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  1. AchillesHeel

    Nationalism in Greece

    Hey at least they use punctuation.....
  2. AchillesHeel

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    You're right but even 1/8 is good enough to be considered greek (for me). Not that I'm advocating his being called up but what skills he has are what we lack in the midfield. He was actually having a breakout season (5 goals in 12 app.) when he was sold off to Alanyaspor during PAO's firesale. We really don't have the luxury of a wide variety of options as far as offense goes, seeing how Fortounis and Mantalos have panned out so far for the NT.
  3. AchillesHeel

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    A CAM needs to be able to dribble and pass....2 things that Klonarides isn't very adept at doing....and Villafanez is 1/4 greek....and that's greek enough for me.
  4. AchillesHeel

    Nationalism in Greece

    A) Been there, done that.... B) Ditto C) Go into the PAOK and Aris forums....you will see that the wheels are already in motion.....
  5. AchillesHeel

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    The damned truth is.....you are all correct....Yiankos, JVC, Blackhawk, PTG, etc....the league is rigged but PAOK are justifiably 1st.....the refs are bought and paid for (when necessary) but simply go to the highest bidder rather than working for a specific team.....Its a good thing that Atromitos is near the top and ahead of the "usual suspects" but teams with large fan bases need to step up and put together competetive sides (OFI, Iraklis, Panachaiki,, etc, as well) because that would raise the quality of the product. The constant bitching and whining by Lucescu has rubbed off on a lot of PAOK supporters and has become annoying but that doesn't mean that there wasn't justification to begin with about some of the complaints. What should be kept separate is the political angle....there is no such thing as a communist any more and if ND win the elections the country will go into an even bigger spiral. Owners that involve their teams in politics end up with short straw in the end (I'm looking at you Alafouzo).....and if you're pushing the money argument (that the team that spends more money deserves to win) then you need to take up another hobby because the first rule of sport (and the beauty of it) is that its all decided on the field or at least it should be.
  6. AchillesHeel

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Karelis, like Mantalos, may never recover to his previous state before the injury so the NT staff need to be able to find viable options....they're there as long as the coaches realize how to utilize the players. Ex: Klonarides can't cross to save his life so he needs to drift over centrally when attacking and leave the sidelines either for the midfielder or fullback....that's how he is best used. If you use him as a classic winger he'll do little more than Mantalos or Bakasetas except add speed on the counter.
  7. AchillesHeel

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Right now the NT needs all the help they can get....I'd even take Villafanez.
  8. AchillesHeel

    Panagiotis Retsos ‒ Bayer 04 Leverkusen

    Hopefully the kid recovers fully....the problem is that he's playing at high level but his body hasn't developed to the same point.
  9. It was a very entertaining game and I think 1-1 was a fair outcome. PAO dominated possession in both halfs while Aris had the better chances. It was a hard fought game and I think Pantelidis was thinking about holding the lead and hitting on the counter which is what 95% of coaches would do late in a 1-0 game, especially when you're playing without the ball for long periods. With Herrera you guys would be full out attacking even with the lead and would have left yourselves exposed against a very fast PAO attack....maybe you'd be up 2-0 or maybe you'd be losing 1-2. Siopis didn't get any of the ball on the tackle and slid between Bouzouki's legs so it was definitely a penalty. All in all a fun game to watch between 2 evenly matched teams.
  10. AchillesHeel

    PAO League Games 2018-2019

    What happened this game was more of a character building lesson....the boys kept playing despite the early penalty calls and while having the bulk of possession the chances were not going their way. Were still able to come away with a point in Vikelidis against a pretty good Aris side, winning the penalty and tying the game while down to 10 men....worked through the adversity and came away with a positive result.
  11. AchillesHeel

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Masouras could have been called up last year based on his league play and lack of options up front. The whole media thing is bs....reporters don't influence selections, agents and owners do. I've never read anything negative about Fetfa or Xolebas in the papers or online.....Fetfa was playing in Saudi Arabia and since his return to the GSL has been less than ordinary, Xolebas quit on his own accord....has he reached out to let Anastasiades know that he wants to return? I don't think so....he's a good player playing at a high level but unless he himself comes out of international retirement no one is going to go begging for him to do so. Hopefully Manos gets some playing time at oly and takes advantage of the lack of form of the other oly strikers. The country of Greece has bigger problems to deal with....football doesn't really matter when your country is falling apart so its only natural that people have lost interest in a bunch of underachievers.
  12. AchillesHeel

    PAO League Games 2018-2019

    The team keeps rolling along....another strong performance against struggling Apollon. Macheda looks to be a good fit and Insua and Johansson are big contributors as well. What was most impressive is how the team came out in the 2nd half for the kill even though they had the 2-0 lead....last year they would have sat back to protect the lead and quite often paid the price. I had my doubts about Donis but he's done a fantastic job getting everyone on board with his game plans and getting the best from all players. I won't even complain about the preferential treatment of his son....he's not as bad as some make him out to be, just hasn't found his footballing identity yet (probably never will). I had suspicions that Ouzounides would not succeed with a better roster and without the drama so the decision to let him go and hire Donis was the right one (all be it a highly suspicious one at the time). I only hope that Alafouzos keeps his paws off the team and lets Donis keep the players already here....even without any signings in January the boys can finish top 5....if there are any reinforcements brought in I hope they are chosen carefully so as not to disturb the current balance and chemistry.
  13. AchillesHeel

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Playing players out of position in the case of the NT creates holes and weaknesses that are unnecessary. We play with 2 DMs in a 3 man midfield so why put Bouxalakis in when we can put in Mantalos, Pelkas or Fortounis playing further back between the DMs to play that creative role....its not like any of them are lighting it up playing further up the pitch and none of the three are good enough to warrant a guaranteed place in the starting 11.I've said before that Mantalos seems to not have recovered the speed that he had before his latest injury (hoping its not the case but....). Playing with wingers only works if they have the speed and skill necessary to beat opponents otherwise we get what we've seen with Pelkas/Mantalos/Bakasetas, etc. Donis still has plenty to prove before we start looking at him as the messiah and Fetfa seems to be content with being Fetfa....he seems to do stuff but there's little if any substance to his game even in the GSL. Mitroglou is also a totally one dimensional player who refuses to contribute any effort in pressing and making runs off the ball. All in all, Anastasiades has his work cut out if he's going to do anything with this bunch...good luck to him.
  14. AchillesHeel

    Syriza at the Helm

    Seriously PTG....there's hardly anything left to protect anymore....and believe you me if anyone seriously takes a jab at Greece the foreign interests will come smashing down on their a$$es and blow them to kingdom come....that's the upside of having most of the country's assets in the hands of foreign interests. C'mon man....they're the ones who opened the borders to begin with back in the day and are just as responsible as PASOK for the crisis and the criminal mismanagement of a nation.....and if you think the ND "exoun to theo tous" think again....most of them have no morals or beliefs other than exclusive self interest.....until the famous "families" (i.e. mafia) of the greek political scene are eradicated there can be no actual leadership in Greece. As far as the immigrants go, yes they should not be in Greece....they should be put on trains and sent straight to Germany, the UK, Netherlands, France or whoever else thinks they can absorb them into their society, or else sent back, but as you say most Greeks are very compassionate and think that there aren't any other options for the migrants who aren't enemies but nor should they be a responsibility forced on nation already crippled financially as well as socially for 10 years now by the rest of Europe. Greece should have pulled the plug on the EU at the start of the crisis and then at least we'd have the pleasure of sharing the misery with our fellow europeans. It would have also cleaned out all the "savoura" from greek politics as well.
  15. AchillesHeel

    NT Coaches

    Well then he's bound to fail....his only hope is to get rid of the deadwood and breathe some life into the NT. He has to change the system and rejuvenate the players. He has plenty of time to do this....start scheduling plenty of friendlies, call up the deserving players and have the players earn their place in the starting 11....these are things that a domestic-based coach can do alot better than a foreign-based one. Otherwise forget about qualifying for anything....most of these these deadbeats won't cut the mustard when playing outside of their comfort zone.