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  1. Ellada2004

    2018-2019 Europa League

    Yes they do struggle vs Ukrainian sides, as they did a few years back in the Europa League when they were eliminated by Dnipro. Hopefully they can pull it off in Kiev and advance to the round of 16.
  2. Ellada2004

    2018-2019 Europa League

    OLY should have got the win. Fortounis missing that great chance was the pivotal moment would have put them up 2 nil and the game probably ends 3-1. Also Dynamo had not played a competitive game since December I figured an OLY win was guaranteed.
  3. Ellada2004

    2018-2019 Europa League

    I just stepped out and missed the equalizer! How did they score? Disappointing!
  4. Ellada2004

    2018-2019 Europa League

    What a goal from Dias! Sweet volley! Fortounis should have put that giveaway into the back of the net. OLY have to keep pressing to get another goal.
  5. Ellada2004

    FIFA World Ranking

    Hopefully Greece can get wins vs Lichenstein and then especially at Bosnia and that would really help them start to climb up the rankings.
  6. Ellada2004

    Official Super League Game Topic

    What an awful performance from OLY in todays derby at Toumba . They were outplayed and they struggled to string 3 passes together.
  7. Ellada2004

    FIFA World Ranking

    Greece drop to spots to 45th in the FIFA rankings due to results from the AFC Asia Cup.
  8. Ellada2004

    SL–R20: PAOK - Olympiakos (10-Feb-19, 19:30 EET)

    PAOK midfield controlled the match..
  9. Ellada2004

    SL–R20: PAOK - Olympiakos (10-Feb-19, 19:30 EET)

    PAOK 2-0 at HT could have been easily 3 nil.
  10. Ellada2004

    SL–R20: PAOK - Olympiakos (10-Feb-19, 19:30 EET)

    anyone have a LINK
  11. Ellada2004

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    That news sucks!! I thought he would come back.
  12. Ellada2004

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Yes just read that too, lets hope they come to an agreement and he can make a return to the NT for this campaign!