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  1. Right on about the level competition for the friendly games, the EPO should have scheduled matches vs countries of higher pedigree. As for the tournament it's good to get games in but it's going to suck watching Euro's and Greece are not there..
  2. I hope OLY destroy arsenal I hate that club more than all the teams in the Egleso league. Arsenal are garbage ATM. Let's see how Sokratis performs, for me he should have gone to LA LIGA or Serie A as his play has gone downhill since signing at Arsenal.
  3. Sokratis was a true warrior for the Ethniki but since he went to Arsenal he thinks he can come and run the NT as if he's the coach. He even said after the Armenia match that they don't have the talent to go through to to the Euro's? Seriously? We don't have more talent than Finland? I cant believe he said these things to the media.. Very disappointed with him over this last campaign but he has given alot to the NT. I don't know if JVS will bring him back especially if the positive results keep coming.
  4. Another serious injury to one of our NT players. Unreal. I hope he recovers quickly.
  5. Sokratis and Manolas did alot for us going back to the Euro 2012 and 2014 wcup but the crap they pulled in this campaign going back to matches with Italy and Armenia screwed us. Had to sit and watch the Euro draw with a mediocre Finland taking our place, just so pissed with those guys right now!!
  6. Very disappointing that Greece could not even get into the playoffs. Did Ange not realize that we needed just a result vs Estonia in the last NL game? The draw was made today we would have been a tough out with the way JVS has the team playing. If Greece was in path A Iceland are toughest side and path C Serbia though Norway are improving. What a wasted opportunity..
  7. Ela George it's just that deranged TO blue trolling again he's become a fin for the day lol..
  8. That loss still stings, it was all Sokratis doing. With JVS in Finland we should had a draw if not for the dumb pk and were unlucky not to beat Liechtenstein were we had poor finishing. 🇬🇷 Should be in the Euros Finland are average side with a good striker but think what will happen if they draw up vs France or Belgium, they will get embarrassed.
  9. With the win do we now jump over Finland into pot 3 for World cup draw?
  10. Ya originally I was not thrilled about the hiring of JVS but he has sparked this side. Bakasetas has put in some fantastic all around performances going back to the match vs Italy. Staf made a costly mistake but he rebounded after that and the team came out in the second half and just put it too Finland. 28 attempts with eight on target and just playing free flowing attacking football.
  11. It's bittersweet we're playing some of the most attractive football in years and getting results but we are not in the Euro's. If only JVS and this squad started the campaign we'd be in 2nd easy. Also we are missing Fortounis add him to the squad and we are very dangerous.
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