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  1. It's a shame he is still not a lock for the lb position and he has been rotating with freaking Giannoulis and the out of form Stafylidis.
  2. On the other hand I think we have quite some depth in the rest of defensive positions, with Siovas, Mavropanos, Chatzidiakos, Retsos and Sokratis with Manolas in the CB position, as well as in the LB position with Kyriakopoulos and Lykogiannis who are having good seasons in Serie along with Tsimikas and Giannoulis who are supposed to be moving overseas sooner than later. Convincing GK with Vlachodimos and Barkas being the 2 main competitors However we are rather mediocre in the midfield, I don't think anyone of Kourmpelis or Galanopoulos is enough to make it to the next level, Samaris has lost his form while Zeca is aging and Tachtsidis might be playing in Serie A but is rather slow. Siopis I dont like, hopefully Vasileiadis proves to be a key addition to the team. Offensively we are better than the recent past, Fountas, Mpakasetas and Pavlidis had great seasons with their teams and are supposed to earn their transfer real soon, while there's always the quality of Fortounis. Mitroglou had a bad season and I think is not on coach's plans, while Donis has lost his form and Koulouris had a bad second half in the season. Chatzigovannis doesnt cut imo, Mantalos is ok but not for a starter while Limnios needs to work on his dribbling skills.
  3. We are so poor in right back position, Bakakis isn't even half decent for modern football to begin with. Federation should fcking move their ass and give the passport to John Baldock who's playing for Sheffield United in the Premier League and teamed up with Retsos last season. He has Greek background and has officially stated he'd accept a call up in the future, but I guess we are thrilled with what Bakakis is offering in the offensive end..
  4. Friendly game vs Cyprus is totally useless, I mean even the official games against the Cypriots are like friendlies.
  5. L M A O. READ AGAIN. It's game which was supposed to be played behind closed doors until Saturday night and Sunday morning they all of a sudden cancel the decision? 12 hours before the game? How the fck you find this thing normal its beyond me.
  6. Not sure that in a game which was supposed to be played behind closed doors until Saturday night, somehow tickets were released Sunday morning at they were sold out in the meantime? Anyways crying about point deduction when Savvidis enters the field with a gun, coming from a team that won the Greek cup the year before with an at least 1M offside goal. Delusional indeed.
  7. Lmao talking about points deduction when the president of yours enters the field with a gun in his pocket? Delusional as F*** when Saturday night the game was supposed to be played behind closed doors and Sunday morning suddenly 30,000 tickets had been sold for the game Why dont you hope for the goverment to pass a law so Paok and their feeder club Xanthi avoid elimination for co ownership? Basically that as already happened once lmao. I suggest some guys like start being realists because these comments are funny as hell to read, thinking at the same time you actually believe it.
  8. Hopefully Paok ends up 3rd because they have no chance whatsoever qualifying to the CL.. Europa is where you guys belong but that's even doubtful considering you have been eliminated from the likes of BATE/Vidi, Ostersuds etc of this world.
  9. Only problem is we are talking about finishing a player from the NT in the age of 32 and replacing with someone, who definitely is talented as looks to have a bright career but at the moment cant be considered as a proven international player and if I recall correctly he is seriously injured? I do agree about Stafylidis' level being dropped down, although I can see him going back to PAOK since they are looking to sell Giannoulis and Stafylidis would be a perfect replacement. Kyriakopoulos of Sassuolo had had a great season with them, so did Tsimikas. Lykogiannis lost his place in Calgiari while Koutris at Mallorca got seriously injured and will be back from loan to Olympiakos in a few months. Has to work hard to earn a spot there. The one who I'm not sold yet is Giannoulis imo, he is literally worse than Kyriakopoulos and Tsimikas in every aspect but he keeps starting over them? Btw a player who needs to be in the next call ups should be Fountas of Rapid Wien, he has scored 14 goals in the Austrian League this season and definitely needs to be higher in the rotation than freaking Chatzigiovannis, Pelkas and so on...
  10. Your impression is based on 4 meaningless games against uninterested teams. Better judge this team when they face some real opposition which is the upcoming wc qualifiers and have a look in this retarded scheme with Stafylidis as a CB. It's beyond me to say we dont need them 3. I mentioned previously when Skibbe was around and we got a real chance to qualify they were our best players in the whole campaign. Just go check the headache you and me guys got every time someone would miss a game either due to injury or suspension. Anyway no point to over analyze it since both Skibbe and even more Anastasiadis should never be around the team. Someone mentioned previously that if not for Sokratis and Manolas going against Anastasiadis in public we would still be stuck with him in the bench. You really think such players of world class level are happy to miss international football at summers? After all coach needs to say on public he doesnt want them and stop being a chicken with all this "they are under our radar" s%$#! every time he is being asked about that topic. Rehaggel did the same with Georgatos and Zikos but at least he had the guts to say it on public. I got the impression he is not a strong character as a person.
  11. We lost to Italy with freaking Anastasiadis in the bench who used Siovas as a freaking CDM..If the Dutch keeps using Stafylidis as a CB we are going to consider much more goals like the one against Finland where he, as a last player tried to dribble their CF Pukki who naturally stole the ball and scored. And that happened a couple of times I think. There are 2 world class level Cbs around and a coach who keeps on using Stafylidis who has been dropped yet again from his team, Hoffenheim this time. Here's a pool of around 30 players that Imo should roll over the squad. Vlachodimos, Barkas, Paschalakis Tsimikas, Stafylidis, Giannoulis Sokratis, Siovas, Retsos Manolas, Chatzidiakos Mpakakis, Kyriakopoulos Kourmpelis, Bouchalakis, Vasileiadis Samaris, Zeca, Galanopoulos Fortounis, Mpakasetas, Mantalos Donis, Fetfatzidis Limnios, Chatzigiovannis Pavlidis, Mitroglou, Koulouris It's a total shame he has dropped Mitroglou, Manolas and Sokratis. With a real coach and not clowns like Anastasiadis they could be essential for the next WC campaign. Skibbe was bad and obsessed the a point he choose Tzavellas over Cholevas and made the latter retire, but truth to be told we were a far inferior side compared to our opposition of Croatia and Belgium.
  12. If Manolas and Sokratis are done from NT I cant wait to see this guy who pretends to be the coach to be humiliated by any serious opposition he will face in the future. You probably havent noticed that Stafylidis sample as a CB was dreadful and he is going to use it again because of his huge ego, closing the door to our best players. Chatzidiakos tore his ACL while I have not seen Siovas (?) anywhere near the call ups who had another full season in Spain and could probably return to Olympiakos this summer.
  13. Kotsaris, Kyriakopoulos, Mavropanos, Hatzidiakos, Tsimikas, Galanopoulos, Bouzoukis, Lamprou, Limnios, Chatzigiovannis, Koulouris. That's the lineup Nikopolidis should use for the Austria games.
  14. Do they realise if we manage to qualify it will be them who will make the most profit? They'll get nearly 10 million euros from UEFA, so why the fcvk don't they dare to risk and invest on a proven coach to lead the team to the Euros?
  15. Because they on average have better chances to do so than your average league C side. For example Russia has better chances than Scotland, Austria has better chances than Israel, Poland (who relegated) than Finland, Ukraine than Finland and so on...
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