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  1. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    let's be real for once and stop hating on samaris. also him and siopis are not the same kind of player. samaris is an '8' while siopis is a '6'. and our '8' options are samaris and tachtsidis, while our '6' options are zeca and kourmpelis. my formation is based on a 3-man defence so 5 cbs is a fair amount, as well as the side backs. gianniotas is not included in my squad, simply because there's no room for him. 3-4-1-2 is one of the best formations for this team because it allows us to utilize our weapons (depth at cb, both mitroglou and donis in the line-up) and also minimizes the lack of wingers we have. so in order not to play mantalos, stafylidis or zeca out of position we're starting 2 full backs, a position where we also have depth. galanopoulos it's still too early to consider, while as much as i think charisis could be proved useful i'd like to see what he's able to do with paok in a higher level than sint truiden, his team in belgium
  2. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    id like to have siovas around but with this idiot i think kolovetsios will be getting called up instead. also we're going to fill the midfield with USELESS defensive midfielders like maniatis and tziolis while pelkas will be getting ignored and as usual along with our lethargic 4-2-3-1 there's nobody who can carry the ball on. also vellios and diamantakos, 2 strikers worse than our super league ones with no playing time in their clubs and an awful goal/caps ratio, will be locks as well as tzavellas over koutris. that's what skibbe means. but epo couldn't realise it. happy failure and καλη δυναμη to all of us.
  3. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    forget about cholebas and fetfatzidis. the first decided to retire because of skibbe and the latter choose to play football in saudi arabia. i posted what our 23-man squad should be going on to the euros. goalkeepers; karnezis, kapino, anestis side backs; torosidis, stafylidis, lykogiannis, koutris center backs; sokratis, manolas, retsos, papadopoulos, mpakakis midfielders; samaris, kourmpelis, tachtsidis, zeca, fortounis, mantalos, pelkas attackers; mitroglou, donis, karelis, lazaros the best i can think at the moment.
  4. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    they say kone had an ok game with aek yesterday. if he keeps his form he'd be an ok temporary solution but i don't see it. he is not the player he used to be 3 years ago.
  5. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    no we don't lack midfielders. samaris, kourmpelis, zeca, tachtsidis are all better than him. however there's a thing going on on the locker room that is called κλίκα. that thing includes tzavellas, tziolis, maniatis as well as some paul koutsoliakos agents like diamantakos or guys that don't even play in their teams like vellios and gianniotas. i mean it became even more obvious when they players!! that don't deserve to get called up, asked from epo to keep skibbe. and then you wonder what's going on.
  6. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    please stop with fetfatzidis really. b division players in greece would be better than him atm. btw do you realize he's 27? already wasted 2 of his peaking years in saudi arabia. speaks volumes.
  7. που πανε μωρε με τον λεμονη, που εχει να προπονησει ομαδα 10 χρονια; τι ειναι αυτα ρε, φορτουνης σεντερ φορ; καλα τι ονειρο ειδε; ο καπινο που ειναι; τι κερδος θα εχει αν παιξει ο 35χρονος προτο; ο σιωπης; μαζευτηκε ολη η γερουσια..τσιρκο..
  8. πηγαιντε την κυριακη να δειτε την επιδειξη δυναμης με την κερκυρα προβατα. μαρινακη σε σιχαθηκαμε.
  9. δεν βλεπεται ρε αυτο το πραγμα. εδω και 2 χρονια στην ευρωπη μονο κλαρινα. να χαιρεστε τον ολυμπιακο σας προβατα. αι σιχτιρ μας αηδιασατε μαλακες.
  10. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    watford will be scouting anestis in the aek-rijeka game tomorrow. anestis has an english agent and with an expiring contract he has fair chances to end up in epl. btw karnezis is playing on loan to watford which means he will be back in udinese by the end of the season. would be curious to see what they're going to do with him - last summer there were a few teams like napoli and lazio but he rejected them,
  11. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    why would you need to see kourmpelis' highlights on youtube? he's defensive midfielder, what would the video content for that matter :D? i watched pao's games against oly and aek and it's safe to say he was their best player by a mile. and yes i do believe there's a fair chance he moves on, pao needs desperately cash. he's one of their option to sell for over 2 millions. besiktas are a quite good team so i wouldn't matter if one of pelkas or fortounis end up there. i'd also like them to move somewhere in germany like leipzig who are interested in fortounis and will be scouting him tomorrow tbh but if that can't happen then it's miserable to wish them to stay here. after all especially fortounis needs to go somewhere where he'll have competition for the starting spot and won't be a lock, as it happened 2 years ago in olympiakos with chori around. that was fortounis' best year by far. again fortounis is more likely to end up there because they have been scouting him for a while and their coach is going nuts on him but he's costing twice as pelkas does so that's why pelkas is also a realistic option for besiktas indeed, neither of anestis and koutris are moving on january, however it's pretty likely if anestis keeps up his good form to make a move on summer and won't renew with aek. btw about koutris i forgot to mention benfica before.
  12. FIFA World Ranking

    what's even ridiculous is that they let the players decide for them. and now we reach the point that some of them will be getting called up ισόβια while some else like koutris, mpakakis, pelkas, siovas will be getting ignored at the same time for skibbe's buddies. thank god next official games are in 9 months..
  13. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    fortounis and pelkas being under besiktas' radar. fortounis is being wanted by the besiktas coach for quite a while now but the player doesn't want to move to turkey. pelkas on the other hand has not the same value with fortounis and it is said they are willing to give about 5m to paok for him. also atalanta are one of the teams that were checking koutris on the levadiakos game on sunday and will be checking him tomorrow in portugal as well. i still think germany would be a far better option for him, considering frankfurt's and stuttgart's interest.
  14. FIFA World Ranking

    these steps were taken because the team completely collapsed. on the other hand, now we missed that qualification not because we were not ready but because of the disgusting selections.