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  1. Let's hope they can keep it going into next months qualifiers. The team hasn't played that well since the 2nd half in Bosnia when we pulled back 2 goals and could have had a winner. Hatzidiakos, Limnios and Pavlidis were fantastic and Stafylidis has been solid in the last two games. Having Fortounis back healthy and his quality in the squad will make us even tougher to beat. Donis I hope can stay healthy he is very dangerous in attack was taking on the Italians with great pace as we saw him do to the Belgians. Throw in Fetfa and the team looks fantastic. What could have been if the EPO had hired JVS at the start of this euro campaign.
  2. Yup looks like JVS will not allow the NT to be turned into a circus as was the case before his arrival. I like how he keeps saying that when the players are called up they are coming to Greece to work and not to vacation.
  3. Ok thanks for the info. That is more complicated than the playoff scenario we had for the 2018 wcup.
  4. Finland is all but in. Serbia have a playoff spot already but is not likely going to overtake Portugal for 2nd. Romania are in third place in there group. Anyways it's a bit confusing but if we can squeeze in it would be awesome and if Greece play as they did vs Bosnia I think we would have a good shot vs Serbia, Scotland etc.. Its a shame EPO didn't hire JVS from the start of this campaign. Looking back at our results Greece should have had 8 more points which would have us ahead of Finland. Ah such a waste...
  5. So if Hungary who sit second currently in there group make it we get there spot? Only problem is they have 1 game left and Slovakia and wales have two. Though Slovakia have to play Croatia. Would be something if we could get a second chance.
  6. JVS has come in and in two months has changed the mindset of this team. He has them playing a high tempo attacking style and really pressing the opposition in there own half. His lineup choices haven't been perfect but I have to admit Bakasetas was good today and if the results are there then so be it. Though I think come the WCUP qualifiers he will field our best starting eleven. JVS had the guts to tell Sokratis & Manolas to stay home which I don't think we would have seen from the other coaches that have come before him. They are both top class players but it seems the team is more focused without them. Hopefully if they get the call up again they will focus on playing football and not cause a circus around the NT. If they keep up these type of performances than we will see more Greeks filling the stadium. I even saw Donis in the stands applauding the team. We have to get that passion back as we were so use to after our euro glory. All in all a positive step forward.
  7. They were outstanding today. Just think if we just had Fortounis in there and Donis? Bosnia is so bad defensively as I have been saying for years. Prosenezki was just going nuts on the touch line watching them play. Anyways great win but we blew our chance in this group for second. We can blame Sokratis & manolas with there huge egos for feuding with coach and throwing away easy points vs Armenia and Manolas letting Liechtenstein snag a draw to.We can blame EPO for not having the NT play in a stadium that is full even hockey's best Finland play in a packed stadium. Greece we are a football mad country the stadium should be better than that of OAKA.
  8. Bravo Greece! Staf, Pavlidis, limnios, bakakis all great games. Masouras came on and was so involved. Fetfa instant offense!
  9. We have had 4 good chances, Mantalos curled it wide we should be up a goal. Paschalakis making an adventure of things in the net.
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