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  1. Risvanis is 26. If he hasn’t developed yet, then forget it.
  2. Correction. The nba just suspended it’s season.
  3. The nba is starting to have games without fans and now the whole ncaa basketball tournament will be played behind closed doors. That’s an economic kick in the nuts for all cities hosting it. Guess it’s better safe than sorry.
  4. Can’t really blame them. Safety first. All of Italy is basically closed.
  5. Lately he hasn’t been playing well at all. Anyway I agree with j1078. A lot of players have a lot of talent but are poison to their teams. You can be one of the best players but once you bring a bad attitude it starts rubbing off on others. It’s the same with any work environment.
  6. I agree with these points. The one thing I’d like to point out is that Stafylidis may not be great at the cb position, the team has been playing much better with him as the leader. That to me says a lot. Maybe he’s a passionate locker room guy that the guys listen to. Who knows? We’re not in the locker room. But I’m pretty sure he has been chosen because he’s got leadership abilities. Which in my opinion is a great thing to have.
  7. Lmao. I was gonna say the same thing. Please don’t call him up.
  8. Barring injury, I don’t see how you change this lineup it’s working. Never fix something that isn’t broken
  9. This is a very bad system. You should have to earn your qualifying by taking care of your own business. Even if those things all happened does Greece really deserve to get in after these results. Please.
  10. Better chance of all of us winning the lottery.
  11. Just kidding. Apparently he’s had the flu.
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