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  1. Top story in greek media today: http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/europe/article/1194811/ellada-kai-ispania-sfazontai-gia-ton-17hrono-ellina-tis-real-vids 17 year old Greek/Spaniard wanted by both greek and Spanish youth national teams. Striker playing for Real Madrid U17. Christian Vassilakis
  2. -bbaw Of course its the midfield. But its not like we can swing the magic wand and make them better. We can provide Mitro with extra service upfront though by inserting another striker. This way, Mitro will also be of assistance.
  3. Over two games the display was just plain horrible. I have read these forums for years, but I can't resist to join since I see that noone is mentioning the name Leonardo Koutris. If anyone should be called up, especially since the loss of Holebas, it is Koutris. Of course, Bakakis should be called up aswell. Would love to see this ----------------------------Karnezis/Kapino/Vlachodimos --------------------Manolas------Papadopoulos-------Sokratis Torosidis/Bakakis---------------------------------------------------------Koutris/Stafylidis -------------------------------Tachtisidis--------Zeca----------------------------- --------------------------------------Fortounis ----------------------Mitroglou------------------Donis------------ It's so obvious we need to strikers. Mitroglou was handed tons of longballs during this capmpaign. He often wins the ball and heads it in attacking direction. Sadly no soul on earth chase after those balls. We also had some good moments when the ball was served towards one of our flanks. For some reason, Mitroglou came down to meet the ball with no one taking the offensive sprint. How on earth can we ever create soemthing with no one threatening their penalty area?!
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