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  1. Guys, don’t give up on Siovas. He a good player. He may not be like the other 2 but he’s solid. Who’s gonna play beside him Risvanis?
  2. If it’s teally an injury, then hopefully he recovers quickly. If it’s not, get rid of him and his attitude and put someone in who wants to play.
  3. I’m thinking there’s more to this than just injuries.
  4. Again, not a big loss. I’m fact it’s probably better.
  5. Maybe they just don’t wanna play.
  6. Manolas injury is serious I agree. The others I mentioned are terrible.
  7. What I was trying to say was a lot of unexpected things will happen. Points will be dropped against teams you’re not expecting to drop points to. And points will be gained against favourites also. Last campaign Greece tied Bosnia twice. Drew in Belgium and Bosnia lost to Cyprus. Never look ahead.
  8. This qualifying campaign is a marathon not a sprint. 10 games. Although the game in Bosnia is important it doesn’t make or break the campaign. They need to take it one game at a time. Don’t overlook anyone. Remember Estonia and Finland and Faroe for that matter. Do not look forward. Concentrate on the task at hand.
  9. The best cure for a team that can’t score is to play against a weak defence. The best cure for a team with a weak defence is to play a team with an anemic attack. Both got their wishes. It’s not like we’ve scored a lot against Bosnia either. Or anyone for that matter.
  10. I’m Greek also file. But excuses are lame. Especially the injury excuse. And the players you mentioned? Lazaros? 1 goal in 117 games! Lmao. Pelkas? Hasn’t had a sniff. Papadopoulos? Lmao. He turns a doorknob and is injured for a year. He hasn’t been relevant since he was 20. Excuses are lame. Especially when you’re making them before the game.
  11. The guy in this article is very optimistic. 6 points in the first two games? I hope so, but let’s try scoring a goal first.
  12. I heard Yaya banana might get a call up.
  13. Did anyone see Gianniotas post about him doing his time in the army. What’s he gonna do fight off enemies with his towel? Lol
  14. Holebas used the national team for exposure. He knew he wouldn’t get a sniff from Uruguay or Germany.
  15. If you spend 200 bucks in the Greek league you’re considered a big spender.
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