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  1. AchillesHeel

    CL–QR3-L2: Spartak Moscow - PAOK (14-Aug-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Congratulations PAOK got the job done....Benfica, like many portugese teams, have a lot of talent but many weaknesses as well. PAOK can get by them but will need a complete team performance to do so. Hopefully Lucescu can get that out of the players over 2 legs.
  2. AchillesHeel

    European matches

    Good performance over 2 legs for AEK and they rightfully advance to face Vidi....who imo is a weaker side than Celtic. Things are looking good for AEK. Congrats.
  3. AchillesHeel

    Trump Presidency

    I would kick him in the nuts in hope that it would render him incapable of further reproduction.... The problem today is that the laws that have been put in place to deter the spreading of bs and hatred are only applied when it accommodates a certain objective instead of being applied uniformly and without prejudice. The use of the internet has changed the manner that opinions are broadcast allowing anyone to say anything at anytime.....it doesn't change the fact that opinions are just that : opinions and not fact....but it tends to magnify things and make them look more important than they really are. The really worrying aspect in all this is the control applied to this process in which we are always left to pick one of two sides....as if there is no other possible alternative that we can consider. As for AJ....its his job to come up with this crap....he's just a cog in the machine.
  4. AchillesHeel

    European matches

    Excellent draw with an away goal....especially after going down a man at the 57 min mark. Solid defending, Oikonomou in particular and Alef when he came on. Good team performance overall.
  5. AchillesHeel

    CL–QR3-L1: PAOK - Spartak Moscow (08-Aug-18, 20:00 EEST)

    Very entertaining game.... great comeback win for PAOK. Get it done in Moscow and move forward. Congratulations.
  6. AchillesHeel

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    ^^^^I agree 100% about DG and stated this from the get go....but the 25 mill Alafouzos owes I believe is strictly in his name and he can't get away from that. Its become obvious he hasn't put any money in the club simply from the financial state of the club...he's probably taken money out from the revenues and is now expecting someone to come in and pay his bills. Both parties are bad for the club and the only solution is if a 3rd party gets involved (PP) and somehow forces Alafouzo to ante up and puts DG in his place. Of course there has to be something more in it for this 3rd party than just PAO FC.....land deals, real estate development, debt reductions etc. Otherwise the club is going to sink like a brick in an aquarium. I don't think Alafouzo is in any position to make a deal in his favor.
  7. AchillesHeel

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    I consider Gianniotas, Fetfa and Limnios all in the category....no reason to not call them up seeing how weak our attacking has been, but none have actually established themselves yet. Skibbe should have organized a re-evaluation of the team before the WC qualifications but he didn't. He should get a pool of players together (the non starters) before the Nations League and hold a mini training camp and reevaluate the players himself...but he won't. So how will he pick this player over that player when no one really stands out? That's the real question.
  8. AchillesHeel

    Trump Presidency

    No one is obliged to listen to anyone....just change the viewing content or better yet turn it off....and of course privately run media can refuse to allow access to whomever they choose. All that being said forbidding any one to voice their opinion, however ludicrous it might be, is the first sign of fascism....regardless of the ideology behind the act. Community standards today equates to the family values diatribe presented during the Reagan years....an excuse to exercise censorship and stifle differing views. A slippery slide if there ever was one.
  9. AchillesHeel

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    Μάλλον δεν θυμάσαι καλά....look up his stats. Truth is Lazaros hasn't performed that well for the NT but he was the big player for AEK throughout the season...and arguably the best player in the league last year.
  10. AchillesHeel

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    I don't know about you guys but I'd like to see some consistency in a player's game before putting him in as a starter....Limnios had a good game against Basel but hasn't yet achieved the game in game out consistency to be considered over Donis or Lazaros...yet. He seems to have the tools to do well but hasn't shown the stability...yet....hopefully this will be his breakout year. Fetfa still has to prove himself in the GSL again to be taken seriously....that remains to be seen. One player who has been overlooked in the midfield is Vasilakakis....a contemporary of Ninis and Fetfa who unlike the other 2 has been quietly performing very well in the GSL while the other 2 dropped off the map but keep drawing all the attention from this forum. I honestly think that for the NT to perform better it will take a different system than the 4-2-3-1 but I doubt Skibbe will deviate from this....best we can hope for is that Tziolis doesn't start.
  11. AchillesHeel

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Stavrothanasopoulos? Is he a relative of yours? That's some bench you chose there....an interesting mix of has beens and forgotten talent. How did you arrive at this selection?
  12. AchillesHeel

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    This is great news....I always thought he was the voice in Skibbe's ear advising about player selections. Now it remains to be seen if Skibbe is actually on the take or simply an idiot (who knows maybe he's both). Hopefully the next assistant will be someone knowledgeable who can influence the team in a positive way.
  13. AchillesHeel

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    If DG didn't see the club as a vehicle for making money he would have already bought it (I agree though that he's pretty crazy). Modern sports are based solely on profits...the fanela means nothing to owners and investors other than branding. As far as the debts I believe that there have been loans taken out to cover loans that have been taken out to cover loans that were taken out to cover loans that were suppose to be used to pay salaries and expenses but were actually never paid....hence why every day you have players from years ago coming out and making appeals against the club and the finances are still shrouded in mystery. Last week there were major discrepancies found in the books compared to what had been stated earlier by Alafouzos....but of course no one knows what discrepancies these are. As for Piempongsant, if he's actually affiliated with this guy in the deal: https://www.the-american-interest.com/2018/07/19/a-greek-bearing-grifts/ then we're in for rough ride...although I doubt he's any worse than Savvidis, Marinakis or Mellisanidis.
  14. AchillesHeel

    Trump Presidency

    Any person who has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy should automatically be disqualified from ever holding a position of public office or be employed in anyway in a government position....period.
  15. AchillesHeel

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    At this level all players are expected to defend, even Mitroglou, otherwise we're not going anywhere. Ideally when a WB moves up on the offensive the DM slots back to cover for him....and when defending and all 5 defenders are back, one of the CBs moves up and acts as 2nd DM....rather than wasting spot on Tziolis or Samaris you get to insert a talented CB instead (which we have plenty of) and it plays out the same in the back. Sorry but " Fortounis and Mitroglou finding each other on far too many occasions " ? Did I miss something? I don't recall much of anyone finding Mitroglou on a consistent basis. Truth is I wish we had the DM to take on the role of general next to Zeca's engine but we don't....still Skibbe continues to think that Tziolis is just that.