AchillesHeel

    General News Regarding Greece Or Greek Society

    It's all for domestic consumption....they are actually in love with each other.
  11. AchillesHeel

    Panagiotis Tachtsidis ‒ U.S. Lecce

    Taxi had his chances and contributed his share to the poor performances of the past few years....having 1 or 2 good games in 25 appearances is not enough so time to move on. You can compensate for lack of speed with proper positioning but he never was able to maintain possession as a holding mid....he was unable to do what was expected of him (not the only one of course).
  12. AchillesHeel

    Official Transfers & Rumors

    Funny follow up to your previous post 😀....although if he pans out he'll make a formidable duo with Cisse.
  13. AchillesHeel

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    You misunderstood my post. I never said that Savvides is the halifi.....I've stated in many previous posts my opinion that the league has been set free from any specific control and that it's pretty much a free for all....it's still corrupt and who ever pays gets the calls. That's why you see many bad displays of officiating even between smaller teams. Savvides is a major player in the power struggle of the league and right now has the upper hand but he's not a "halifi", as in the boss of everything....he is like Marinakis and Mellisanides and some of the other owners....capitalists taking care of their business interests (Savvides might even have higher ethical standards than others). Nor did I accuse PAOK of being remotely involved in the attack. Why are you guys always looking at things from the perspective that someone is out to get you and become so defensive even when discussing an event that seems to have nothing to do with PAOK?
  14. AchillesHeel

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    First off, don't use the incident to somehow make PAOK a victim in this....the fact that all foreseeable games have not been postponed shows how much pull Savvides actually has within the league.....halifis or not. And the whole anti-athens spiel is really more like conspiracy theoretics. Allegiances are formed and broken in whatever manner benefits the various parties involved at any given moment and has little bearing on friendships or football....its just business. The beating of an official is something else completely unless you feel that he was beaten because he was under Savvides umbrella....which is just as bad as being beaten for not making calls in favor of Olympiakos. I'll tell you a story from a ways back....I think it was 2007. Flipping thru the tv channels I stumbled across the tv show by Tsoukala and company and I watched him and and some fathead (not Aki) talking about the women's volleyball game that was being played the next day between oly and PAO. The fathead started talking in a very peculiar manner saying that its a call to arms and that everyone has to be present and fully equipped to support the cause (winking and nodding at the camera). The next day before the volleyball game all hell broke loose resulting in the death of 22 yr old PAO fan (it could have been an oly fan as far I'm concerned, its the same). 12 years later and this same ass clown and his show are still around pointing the way to the braindead fanatics who this time sent a GSL referee to the hospital. While there is something wrong, in my opinion, in anyone who follows a anything blindly, there is something inherently sick with anyone involved in sports or following a sports club that can't accept losing as being part of any sport. Maybe they'll shut this MoFo down now and Savas and the fatboy will stop their incessant whining about the officiating....if Savvides is the halifi (or not), then he should be able to make it happen.....what I don't understand is why Kougias is representing the ref in any sort of legal capacity....he's the victim after all, not the accused....what's his angle?