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  1. I won’t argue anymore. You won’t even say where you’re from. Enjoy.
  2. Sort of like the Stanley cup champion St. Louis blues who had 18 of 20 Canadians? But you know, don’t let facts and a little research get in the way before you type. Have a great night.
  3. Guys are in here crying that have nothing to do with the team, meanwhile Mantalos just posted a pic of him and Kapino having drinks near a fire.
  4. Also I come here to read opinions and have met some really good people on here.
  5. I didn’t say it doesn’t mean anything. I see no one on the field caring. And that to me is worse.
  6. I hear you man. But you see it out there don’t you? Seems to me the players don’t even care. Samaris to all of us is a horrible player. But one thing I admire about him is his heart and leadership. If you noticed he was the only one out there encouraging and talking to others. He’d make a great coach.
  7. Everyone wants the team to do well. Everyone cares. I don’t know how old you are or what your situation is so I won’t judge. But if you have a wife and kids you’ll know what’s more important.
  8. Yes support. That’s all. A supporter as everyone else is. It’s soccer. Not life.
  9. Relax man it’s soccer. Do you actually think the players involved aren’t gonna go back to their million dollar homes and not crack a smile? Please
  10. Because at the end of the day , that’s their problem. Not ours. We’re not on the team. We have no bearing On what they do. They don’t know who we are. Nor do they care. We go to work to provide for ourselves and our families. This is soccer. Not life.
  11. No I’m laughing cuz they suck. Stop hiding behind the keyboard tough guy
  12. and then they complain no one wants to go see them. Who the he’ll would pay to go see a team like that.
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