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  1. Wow just read it Tsimikas to Liverpool. He will fit in well in Klopps system.
  2. Olympiakos got robbed by the polish ref on a number of key decisions. That said they had good opportunities to score one goal but Patricio made some nice saves. Wolves were very poor in both legs but are going through were I expect Sevilla to man handle them.
  3. According to Galanolefko.gr Greece are to play two friendly matches October 7 in Austria and November 11 vs Cyprus in Greece with the venue to be determined. I can’t wait to see the NT again and I hope they keep up the good run of results.
  4. Fountas scored again for Rapid Wien in a 3-1 over Lask today. Hopefully JVS includes him in the NT squad for the upcoming Nations league.
  5. May his memory be eternal. I always enjoyed listening to his analysis regarding the Ethniki and the GSL on Dokari Kai Mesa.
  6. So far JVS has done a good job even though it’s a small sample size. He has the NT playing attractive attacking football and getting results in the process. Even in Italy the team played well and defensively held Italy to no shots on target for the 1st half and we were not lucky to go ahead after Koulouris missed a sitter. I am eager to see how he does vs a top quality side in World Cup qualifying. I think he will recall Manolas out of necessity to help the backline.
  7. Nice to hear some Ethniki talk during this frustrating time. I was really looking forward to the friendly game vs Holland that would have been a tough test. I agree with the points regarding Staf, I appreciate his service but we have better options available. I am curious to see if JVS will bring Sokratis and Manolas back. I think he leaves Sokratis out but Manolas could get back in especially if we have to go up a top class side like Belgium in World Cup qualifying. Anyone know when they will conduct the World Cup qualification draw since the Euros are next year.
  8. I think Greece will top the group and should easily. Slovenia are on a downward spiral, Kosovo will be up for us but they are beatable especially at the back. Moldova are a horrible side but these are the type of teams that we struggle to put away. I think JVS will have the team focused and hopefully the Ethniki good run of results continues.
  9. Hopefully it’s GREECE Skops Luxembourg Moldova Greece definitely need to win any group we are drawn into as this tournament gives a chance for 2022 World Cup playoff.
  10. OLY gets Wolverhampton and a chance to boot out another English team. Rangers would have been the easiest draw. I am happy they avoided Inter and Sevilla. Go Olympiakos!
  11. Typical English running there mouths! How long since England won at the international level lol. Anyways so happy Olympiacos are progressing and that Arsenal are EXO!
  12. Been awhile since I posted but I think Manolas is still useful for the NT as his speed and challenges makes him difficult to play against. As for Sokratis his last game ironically vs Olympiakos was the best I have seen him play in quite sometime. He was asked by Greek reporters after the match if he would want back in to the NT. He didn’t rule out a return and said the NT needs calm now and acknowledge JVS has done a great job since he has taken over. I love what Sokratis has given to the NT over the years from watching him frustrate Messi in the 2010 World Cup and then fast forward to the 2014 World Cup when he scored the dramatic equalizer vs CR. I just have a hard time getting over how he went after the last coach and how his actions basically costed Greece a vital three points vs Armenia and thus ruined our euro qualification.
  13. Right on about the level competition for the friendly games, the EPO should have scheduled matches vs countries of higher pedigree. As for the tournament it's good to get games in but it's going to suck watching Euro's and Greece are not there..
  14. I hope OLY destroy arsenal I hate that club more than all the teams in the Egleso league. Arsenal are garbage ATM. Let's see how Sokratis performs, for me he should have gone to LA LIGA or Serie A as his play has gone downhill since signing at Arsenal.
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