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  1. Yeah. I kinda already prefer him over Manolas and Sokratis whose limited abilities should be used mainly for man-marking. He is already better than both with the ball and he will continue to get better....more experience should help him with positioning and covering players.
  2. Another refreshing aspect of not having Manolas and Sokratis at CB was how the team was able to move up the middle with the CBs pitching in....we actually had some passing and dribbling and shots from a position which only usually only joins in the attack during set pieces (or during times of desperation). I think that's why the Schipster tried Stafylidis at CB....not sure if that experiment was a success or not.
  3. I think Schippper is implementing a system were the sum of all parts perform much better than the individual components so I don't think any one player will be getting a free pass onto the pitch based on talent or reputation. While I don't care much for Bakasetas, there is no way Fortounis can provide the work rate or determination the latter has shown the last 2 games which had been missing from the NT...of course Fortounis will probably get a shot if he proves to Schipski that he has changed his mind set and is fit enough play within his system. The main problem with the current set up is finishing so I would give Mitroglou a go up front at some point if he is also able to handle the new system.
  4. I think the Schippster is quickly changing the mentality of the team....even if I don't understand the decision to play Staf at CB for the first time in his career. I have to say that he has changed the complexion of the entire playing style of the NT....close support for passing options, moving forward rather than playing back to the keeper, quick tempo and transition. I don't care if he plays Bakasetas or not so long as he has the team getting results. Bosnia were in a must win situation and we completely dominated them and could have won by 3 of 4 goals easy. I won't complain about the selections seeing that he has them playing proper football and is in the process of resurrecting the until recently flat-lining team spirit. The defensive play in the last 2 games has improved markedly and this without our 2 "best" CBs, giving up 3 goals: 1 on a boneheaded penalty, 1 on weak goalkeeping and today's goal on a youngsters rookie mistake.....I can live with that and I think we will improve. Football is a team sport and it has to be played as a team both in defense and attack and the Schippmeister has the players doing exactly that....I hope this continues. Schippy is definitely picking out the players who care enough to put in the effort regardless of talent or reputation and it shows in the last 2 games. This could be the turning point to getting back to a respectable level of play.
  5. ^^^^Where did you get this lineup? I'm thinking maybe Kourbelis is CB and Staf is LB and Giannoulis LM? As painful as it may seem Schippy gives a lot of weight to perfomance during training and rewards the hardworkers with starts and the floaters with the bench....Bakasetas must light up the practices to be getting another start....and some of the other players should maybe step it up a notch or 2.
  6. I think this was a step in the right direction....plenty of positives in a match we could have won with better finishing and netminding. A few notes on the game: Greece needs a stable goalie who doesn't give up weak goals (ex: Karnezis)....Paschalakis and Barkas are both prone to boneheaded plays and although Vlachodimos is also, but I think to a lesser degree. When the defense is on like yesterday the opposition gets few clear chances so the goalie has to be able to focus on not committing mistakes and stopping the stoppable chances. Siovas did very well this time around but I think Hatzidiakos can step in and offer more quality overall, probably more than Sokratis or Manolas....fast, good in the air and with the ball at his feet I was really impressed with his play yesterday and I think he's a keeper. Zeca and Kourbelis did well together yesterday and Bouchalakis was ok until the handball....can't be doing things like that at this level. Bakasetas is really just too slow to be of any worth to the NT. I honestly believe that if Mantalos started in his place we would have done much better going forward rather than having Bakasetas kill every counter with his lack of speed....was never able to get into position to do anything worthwhile and skied the only chance he had. Fetfa was dropped for disciplinary reason because he was late getting to a team meeting and if that was the case I agree with it totally....f^c# him if he can't make the effort to be on time. It's selfish and disrespectful which I think is the reason that, despite his talent, he has never been able to cut it at most clubs. Koulouris isn't cut out for the NT yet....if you're gonna poach you better bag most of your chances and he doesn't do it at this level....so start Donis or Pavlidis for the next game as they will at least make runs off the ball and also be able to hold up the ball. I don't know why all the hate for Staf and Bakakis. Tsimikas is injured and Koutris has barely played this season at Oly and we don't seem to have many options at RB...but neither play did anything wrong from what I remember and both played well defensively, as directed by Schip to hang back. The lines played very close and compacted (at some point players were running into each other) and although you could tell the players weren't use to playing this way, it proved to be very effective against a much stronger Italian side. There was a lot more support between players and it should be the way to go tactically against better opposition. The NT looked more like a team than they have in along time....I can honestly say that with this setup and with Donis, Pavlidis, Limnios starting upfront and taking Bakasetas out of the equation we might actually get some decent results sooner rather than later....as long as we have stable goalkeeping.
  7. I think this is mainly PAOK press pushing for their boy....he's lost his place at PAOK so I don't think he will be starting. None of our keepers can be considered as #1 yet and the coach has shown very early that he is open to new players which is a good thing. I think the Schipster is putting a lot of thought into these games, looking towards the future, which is what is needed. Let him have a go, it can't get any worse than what it has been recently. I appreciate your optimism and all but forget about qualification as a motivation....we're not making it....but the players should be approaching every official match in this manner when they put on the NT jersey. This is the why we have been getting beat by the Faroes and Armenia, etc. and that's the aspect of the game the NT needs to recover...they goota hate to lose first and then want to win. Let's be realistic but don't be like this guy: (No offense La Mendel)
  8. U21 playing against Czech Republic right now....red card for Dimitriou at the 24' mark but Bouzoukis converted a penalty at the 45' mark to lead 1-0. Solid defensive play so far by the youngsters.
  9. The thing is that if Donis stuck with the same youngsters as last year they all would be theoretically improving overall as a team with 1 year more experience and tutelage as shown in the preseason....so why loan them out, cause wage disputes, ruin the locker room and bring in unready and unnecessary reinforcements and ostracize players. What you say about Alafouzos not caring is shown in the way the administration handled the Xatziovanni situation....the team will lose an up and coming young player without any compensation to the team....how does one interpret that?
  10. Another ridiculous game today with Xanthi scoring in extra time to win it....a lot of moaning and b!thc#ing about the refereeing in this one but when you start Kolovos in his present state as striker you deserve whatever you get. Donis has really shot himself in the foot lately with his inability to field a proper line up and I think he's lost all control of the locker room. He seems dead set on Kolovos and his son as sure fire starters and he's going to end up having them become scapegoats even though Kolovos is out of form and young Donis is simply very limited....both can be useful when used properly but neither can be depended upon to perform at this moment. Leaving Molo out of the line up for disciplinary reasons was another bone headed move by the coach....not that the frenchman is a world beater but simply because the team doesn't have the quality or depth to provide other options. The thing is PAO tied Oly and now Donis is untouchable regardless how many dumba$$ moves he makes.....things are gonna get ugly.
  11. Schippy is trying to shake things up and I'm all for that. Let's not forget that Sokratis and Manolas have been the prevailing constant in some of the most embarrassing performances of the ethniki in the post 2004 era. Even though I don't agree with this, I believe Bakasetas was called up as a backup to Mantalos since first choice Fortounis is out....which is acceptable as long as neither are played on the wings (in Bakaseta's case I hope he doesn't play at all).
  12. Yup it's time to try some new faces....the chemistry on the team since 2014 has been toxic. I would have cut Sokratis and Manolas as soon as they turned on Anastasiadis regardless of Angelo's shortcomings....these kind of games only damage the team. The defensive play which should be harnessed by these 2 has been atrocious so there's really nothing to lose trying out some new CBs....and it doesn't have to be permanent if they change their attitude. I think it takes balls to clean house like this and shows that Shipper is taking his job seriously because if he panders to every [email protected]@[email protected] on the team he's the one that will get canned and it's his @ss on the line. I hope he keeps Zeca around because I don't see anyone else putting in the effort and covering the ground he does. Mitroglou's presence is a question of form....if he's playing and scoring he can be a big help as a bench option and even as a starter. Toro is too old, Samaris is hopeless No I want him smack dab in the middle of the pitch where he can be available for short easy passes from the DMs and can carry or pass into the attacking zone....an old fashioned CM.
  13. I would play him as a kind of 8 (because of our lack of proper transition in the midfield) in front of Zeca and another DM. He seems fit at the moment and is a hard working player with decent vision, speed and passing abilities who would make our game much faster, rather than depending our other slow, bumbling options (Taxidis, Samaris, etc). I know its not his regular position but we don't have anyone else really who can do this. Zeca and his partner can do most of the dirty work and he would concentrate on transitioning the play which is what has been lacking most in the NT play.
  14. Just what we need....more CBs. Triantafylopoulos is a kreas....at least what I saw of him while at PAO. That would be a waste of a spot. I agree Hatzidiakos is quite a good player. Is Schipper going to move away from the Manolas-Papastathopoulos combination? I doubt it so it would be pointless adding to the list of CBs unless he just wants to see and evaluate them at the pregame preps. If I was going for a 3 CB setup (I wouldn't do that unless there was time to prepare and there isn't) I would put Siovas behind Sokratis and Manolas as a aweeper so that he can cleanup and play the ball out. Retsos shouldn't be getting called up until he starts playing at his club....I imagine this is why Hatzidiakos is being summoned (as a bench option). I think Mantalos is the key if he is played in the middle of the pitch to make the transitional plays. I would go with Pavlidis up front as he is on fire where as the rest of our strikers have been underwhelming.
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