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  1. Kotsaris, Kyriakopoulos, Mavropanos, Hatzidiakos, Tsimikas, Galanopoulos, Bouzoukis, Lamprou, Limnios, Chatzigiovannis, Koulouris. That's the lineup Nikopolidis should use for the Austria games.
  2. Do they realise if we manage to qualify it will be them who will make the most profit? They'll get nearly 10 million euros from UEFA, so why the fcvk don't they dare to risk and invest on a proven coach to lead the team to the Euros?
  3. Because they on average have better chances to do so than your average league C side. For example Russia has better chances than Scotland, Austria has better chances than Israel, Poland (who relegated) than Finland, Ukraine than Finland and so on...
  4. Read my previous posts, I explain clearly that we can attend the playoffs because there's a great chance league A and B teams will qualify to the Euros through the regular qualification. This way their spots in NL playoffs will be given to teams which failed to qualify, hence Greece finishing second is of great importance.
  5. Finally someone got it right. Thanks kbxk508. Bottom line we need to win both November games as the will pretty much decide our future in the qualification.
  6. They say nt are looking for a low budget coach, Thomas Christensen who last worked for Leeds and has worked with Apoel is an option
  7. Looks like a foreign coach is what they are looking for an if they don't find a good option they will go with Anastasiadis
  8. Some players look unhappy with the Anastasiadis choice, reports say some of them have worked with him in the past. Im sure they mean Tziolis and Tzavellas from his Paok days.
  9. Well technically it's one spot to each group. But since the majority of League A and B teams will qualify to the Euros through the regular qualifcation which starts on March, then those 4+4 spots will be given to league C teams. As I said earlier realistically all 12 league A teams will qualify plus 9-10 league B teams. That means the additonal spots will be covered by the non group winners of the league C. So assuming Serbia, Finland, Norway and Scotland win the each group, then the next best placed teams will follow them to the playoff. That's why it's inevitable to finish at least second because 80% we'll get to play in some playoffs, but also if we fall down to third or even worse, finish second but with anything less than 12 points it means we'll be placed in pot 4 in the euros draw.
  10. No you're totally wrong. The chances are not slim but actually it's very realistic to expect this scenario. These are the teams of league ; Austria, Bosnia, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Wales, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Ireland and Nothern Ireland. Basically the only teams that I do not expect to qualify are the Irish. The rest will do, so will Serbia and that will open up one more spot.
  11. Btw we ABSOLUTELY need to win not of our next games even if we get to finish second but thats something people are still not aware of. It's really, really important for us for 2 reasons. 1) if we don't win both games then it's very likely, if not a lock, for us to fall in pot 4 in the draw for the euros qualification. This would automatically kill our limited chances of qualifying. 2) If we get to finish 2nd by winningboth games there's still a great chance to be in the nations league playoffs and I'll explain below; Teams from leagues A and B will probably qualify, if not all of them then at least 22 out of 24 teams through the regular qualification. This means they will not get to feature to their nations league playoffs and will be replaced by the next best placed teams of all leagues. So, assuming that the biggest majority of league A and B teams qualify via the original qualifiers, then about 5-6 teams from league C will replace them to the Nations league playoffs. Again assuming that Serbia, Finland, Norway and Israel win their groups then the likes of Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Scotland and Montenegro will get to take part in the playoffs. I hope people here but also around the NT to understand the importance of the next games.
  12. After missing the first place thanks to Epo who renewed the contract of a bad coach, the players like Tzavellas and co who did anything they could in order for the coach to stay and of course the coach himself, we also miss our greatest opportunity to qualify for the tournament. Bye bye Euros.
  13. Lmao after all this s%$#! you think some inactive 27 year old journeyman who last played in Israeli relegation sides and even then was kicked out of the squad, should be in a team that aims to be a regular participant in Euros and WCs. Perhaps in an alternative universe.
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