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  1. I couldn't believe it when I heard the commentator say Tzavellas was coming on for the start of the 2nd half and then Finland score a minute in on his bad header and Manolas couldn't clear the ball. Siovas should be a no brainer. I am so angry with this bs.
  2. ^ I like that roster, if Skibbe gets fired maybe it opens the door for Holebas to return to the team. I don't get why he did not call up Siovas?
  3. Ellada2004

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ (free agent)

    yes the goal vs Germany was incredible to tie the game at 1-1. Also when he scored vs Croatia in Athens to help send Greece to Euro 2012.
  4. I hope so, the EPO said that Skibbe had to get 2 wins in these two games or else he would be out. Let's see if they follow through and fire him.
  5. It's mind boggling, how can we be losing to Finland and Hungary? Today Greece not only lost but were being dominated by Finland who are ranked 58th in the world. In this group I was thinking we would get 14 points and first place, major disappointment.
  6. We had a number of players just walking around the pitch not fighting for the ball with no will. Other players would do anything for the fanella like Karagounis, Kats, Salpigidis, Toro etc.. The majority of these players are a disgrace to the NT. Time to get rid of Bakasetas, Tziolis, Tzavellas they can never be selected this isn't Malta for ffs...
  7. I already have. Listening to Nova sport they couldn't believe how disjointed this team looked today and how mind boggling skibbes selections were. It's a disaster. Finland could have realistically won by 4 goals they missed a tap in.
  8. Skibbe has completely lost it. He did well to get us into 2nd place in a tough wcup qualifying group with Belgium & Bosnia, not to many gave us a chance to get to the playoffs. He screwed himself in the Croatia match and has not righted his wrongs. For God sakes we tied in Belgium and now we get smoked in Finland?? Time to go back to Germany re Skibbe.
  9. For me Pelkas was the worst player for us. Terrible wing play, crap passes and crosses, he couldn't take on a defender 1 v 1.
  10. Ya exactly there just a step up from Canada.. What a disgraceful Performance!! I'm fuming..
  11. We can't even play a simple ball of a free kick, just Horrible!
  12. Pelkas horrible technique on his shot. He should be subbed