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  1. NT Friendly Games

    probably later on the year.
  2. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Ninis is done as a football player since 2013.
  3. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    potentially we could add 5-6 players.
  4. skibbe is a complete idiot and doesn't realize these game will affect our ranking and since both of them are world cup teams, we have a great chance to test our team against them. im not saying not making a restart and call up players like mpakakis, siovas, vlachodimos, charisis, petsos even fetfatzidis for fcking sake, but we won't go out there with our b team like it's an exhibition game. team needs to find cohesion.
  5. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    calgiari interested in lykogiannis.
  6. He does play. He's only out of form lately.
  7. Wait a minute--why Mitroglou is out? Also since the next official game is in September, Karelis will be fully recovered by then. In fact he will be back on practise even by February. Even talking about friendly games the nect one in the end of March.
  8. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    he wasnt anywhere close to spectacular in these games to draw any attention. he's just not ready yet, if he ever reaches this level.
  9. so it looks like karelis has some problems with his heart and might stay out for even 3 months..he's the only real replacement we got at the moment and the guy has been suffering from several health problems the past year..F***k man that sucks....
  10. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    swansea and west brom interested in siovas according to english media. would be a nice move but both are fighting with the relegation in england.
  11. nobody said he should be nt material but so aren't guys like diamantakos, vellios, tziolis, gianniotas, maniatis, koutroubis and kolovetsios who have been called up amongst others lately.
  12. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    No it doesn't say anything to me the fact that Lemonis choose to play with him in the backline in the CL because he wanted to have the team fresh for the league.
  13. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    Nikolaou? I honestly hope you're just kidding here. The guy is so raw and technically limited, he is not going to be a better player than Marios Oikonomou. And, to my humble opinion being praised by Wenger and playing for Arsenal is a much better career achievement than being a reserve player in Olympiakos or even a starter in Alkmaar..Ffs...
  14. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    apparently wenger said he's impressed by him in practise so they won't loan him out to werder, but will keep him until may at least.
  15. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    marios oikonomou is about to terminate his loan deal with spal coz of limited playing time and to sign with serie b side bari for the rest of the season. no word if the deal with bologna includes an option to buy so far. bari are sitting in thr 4th place of the league, 3 points behind the automatic relegation. they are, however, inside the promotion playoff zone.
  16. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    slavia sofia president, the team where young goalkeeper antonis stergiakis players said they do have offers from germany and england for him. that said, i don't think they are from epl or bundesliga clubs tbh.
  17. I disagree. He has a better potential than Kitsiou, so does Lykogiannis. They would offer more than him who showed no improvement in Paok for 3 years hence he was loaned out and I doubt they count on him at the moment with Matos, Vierinhia and Azevedo. About Koutris you'll notice major improvement once he moved away and don't forget he has only 1 and a half year experience in the Greek league, with one being at PAS and the other half with Olympiacos where he alreasy established himself as a starter and has drawn interest from several solid clubs like Benfica and Wolfsburg to say some.
  18. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    Yeah I said earlier that there's no chance someone leaves this transfer window, not even Prijovic for them. But this case is interesting, the guy who wants him in Stuttgart also brought Papadopoulos and Stafylidis to Germany. And apparently Stuttgart is the one an offers much more money than the other 2. I hope he makes a move on summer and Fortounis to follow him if possible. Either Leipzig or Besiktas
  19. Why would you actually try Kitsiou instead of Koutris? That guy is our future LB and sooner than later is moving to a solid foreign team like Retsos. Even Mpakakis and Lykogiannus need to be tried out, they have had better seasons than Kitsiou.
  20. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    I saw his agent is trying to finalize a few with some bundesliga sides. Anyway what's for sure is that he is moving. Contra.gr says Stuttgart are amongst the team's interested in Pelkas. Club Brugge and Besiktas the other 2.
  21. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    That's ok but the keepers I am listing there are not old either, aside of Karnezis a bit.
  22. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    They wouldn't sell him if they were not a broken financially. Even last summer when they arguably had a better financial situation with Alafouzos they turned down an offer from Salzburg. They need money desperately so any offer around 3 mil is a must for them. Gianniotis has potential but we should first watch him in Olympiakos, probably by the upcoming season as well. If he does well there then he can be a part of the NT. But in this position we have some depth, Karnezis is not that old for a goalkeeper but needs to be 2nd choice from now on. Also I am curious to see where Kapino lands, if he finds a top-5 league team where he will be the starting material then he should also start for us. Don't forget how crucial he was in the Belgium game away. We have Anestis who is negotiating with EPL clubs and Lille and Vlachodimos who is moving to Benfica on summer as well.
  23. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    Yeah no rumours around about these players, 2 months ago it looked like Sampdoria might make an offer for Androutsos but the player tool a step back this year. Gianniotis and Paschalakis nothing and Koutris as it was mentioned, has drawn interes from Benfica and Bundesliga teams. New rumour is that Eindrecht Frankfurt are going strong after Kourmpelis. They say in about 10-12 days there will be official offers about him. Btw Samaris got injured for Benfica yesterday so it's not a lock he moves to Epl if the injury is serious. But nothing about how serious it is so far.
  24. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    As i said Aek didn't plan to sell him so that was an offer made for him on May which most people don't know. Same about Leverkusen, skibbe had talked with them like he did with Retsos. But after his injury and after Aek's move to immediately renew his contract I find it pretty difficult to move abroad unless Aek can't reject such an offer. About Galanopoulos they say it's more probable to have an offer on summer. And bare in mind that those Epl clubs don't bother wasting money so with 4-5 million euros I can see him moving away which is what Aek will ask for. Even their best midfielders Johansson and Simoes are leaving with 3 mil each, and an Epl side can easily offer such money.