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  1. According to reports Ange Postecoglou is no longer interested in the NT coaching job.
  2. I personally like Ange and I thought things were going to take a positive turn after that great second half at Bosnia. I can't understand what he was thinking in the Italy match by playing Fortounis up at striker with no one to support him just rendered him useless and was no threat to the Italians. Starting Barkas (although he was good) made no sense as he's not the first choice Gk and then instead of starting him vs Armenia he puts in vlachodimos and the goalie carousel continues. When I heard the players say they did not watch any game film on Armenia but watched the CL final I couldn't believe it. Anyways the EPO should have done a more thorough coaching search after they fired Skibbe to bring in a more suitable coach.
  3. I've heard the Greek media say Vladimir Ivic could be a possibility to take over. He coached at AEK and PAOK so he is familiar with us.
  4. Yes Armenia did force us into alot of turnovers and there pace upfront gave siovas and Sokratis lots of headaches. Our midfield did not move the ball quickly and the same thing happened vs Italy. Samaris had the most trouble making a quick pass or he was getting caught in possession many times. Vlachodimos should have prevented the first goal he looks a bit shaky with the NT as we saw in the Bosnia match.) I guess he's not use to being called upon to much with Benfica easily defeating there opposition in the Portuguese league.
  5. I think Ouzounidis might be the only Greek coach that would possibly work out. He helped PAO through turbulent times. I would lean to a foreign coach.
  6. We will be fine, that’s Canada’s men’s team your describing nothing since 1986 😆 and they don’t even come close to qualifying in the easiest region with powerful footballing nations like Cuba, Panama, Haiti, haha.. Total xeftila!
  7. It be nice if they spent the money and got someone like Allegri.
  8. J1078 agree with you, we are not like the Spain's Italys or even Croatians of the world's but let's not forget more than a decade we were consistently ranked near the top 10 and this wasn't decades ago like say Hungary with there great teams of the 1950s. Within a short few years we have fallen into the 50s of the world rankings and have only managed to win 11 games? Our team still has enough talent that we should be more successful. So there is something very bizarre going on at this time. Skibbe for all his short comings managed to take this almost same squad to a world cup playoff in a tougher group and now they lose to Armenia at home, Italy I can understand but losing to Armenia it's baffling.
  9. Whatever Jimmy/to blue.. Stick to your tsn hackey boards. Hopefully canada can improve in that "sport"
  10. Grammenos and his EPO flunkies need to go now. We need a guy like Gagastis who let Otto make his decisions about the team and it led us to Euro 🏆,screw the clubs influence on the NT.
  11. Why u laughing not a real Ellinas I guess. Stick to baseball or hackey.
  12. Yes some very nutty things going on here. Basinas making the subs? What's up with that?
  13. Ela re Jimmy, its funny and true..
  14. Dont worry TO blue we will beat Finland they don't own us at football like they own canada at hockey from men's to women's and even Jr's 😁
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