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  1. I generally don't have personal feelings about players outside of their onfield performances but I always disliked the fact that he was never held accountable for his boneheaded plays and his corrupt habits....other than that happy bday I guess
  2. Not sure what this has to do with Vangelas vs Sok.....but 10.gr is a pro-oly (like one tv) site who is interested in stirring up problems for other clubs. If they ever establish a paper trail leading directly from Ivan to Xanthi you can pierce my nose (na mou tripiseis ti miti)....the behind the scenes cloak and dagger work in the GSL is the stuff of John Le Carre stories. Whether its true or not, in a league where one owner owns OPAP and another has been banned from involvement with professional football but both are allowed to operate as if nothing has happened do you really believe anything would ever come of this?
  3. Crap....I hope this report is wrong : https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/664625_epibebaiothikan-oi-foboi-rixi-hiastoy-o-hatzidiakos Looks like its a torn ACL.
  4. There are other forums where many members prefer to keep a cynical, smarmy attitude simply so that they can pretend to be smarter than everybody else when we don't win the world cup and tell us about how they knew it all along, what a bunch of losers greeks are, the greek people deserved to get screwed during the crisis, etc. rather than enjoy the moment when something goes well. Guess what...we won't win the world cup....hell we might not even qualify but what you are saying is that the NT shouldn't even try. I was never embarrassed by the NT, only disappointed because it's only a game and I never stopped supporting them and always hoped for the best because like I said it's only a game. Go support another country like Germany or Brazil who are perennial favorites so you can feel superior and we can root for the underdog Greece because that is part of us, heart and soul. The shame is on you, bud.
  5. For anyone interested the U19 are are playing Belgium right now....0-0 at the half.
  6. You actually have to hustle to play in this system so no....if he starts playing and scoring for his club he could be a bench player at best. I'm pretty sure the Schipster saw how limited the DMs were and that if he wanted to improve the transition up the middle it would have to be from the CBs....and neither Manolas or Sokratis have the ability to do that so he dumped them and paired a fast, versatile CB in Hatzidiakos with Staf, a fast, decent ball handler to lead the transition. So I doubt he will switch unless Staf becomes too much of a liability (which is a possibilty) in which case he will look for someone with similar qualities to replace him (not Manolas or Sokratis) Woulda, coulda, shoulda....what's done is done....look forward and stop dwelling on past failures. And just because Ranieri flopped with Greece doesn't make him a $#itty coach....same with the rest of the past managers of the NT. It just means they were a wrong fit and in most cases that the players played crappy, because the downward spiral lasted way too long to be the fault of any one coach....although I wonder if any of the previous geniuses had ever thought that having the team play "monkey in the middle" during practice would evolve into the one touch passing that we've seen the past 3 games. No offense bud, but you sound like someone hedging his bets so that he can say "I told you so" if things don't pan out. There are no guarantees and all that you can ask of the Coach and players is to give 100% and use basic common sense and proper strategies.
  7. Why the hell not? If the results keep coming why would you change? It's not about favorites, it's about results....and as long as we keep getting them I'm happy....even if Tziolis is playing
  8. Wow...reading the halftime comments you'd think we were getting killed or something. Fact is everything is a trade off unless you have a Beckenbauer or Lahm in your line up....Staf had a brainfart and cost us a goal but he has also been the main man on the transition up the middle which is why Schippy put him there since we don't have any DMs who are up to the task. Bakasetas for all the hate you guys (and me) have given him always seems to do something to help get the result (in the last 3 games). Let's give the Schipster his due and congratulate him on turning this sorry excuse of a NT around. Great job today against a solid, well organized side.
  9. ^^^^^Congratulations buddy and best of luck....personally I preferred Finland qualifying over Bosnia.
  10. If Schippy converted Staf into a CB maybe he should convert Masouras into a RB He seems to have an allergic reaction to scoring goals....but hey at least he's getting himself into positions to score.
  11. The Schipster seems to have struck a good balance with the players mentioned above and Donis showed some difficulty as far as team cohesiveness goes when he got his chance today....there are only so many spots available so you can't fit everybody in.
  12. I agree J1078, after the post Santos cumulative debacles and repeated coaching changes all it took was breaking loose from the obvious and picking players based on performance and not reputation. I have to say even Stafylidis as CB is a surprisingly smart move as there is now some one in the back who can actually play the ball out rather than lobbing it up field blindly or playing it back to the keeper....and he seems to be settling in to that role and improving after his 2nd match. Donis came on and tried a couple of selfish plays but then seemed to get into the team play as it went on. Masouras is the Zeca of our attack....a lot of running but little talent....needs to get more polish in his game, but the effort is there. Nice to be able to smile again after a NT match.
  13. The boys did well defending after Retsos got sent off....their patience paid off with the penalty.
  14. ^^^^It's definitely a work in progress....but I think we can all agree at least there has been progress.
  15. Really? More Tziolis and Tzavellas? Really? Personally I'm glad it all played out as it did seeing as the NT is playing its best football in years.
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