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  1. Itcoco

    Cyprus Shirt

    They Look awesome!! 👍
  2. For anyone interested in the match.. decent live stream on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiPEOz2vWiM
  3. Itcoco

    Anastasios Donis ‒ VfB Stuttgart

    Do you have highlights of his goal? Thanks
  4. Itcoco

    Anastasios Donis ‒ VfB Stuttgart

    Donis having one hell of a game against Bayern in the first half today. Assisted in the fist goal by dismantling the defence and crossing for a easy tap in. Second goal was all on his own by intercepting a pass, breaking free and shooting into left side of the net. Awesome solo performance!!! Kids on an other level today! Great to see. 4-1 now Donis in on 3 of the 4 goals. wow
  5. Wegz stadium Bar in Vaughn is showing the game also. A few of the guys are watching there.
  6. Anyone in canada looking for a legit stream can download the TSN GO app. They have the game streaming live for Olympiacos
  7. Literally every game but ours. Bein isn't showing the game either, strange.
  8. Most of the Bosnia and Herzegovina fans coming into this forum are passive aggressive which is very transparent to me, relatively easy for most of us to see. Don't act surprised with the welcome you have received. I'm happy with this result to be honest, getting out of there with 1 Point will only fuel the boys moving forward, especially after the nonsense they endured post game. On to the next game guys.
  9. I was confused at first also @tantra129. It's actually Channel 429, you need to pay extra for it. Hope that helps.
  10. Itcoco

    Kostas Stafylidis ‒ FC Augsburg

    Nice find @paokara777 Whats a beauty that was
  11. Itcoco

    Turkish Violations

    Thanks for the welcome boys! @ThrylosG7 @Nikitas
  12. Itcoco

    Trump Presidency

    Anyone else surprised with this threatening statement by the Canadian Government? Sounds like there is legitimate concern over the NAFTA agreement and Trump administration. Definitely not a good start. Ottawa warns Trump team of retaliation if border tariffs imposed http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/foreign-affairs-warns-trump-of-retaliation-if-border-tariffs-imposed/article33955105/
  13. Itcoco

    Turkish Violations

    Hey gentlemen, it's a pleasure to be joining this platform and sharing in discussion. This is my first contribution but I've been reading this forum for a long time now. Hope you're all doing well. I found this article particularly interesting regarding the Hellenic Coast Guard and backing down first. Would this be a decision made by the person navigating the boat, or perhaps from command trying to avoid incident? Not sure this is the correct message to send the Turks, but its easy for me to say in the comfort of my home. New Incident Between Greek and Turkish Coast Guards off Imia Island A new incident between a boat of the Hellenic Coast Guard and another boat of the Turkish Coast guard was reported today by Ihlas Haber Ajansi news agency. According to reports, the two vessels exchanged communication, both sides requesting the immediate departure of the other from the site. In specific, the Turkish side announced “We are the Turkish coast guard. You are in Turkish water, please remove yourself from Turkish waters.” The Greek coastguard responded similarly saying, “Here are the Imia islands. Please evacuate the Greek territory immediately.” The news agency also reported that a chase ensued when the boat belonging to the Turkish Coast Guard pursued the Greek one approaching as close as a 20 meter distance. However, the Greek side eventually backed down and the event came to an end with the departure of both vessels from the area. This is only one of the many provocations that have taken place since Turkey’s President Recep Tayipp Erdogan has put into question the Treaty of Lausanne in an attempt to make claims on the Greek islands http://T.greekreporter.com/2017/02/06/new-provocation-between-greek-and-turkish-coast-guards-off-imia-island/