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    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I cant blame a footballer for following the money...... the kid has played great and delivered for his team irrespective of the league...based on that merit alone he deserves an inclusion to the greek squad instead of playing out of form benchwarmers...... He is good enough for the national team no doubt ..... should there be that one doubt, give him a shot to play in a friendly and then make a conclusion..... Holebas is captaining his team in the premiership and hes not even getting a chance which leads me to believe that the coach has his favorites or an ego.... enough with the favoritism ... these are professionals from coaches to players ...... in form and talented players are a must!
  2. Kama7

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Fetfatzidis went to Saudi Arabia solely because of the money!!!! tax free american dollars !!! I dont understand how people cant comprehend that..... the same reason why other stars go to the united states, asian countries and even the likes of Russia and Ukraine whom by the way were not even competitive 10 years back!!!! Fetfa has the skill and if Skibbe has half a brain he will give him a shot!!!.
  3. Kama7

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Fetfatzidis and Holebas play and are the main cogs for their respective teams, based on that merit alone they should definitely be included or tried in the squad going forward. I understand people's concern about the saudi arabian but one will never know what they have in someone unless they try him out.... give him the chance he will surprise many!!!....Keeping Skibbe is a mistake and what he said reassures me that hes not fit for the job but guess we have no choice at this point.... so onward we go.... for better or worse!!!
  4. Kama7

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Boxou, It is only an obsession because Fetfa's exclusion from the club is illogical and borderline criminal. His offensive skill cannot be denied , all one has to do is look at his highlights with olympiakos ( greek league, cup and uefa competitions ie cl campaign with valverde to round of 16) , Genoa and his current team in Saudi Arabia where he is considered to be one the best in the whole league. Not to mention in 2014 world cup prep phase, where he was deemed the most dangerous player in all 3 matches by a long shot!!!! And you emphasize 25 years old as if he is too old to compete which is absolutely ridiculous. Reason as to why he joined a saudi arabian team is strictly financial .... he is one of the best paid players (with added perks) in the league and im willing to bet there are no tax implications in that corner of the world...... Greece definitely needs the services of such a player with a skill set that can break a game open with his ball control and vision. I wont even touch on ur comments about tziolis on a good panathinaikos and paok squad..... its simply laughable!!!