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  1. This team is just complete rubbish, don’t even tell me Manolas or Sokratis are good defenders. Did you see Manolas’ clearance in the box that lead to the first goal? Whenever we got possession we would always turn around and pass it back to Barkas in goals. And our players show no passion or determination in front of goal. We struggling to score goals against these type of teams, imagine when we come up against France or Belgium.
  2. PanagiotisScordis

    NT Friendly Games

    Has anyone heard news about any friendly games before the Nations league. I’m going to be in Athens on the end of August and it would be nice to watch the ethniki play.
  3. PanagiotisScordis

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    What happened to Ninis? A couple of years ago, he was a fan favorite and had huge potential, but now he’s playing for a low rated Israeli team. He was extremely skilled and talented and he is only 28 now.
  4. PanagiotisScordis

    Sokratis Papastathopoulos ‒ Arsenal

    Apparently the deal has been agreed for £16 million, and that Sokratis will be an Arsenal player by the end of this weekend.
  5. PanagiotisScordis

    Transfer Talk

    24 year old Keeper Odisseas Vlachodimos signs for SL Benfica
  6. Goodnight! Not worth watching...
  7. Where did you find this information?? It will be good to have these 2 friendlies
  8. A lot of positives to be taken and a tough decision for Skibbe on who will start in the Nations League because a lot of these kids played really well, with passion, energy and confidence. Bakakis was outstanding, as was Lazaros and Stafylidis. Karelis got a nice, simple goal. Pelkas played well always looking to go forward and score. The keepers did well especially Gianniotis. Even Tziolis and Tzavellas had a solid performance. The only thing I would say is that we should take our opportunities because it could’ve been really upsetting if Egypt got a goal in the dying minutes. We should’ve got another goal if not 2. But Well done, much better
  9. The Ethniki is finally putting a smile on my face again!!
  10. Manolas and Sokratis both missing! Not even on subs
  11. Best Lineup for tonight? Karnezis Torosidis Sokratis Manolas Stafylidis Zeca Tachtsidis Fortounis/Pelkas Lazaros Mitroglou Donis What do you guys think? Maybe Bakakis for Torosidis...and Samaris or Kourmpelis for Tactsidis..
  12. You don’t need to know about football to see that we are a useless team
  13. Greece are only good for making souvlaki
  14. I watched Greece vs Estonia at Kariaskaki in August live and barely half of the stadium was filled. Toumba probably would’ve been way more atmospheric
  15. Fortounis should’ve scored a sitter at around the 16th minute. He hit it slightly out
  16. This site works well in HD. Pame Hellas 🇬🇷 http://www.usagoals.com/c/football/2492424/5/greece-vs-switzerland-live-stream/
  17. PanagiotisScordis

    New AEK Stadium Topic

    Amazing! Bravo Aekara
  18. PanagiotisScordis

    Orestis Karnezis ‒ Napoli

    Karnezis has started the game against West Ham along side Holebas. 15 minutes in and his had 2 vital saves. He's doing very well!
  19. PanagiotisScordis

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Anyone heard of Andrew Eleftheriou he plays for Watford
  20. PanagiotisScordis

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Is it true Mantalos was voted the best Greek player for 2016/17?
  21. PanagiotisScordis

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    We have to finish 1st in this group anything less and there would be questions asked. We should get promoted to League B and qualify for the Euros in 2020. Pame Elladara!!
  22. PanagiotisScordis

    NT Friendly Games

    Yes the friendly against Egypt is on the 27th of march, not sure where though.
  23. PanagiotisScordis

    Orestis Karnezis ‒ Napoli

    Karnezis starts the match against Leicester!
  24. PanagiotisScordis

    Future Players Of The National Team

    Giorgios Antzoulas seems promising and his only 17 years old. His a tall defender and clever on the pitch.