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  1. For sure if you were up against a France or Belgium where you know you will spend a large part of the game defending you would opt for a defensive minded CB....that's what I meant about evolving attitude towards the players. And in general Staf as CB doesn't look like a long term option especially since he's riding the pine at his club...but in the recent games at CB he actually did well considering. Sokrates at RB and Staf at CB....maybe Siovas at CDM or maybe 4 LBs across the backline (I'm kidding of course)....whatever as long as the results keep coming and the team keeps up the positive play
  2. Tactically I think Schippy wanted some brawns and grit in the 10 spot and Bakasetas delivered. I think Bakasetas works his a$$ off in practice, has a positive attitude and gains the trust of the coaches in that way (they can't all be crazy or paid off)....probably Staf as well...I can't see any other reason and it would have been easy to drop both these players a while back when things looked grim, right now both have played an important part in the turn around of the NT. A successful team is greater than the sum of all its parts....if you win with Bakasetas as a 10 or a 9 and Staf as CB, you would be inclined to continue using them at these positions if they are effective although I think JVS has an evolving attitude towards the players. A win justifies the decisions a coach makes and a loss brings criticism....it's as simple as that. Also Bakasetas has had a very good year in Turkey and has been playing very well lately regardless of his shortcomings. I think the Schipster is trying to balance things out so the team can function as an ensemble and not as a group of individuals who are chosen only on the basis of their talent/skill.
  3. Personally, I like both Manolas and Sokratis, though they both displayed a crappy attitude with Anastasiades. The problem is that we can't build any play up the middle due to the fact that our DMs are hardworking, ditch digging types who have very little ability in terms of building up the game, so JVS put Hatzidiakos and Staf (who are pretty good at moving the ball) in the back and that proved to make a huge difference. Sok and Man don't provide that aspect of the game and if you have players like Zeca, Kourbelis, Galanopoulos etc. as a shield in front of the CBs the defensive capabilities of Sok and Man are not as valuable as being able to move the ball and transition the play.
  4. Yup...although being in 4th place at this point of the season has to be considered a pleasant surprise....I'm just waiting for Alafouzo to tear down all the positives that Donis and the players built this season so I don't get all excited about what happens game to game. The foundation is there to build on but it's highly unlikely Alafouzo will ever let that happen.
  5. Whether or not we are on the right path will show as we should be able to handle any of these teams and build confidence along the way. It's a good way for the schippmeister to further evaluate players as well.
  6. Taxiarchis Fountas scored another goal today for Rapid Vienna against Thamos Petsos' WSG Tirol.....he's having quite a season in Austria's Bundesliga.
  7. Another big game today against AEK. A win will put us 1 point behind AEK and a good shot at 3rd place. Should be an interesting match up.
  8. ^^^^Not so sure about that as PAOK has much more depth and options to make tactical changes compared to PAO. If Ferreira can come up with a strategy (which I don't think he did today) and implement it you have the quality to win whereas if PAOK show up like today with out any real game plan, they're not going to do well against any of the better teams. You need more speed in the midfield and you really missed Crespo today at the back.
  9. It was a big showing by PAO today as the team beat PAOK 2-0. Solid defense, excellent transition game and energy from start to finish. I thought PAOK would have come out guns blazing in response to the recent events but instead seemed content getting stuck in 1st gear while PAO was flying. The whole team really came up big with Xatziovanni, Insua, Schekenveld and Macheda standing out in particular. The first time in 69 games that PAOK were kept off the score sheet....an interesting prelude to the cup games coming up.
  10. Hasn't Araujo been out with an injury most of the season? Good thing AEK kept Oliveira because I don't think Araujo will be in shape to help out right away but if he gets back in shape for the playoffs, he should be a welcome addition.
  11. My two cents on who's biased and who isn't : it has more to do with what is left out rather than what is reported....SDNA includes biased reporting from all major clubs with a little bit of oly bashing when necessary in a mostly humorous manner. Sport24 makes mostly neutral reports with a somewhat pro oly slant but never ever reports anything negative of oly or Marinakis....same goes for contra. The rest of the greek sport sites are mostly pr for which ever club is paying for them....the actual truth is that SDNA which is a bit anti olympiakos and Sportdog which is completely pro oly and anti paok/pao/aek seem to collaborate and link up stories from one site to the other which I find rather strange....why would they feed traffic to each other if they are not affiliated?
  12. For the changes to be official they must be visibly approved by FIFA/UEFA. As I said this would set a precedence and will open a huge can of worms for them. I seriously doubt that they would do this simply because of favoritism to oly....that would be the ultimate stupidity....then again I also can't believe that a person of Savvides accomplishments wouldn't be stupid enough to do what he is being accused of. The fact that you guys are all set for points deductions worries me. If Savvides did put money into Xanthi then both teams should be relegated. For all this there have to be paper (or digital) trails which will prove things either way and the hearsay of "he said, she said" will be cast aside which already seems to be happening. Don't forget that the EEA can only make recommendations which can be turned down by EPO and FIFA.
  13. The law change may have been passed by the vouli but it still has to be approved by FIFA/UEFA....I don't think they will allow such changes to be made by politicians as they want to maintain control over all things football related. I really don't think they will allow themselves to be put in a position where their product becomes tarnished to the point that it loses all credibility because this would set a precedence that owners/politicians can make changes to rules as is convenient to them and FIFA/UEFA can do nothing about it....imagine what will happen in other countries where there is even more corruption than in Greece (hard to believe but there are such places). This would mean that match fixing will result in nothing more than a slap on the wrist of fines/point deductions and will make the federations look farcical and inept. Imo they can't afford to allow this to happen.
  14. First of 3 big games vs PAOK coming up....the team has reached form at the right time. PAOK's roster may be better but PAO have been showing a lot of energy, determination and cohesiveness of late....should be a good match.
  15. I only hope PAOK and Savvides have the [email protected]!!s to see this through because they do have a lot of clout in the GSL and not without allies. The political side is run by oly but FIFA and UEFA frown upon government interference so if it goes to CAS they will need certain proof of wrong doing to uphold sort of ruling....doubt it will get that far. I'm pretty sure if there are point deductions it will be just enough to ensure that oly ends up first....and maybe enough to put AEK second....then for sure the fix is in.
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