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  1. Jimmyp

    NT Coaches

    You guys are never happy. If any of us could do better with the selections, we wouldn’t be on this forum. He hasn't Even coached a game yet and already here we go. Has it ever occurred to any of you that maybe, just maybe none of these players but 3 or 4 are any good anyway. We’re arguing because fetfatzidis isn’t on the team or lazaros? I can understand the arguing if Ronaldo or Mbappe we’re not called up to their teams. But those 2 aren’t even average players in world standards.
  2. Jimmyp

    NT Coaches

    Scratch the I hope I’m wrong part. That was suppose to be another post lol.
  3. Jimmyp

    NT Coaches

    I’m 47. Far from a rookie. What I’m saying is if you want to compete with elite countries you throw out your budget and you go all out and hire a coach with credentials. A coach that had a great track record. Im not against Australia, I have a lot of family there, but seriously all of us can coach them and win against the Maldives or Fiji. Now they’re part of Asia if I’m not mistaken and that pool isn’t that much better. Show me credentials like Rehagel. Ranieri was a disaster but he had a proven track record also. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it
  4. Jimmyp

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    I bet if Greece were in first place it would make more sense to you too
  5. Jimmyp

    NT Coaches

    Getting an Australian head coach for Greece soccer is like getting a Nigerian to coach the Canadian hockey team. Useless
  6. Jimmyp

    NT Coaches

    I somewhat agree with you. But remember back then most of those players were playing in Greece and the Greek league back then was a top 5 European league. Now it’s one of the worst. So these players that play in the Greek league may look good but really they’re nothing special. To be honest, I’m 46 years old and I think if I played striker or oly aek or paok I’d score against Xanthi, and Ergotelis and so on.
  7. Jimmyp

    NT Coaches

    Unless Ronaldo, Neymar Messi or Mbappe turn Greek you can have any coach you want. Skibbe is a horrible coach but aside from maybe 3 or 4 players the others are horrible as well
  8. Jimmyp

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    Greece are in no position to sabotage games and take wins for granted. Remember Faroe?
  9. I think a lot of you are over estimating this team. Besides 3 maybe 4 guys the rest shouldn’t even be in a Sunday beer league. They suck. Not to say coaching isn’t responsible, but there’s only so much you can get from s%$#!.
  10. Can’t put make up on a pig and make it beautiful
  11. Maybe some is on skibbe I agree. But maybe these players just suck anyway. I mean for the most part, they play on teams that my 12 year old can make.