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  1. Boxou

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    yes the can play there, donis is 97' and retsos 98' born. imagine a squad of; kotsaris (gk), tsimikas, retsos, mavropanos, saliakas, galanopoulos, androutsos, limnios, lamprou, manthatis, donis
  2. Boxou

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    sorry to say but it's time to realise that holebas retired 1,5 years ago, and fetfatzidis' last call up was almost 3 years ago. back to reality lol.
  3. Boxou

    NT Friendly Games

    laz is right, iran is persia and egypt had their own identity before being conquered by arabs as happened with most north african nations.
  4. Boxou

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    he has a 6 mil buy out clause which will be lower in case hamburg gets relegated. although the player said his priority is to keep playing abroad.
  5. he just makes sure they won't keep him on the team as they will get relegated. that's smart basically, but the attidute is bitchy.
  6. Boxou

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    last time he played for the nt was back in 2015, and he earned most of his caps around 2011-2014 when he hit top form. done nothing ever since then.
  7. Boxou

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    gianniotas has done nothing for the nt, as well as fetfatzidis. both in nt and club level. but people here think they're good because of their speed. let alone they can't even crack into a top-10!!! league in europe....
  8. Boxou

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    team id like to see in june friendlies; gk; karnezis, gianniotis, mparkas, lb; stafylidis, torosidis cb; manolas, papadopoulos, sokratis, retsos rb; mpakakis, lykogiannis cdm; samaris, galanopoulos, zeca, kourmpelis, tachtsidis amf; pelkas, mantalos, fortounis, lazaros cf; mitroglou, karelis, donis
  9. how come and you say that tachtsidis and samaris shouldn't be called up, while on the other hand gianniotas who showed totally NOTHING yesterday and football league player manos deserve a place on the roster is absolutely beyond me, really.
  10. they are in the wc while we are not :)
  11. Boxou

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    probably the most talented u21 team i remember in years. they literally could have won 5-0 even playing with a man down for the whole second half. galanopoulos will be missed in the next crucial game against czech republic away in september. this and the next one, again away vs croatia will determine whether we qualify or not. we'll have to win against czech republic and belarus so the against croatia we can play for a draw as well. a possible tie with croatia might rule us out because they still have to play the easy games which will increase their goal average and probably surpass us.
  12. i would like to see the following this time; karnezis, mpakakis, sokratis, manolas, stafylidis, kourmpelis, zeca, pelkas, donis, karelis, mitroglou
  13. skibbe is definitely getting affected by the managers. in fact he gets the so called "μιζα" from them just because they called up their players, like tziolis and tzavellas. get lost freaking useless coach.
  14. yeah if we consider what he said something like that looks the most possible one atm.
  15. Boxou

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    skibbe is brainless. that's a fact. these friendlies will affect our rankings and will be a good test for the nations league but that idiot doesn't want the team to start getting some cohesion. also PLEASE stop mentioning kone as a striker for the sake of god, he's a midfielder.