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  1. I have been a Skibbe defender on this board. But it's time to shake things up. The team has stalled out.
  2. Kourbelis and Zeca could finally solidify a midfield that has previously been a weak point.
  3. On the other hand, Bouchalakis in over his head. Need to get Zeca back.
  4. Fortounis was fantastic today. Much better than WC qualifying. Very encouraging.
  5. Serbia is the only scary team there
  6. trotsk13

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Find it really strange how many of you hate Skibbe, when he was the coach that brought the club back from the abyss.
  7. trotsk13

    NT Friendly Games

    Greece opens Nation's League play with Estonia on Sept. 8: https://www.epo.gr/Competition.aspx?a_id=46171&NewsType=22&Competition=2000000021&Season=2000000148&Country=7&Round=2000000390&Group=1000164592
  8. trotsk13

    NT Friendly Games

    The way Belgium/Croatia have looked underscores how tough Greece's path to the WC really was. And how much improved the team is from Euro qualifying
  9. trotsk13

    NT Friendly Games

    When is Greece's next match?
  10. Encouraging performance today. Especially up front.
  11. While Fortounis might be good in SuperLeague, he has just been a total dud for the national team. Never flashes, makes the wrong play too often, never creates. That spot is a total disaster right now, and I think a big part of what has kept the attacks from becoming anywhere near threatening.