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  1. Jimmyp

    NT Friendly Games

    My sons u12 team can win that group.
  2. Jimmyp

    NT Friendly Games

    Those teams actually have good attendances at home. And it’s probably a lot safer to go watch a game there with your family. There’s a lot of morons in Greece that ruin it for people who actually love the game.
  3. Jimmyp

    NT Friendly Games

    Big teams won’t agree to a friendly against Greece. There is no money in it for them.
  4. Egypt didn’t have the worlds most in form player in the lineup.
  5. Have you guys actually thought that maybe our team actually stinks? I mean when was the last time they scored more than one goal in a game?
  6. He was trying to find a diamond in the rough. It’s safe to say he didn’t. It’s not his fault these players aren’t even good enough to compete against Saudi Arabia.
  7. That back line is horrible. Thank god Manolas and Sokrati are still around.
  8. Salad playing? If so lord have mercy on TzavellAS
  9. There is no way lamendel could be serious. Lol
  10. Welcome back to the dark ages of Greek soccer.
  11. Dude that guy is funny. Hes The Don Cherry if Greek soccer. Canadians will know what I’m talking about.
  12. Jimmyp

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I was a kid but I still remember his work ethic, good with the ball and had a nose for the goal. And that moustache. He would create his own chances. Never really caught on in Italy. Bad team and I guess it was all new with playing abroad back then.