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  1. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Oikonomou is injured, he hasn't been playing with SPAL lately so I don't see him being available to play. He is off for quite a while now so yeah Siovas is likely to replace them. I would also take Vlachodimos instead of Kiriakidis and Anestis. As I've said previously he's finalizing his deal with Benfica. Other than than I don't want any of Tziolis, Bouchalakis, Maniatis, Vellios, Diamantakos and even Lykogiannis and Siopis around at the moment. If I had to pick a squad that would be my pool of playersmost of the times. Karnezis, Kapino, Vlachodimos Sokratis, Manolas, Papadopoulos, Retsos, Siovas, Oikonomou Stafylidis, Mpakakis, Torosidis, Tzavellas, Koutris Samaris, Tachtsidis, Zeca, Kourmpelis, Galanopoulos, Charisis, Fortounis, Mantalos Mitroglou, Karelis, Lazaros, Donis, Mpakasetas But knowing that this is nowhere near to happen we'll see once again the likes I mentioned above like they're essential to manage to beat Cyprus and Gibraltar. I hope Tziolis and Maniatis are done after this campaign and Charisis with Galanopoulos to keep developing a they can make a move to Bundesliga or so. This way Skibbe will have no excuses playing a Saudi Arabia player like Tziolis or Maniatis instead of them. Same goes for Limnios and any other promising offensive player so we can STOP watching 2nd league players like Diamantakos, Vellios and Gianniotas having a guaranteed place to the team regardless of their (shitty) performance.
  2. a quality side like belgium has enough quality not to care about the location of the game..i can see them winning this game easier than people might think, sure bosnia will be motivated and belgium in theory will not be but the talent gap between the 2 sides is huge and at such times motivation πάει περίπατο.. for our game if mitroglou doesn't make the cut (i'm almost sure karelis won't, but mitroglou is still questionable) i think will play like that karnezis, tzavellas, sokratis, manolas, torosidis, samaris, zeca, stafylidis, fortounis, lazaros, donis
  3. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    what the hell is going on with mitroglou..he has yet to play a game for marseille still injured (about 2 months). he is definitely not going to be on form for the cyprus game if he doesn't play next weekend too..same for karelis, he's still injured and i don't think he will even make the squad..
  4. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    yet another dnp for vellios, so far if i'm not mistaken he has played in only one official game and it was back in auguste for the english cup..since then he can't even make it to his team's bench.. and this guy has a place to the nt no matter what
  5. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    charisis is doing well with his team in belgium, currently their 3rd in the table..also i was reading that some clubs from bundesliga were after him, reportedly werder bremen and eindrecht..at the moment he would offer much more than some bouchalakis, siopis, maniatis and tziolis but we all know he's not going to make the cut..
  6. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    btw gianniotas scored again for valladolid in a cup game which his team won an progressed to the next round. as well as diamantakos for bochum with a penalty kick, although they're losing again and they're stuck in the middle of the table in germany's second league. just don't pick him again for the sake of god, both him and vellios.
  7. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    last time he played for the nt was in 2015, if anything he's not going to be there for the last set of games. limnios is already more useful. fortounis-mantalos lazaros-gianniotas-mpakasetas mitroglou-karelis-donis even if there's a chance he's getting called up, he will not drop anyone from the above out of the squad except of bakasetas who is not even a starter. i don't know why you complain.
  8. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    he's overweight and it's a shame he destroyed his career by moving to saudi arabia in such a young age..let him move to a proper european league and then we'll talk about him..
  9. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    karnezis, kapino, vlachodimos sokratis, manolas, retsos, papadopoulos, oikonomou, siovas torosidis, stafylidis, tzavellas, mpakakis samaris, tziolis, tachtsidis, zeca, kourmpelis, galanopoulos, fortounis, mantalos mitroglou, donis, karelis, lazaros, mpakasetas, gianniotas the best possible one..
  10. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    the one that has to be capped is odysseas vlachodimos...the guy is moments before finalizing his deal with benfica and we have yet to cap him! he will stay in pao this season. it's scary that instead of him we see the likes of kyriakidis and anestis there..soon karnezis will retire, he's 33 atm and the only decent one is kapino (although he's much younger) but we don't have any other good prospect atm..remember when we lost lodygin to russia because santos couldn't sub him in in some freaking qualifier over a minnow...if we lose vlachodimos they should go and fcvk themselves... btw there's a guy in alkmaar (chatzidiakos) who is 20 years old and was promoted to the first team recently. today he scored in a cup game. 'bad' thing he's a cb and we have a plethora of them..manolas, sokratis, papadopoulos, retsos, siovas, oikonomou are all playing in top-5 leagues. we should put some emphasis on producing offensive players some day, it's ridiculous to have such depth in defence (apart from cbs we also have torosidis, stafylidis, tzavellas and there are bakakis and katranis coming from behind..and it's even more ridiculous when your starting cdm is a naturalized greek, his partner is playing in saudi arabia and up front mitroglou's back ups are 2nd league players..thank god there are donis and karelis..
  11. let it be..belgium is simply a better team..they outclassed bosnia in the first round..i fail to see how a side which conceded 3 goals to cyprus is going to outscore a 5 times better team... as for samaris, i think there's no room for discussion about whether he's the best option or not..he's the only guy playing abroad from our midfield pool (ok along with zeca) and he's playing in benfica, not in any random club..if anything he HAS to start..
  12. we can't play with 3 in the back if one of them is torosidis..in such a formation you need 3 cbs. also, again in such a formation you're going to use full backs, therefore donis can't play there. fortounis obviously can't play as a cdm, while putting 2 similar strikers like mitroglou and karelis will create more problems than opportunities.
  13. yeah dude, no room for samaris, retsos and siopis but you somehow included 2nd league bench warmers like bouchalakis, vellios and gianniotas and the biggest bust and most overhyped player in the recent years in greece - pelkas. amazing...
  14. i'd like for once to see karnezis manolas papadopoulos sokratis torosidis samaris tachtsidis stafylidis fortounis mitroglou donis btw...bosnia will not play behind close doors...they will just play in another stadium inside the country..
  15. are we for real now..? are we really concerned about cyprus' approach for the game..? like we couldn't beat them even if they had something to play for..now, that they don't have anything to play for it will be easier to grab a win..mitroglou will be back..so will karelis..if we play at 70% like we did against belgium we'll escape with a victory.. belgium is beating bosnia.. ireland are drawing wales.. and we're doing what we have to do vs cyprus and gibraltar..