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  1. Its strange that not one of the new faces managed to grab hold of this opportunity and put in a decent effort. Manias made some effort at the start and then faded. Giannoulis also showed promise at the start but got sent off. The CB pairing of Risvanis and Nikolaou was horrible and should be dropped for others who can run and position themselves properly. Tziolis and Taxtsides are too slow to be played together (or separate for that matter)....whats with Tax and the crappy passes always giving away possession? He makes Tziolis and his constant back passes to the CB look like Pirlo. No way we're going anywhere with these 2. Need to find the right partner for Zeca as his coverage in the midfield is priceless for our current roster. Pelkas showed little today but will get more chances in the future as will Limnios though I'm not sold on the latter as being NT material. I think Skibbe made selections trying to find depth from secondary players but overlooked players who can contribute right now to positions we're hurting at....also why call up Fortounis and Lazaros if they're not going to show up. Its just a friendly but as Argy said there is a "losers mentality" instilled into the team which will be difficult to turn around after a while.
  2. The game is live on Epsilon: http://www.epsilontv.gr/live/ It seems that Skibbe doesn't follow greek football at all and must be getting bad advice from somewhere. Nikolaou is way too slow as is Tzilois and Tachtsides....I'm dozing off watching this game. Hopefully there'll be some subs at the start of the 2nd half.
  3. AchillesHeel

    AEK Transfer Talk

    Looks like AEK has lost Lazaros to oly. He had a huge year for AEK but for some reason Mellisanides didn't want to reward him for that. I don't see him splashing out cash to replace him either so it will be interesting to see how AEK will do next year without arguably their best player. He must be hoping that Mantalos will be able to return to 100% by then but even then there will be a hole to fill on the wings and overall offensive quality and leadership. Any input from the AEK fans?
  4. AchillesHeel

    Official Transfers & Rumors

    Well it finally happened....Lazaros signed with Oly meaning that he will have played for all 4 big clubs of Greece. Should be good for next year but at 31 his best is behind him. I personally thought he might have made a move for the big bucks in China or the Arab leagues after the year he had and avoid the drama of going to another greek team. I didn't see Mellisanides paying up to keep him even though he was integral to the teams success this year and sports wages are calculated on the player's recent past performance which was MVP level.
  5. AchillesHeel

    AEK in Greek Cup 2017-18

    Still don't understand why Jimenez would leave his 2 best players on the bench (Gallo and Lazaros) and go with Mantalo/Bakasetas on the wings. He pretty much gave the sidelines up with this strategy and allowed Vieirinha and Matos to dominate. Also AEK were unable to create anything in the middle of the pitch which is where Mantalos (or even Bakasetas) should have been. In general AEK were unable to get it going and Jimenez seemed unwilling to make the necessary changes. He didn't play to his strengths and didn't field his best players and AEK payed the price.
  6. AchillesHeel

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    He had some playing time in their previous match but wasn't in any sort of game form....especially not on the wing. And yes PAOK was way better the whole game.
  7. AchillesHeel

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Actually I was watching the game with a friend who is a hardcore PAOK fan and he started laughing when they showed the replay....I won't argue with you about this....just watch the replay of the foul (the pov at 47 sec. mark). http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6je3ao It doesn't really matter since the penalty was stopped by Barkas. I personally considered AEK's strong point this season was the speed of the midfield in transition but as you say the whole team seemed to be a few steps slower than PAOK. PAOK fielded their best starting 11 where as, for some reason, AEK didn't and payed the price. If they left Lazaros on the bench for some petty reason (like not renewing his contract without a raise) then they got the spanking they deserve.
  8. AchillesHeel

    Cup-Final: AEK - PAOK (12-May-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Congratulations to PAOK for the big win....deserved at least 1 title for the season they had. Everybody was primed and well prepared whereas AEK never seemed to get out of 1st gear. What was Jimenez thinking starting Mantalos on the wing instead of Lazaros and leaving out Gallo from the starting formation. Canias and the rest of the midfield were surprisingly dominant and that's where the game was won....in general all lines out played their counterparts in a very dominant fashion. The ref, despite the questionable penalty, kept the game under control and never allowed things to get out of hand. Great cup win for PAOK.
  9. AchillesHeel

    Tasos Donis ‒ VfB Stuttgart

    Super performance by Donis... Highlights: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6jdl92 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6jdnaf
  10. AchillesHeel

    Konstantinos Mavropanos ‒ Arsenal

    He looked jittery from the get go....whiffed on a clearance and then pulled the ol' flamingo on the 1st goal then minutes later had the ball get away from him and pulled down the Leicester attacker who was sprinting past him....just wasn't his day.
  11. I think this would have been a good opportunity to test Siopis in the DM role as backup to Zeca intead of calling up Tziolis but Skibbe needs his security blanky. Also Kivrakides should have been called up as well since we've already seen Bakakis and he's proven to be more than capable while Torosides is on the way out and we need depth in all positions....hopefully Manias will start because Koulouris seems to be stagnating this year. At least Skibbe seems to be moving away from the closed club mentality which is a positive sign.
  12. Mavropanos and Xatzidiakos should both be ahead of Nikolaou and Passalides and all 4 are on the u21....but at least we're spared the likes of Maniatis, Tzavellas and Samaris and we'll see some new faces. Hopefully Mantalos can get some game time as I would like to see how well he's recovered from injury.
  13. Interesting player selection announced by Skibbe: Οι παίκτες που επέλεξε ο ομοσπονδιακός τεχνικός είναι οι εξής: Γιαννιώτης, Μπάρκας, Μπακάκης, Ρισβάνης, Λαμπρόπουλος, Χατζηισαΐας, Γιαννούλης, Πασαλίδης, Νικολάου, Ταχτσίδης, Τζιόλης, Μάνταλος, Φορτούνης, Πέλκας, Ανδρούτσος, Γαλανόπουλος, Μπακασέτας, Χριστοδουλόπουλος, Λημνιός, Μανιάς, Κουλούρης I might not agree with all the choices (Tzioli, Tach, Nikolaou, Koulouris) but at least we'll see something different.
  14. AchillesHeel

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    I think the gov will give any outside investor all the help they can since the mnimonia are set to end in august and bringing in investments will be key to the post austerity period. The only thing I can see spoiling the deal are hidden debts which may come out during the audit....hence the refusal by Alafouzos until now to open the books....hoping I'm wrong on this. As I've said before I'd prefer an outside investor for PAO rather than Giannakopoulos....he causes too much drama, his plans are too dependant on contingencies beyond his control and time is of the essence.