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  1. Andriotis

    Turkish Violations

    There is going to be some kind of incident at this rate. The questions is what will it lead to... how far are the Turks willing to go? And how much will Tsipra rise to the occasion? Its going to be a tense, tense future in store and it may cost lives.
  2. Andriotis


    Absolutely. You hold a military exercise exactly where they told you not to IMMEDIATELY. I am not some nationalist beat your chest Ellinara, however what I do know is what you do to bullies. You call them on their bullshit and you stand up to them. Otherwise they continue to take advantage and won't stop. I normally would think a statement like Kammenos made to be retarded however it's exactly what was/is needed and the Turks need some of this to back off. A lot more. I cant read Erdogan/Turkey. My gut tells me this is a lot of hot air and the typical bravado when there is internal problems, ie the fake coup and Erdogan brining his enemies to their knees but which really is damaging the country and let's create some tension outside to take the focus off and beat our chests. But I can't help not to take the things they are saying serious. You shouldn't say s%$#! like that unless you are ready to fight. That's my mindset. Relations have really soured and no Greek should take these words lightly. Erdogan is crazy, who knows what he may try to pull. All I know is in 96 the Turks didn't truly want to fight for Imia and we called their bluff. This has to happen more. And be prepared for the worse. It's easy to say from afar but if they don't do this from the start they may find themselves in a worse situation later on. Tsipra needs to say something....
  3. Andriotis

    SL Realignment - 14 Teams

    Obviously as the crisis hit in 2009 we can see that the figures took a nose dive, I think that is the biggest factor all be it not the only one. A lot of clubs inside and outside of the two big cities need to merge. It's that simple. Yes there is history, rivalries etc... but when a super league club can only get 800-1,000 people outside of a "derby" they don't need 3 clubs in that city/island. There needs to be large scale mergers and build the fan bases. League needs to be cut down to 14 teams.
  4. Andriotis


    http://www.newsweek.com/us-should-extradite-coup-suspect-fethullah-gulen-turkey-says-trump-adviser-519534?utm_source=internal&utm_campaign=incontent&utm_medium=related4 Greece is screwed. The writing is on the wall unfortunately. That's from the national security advisor and one of Trumps top advisors (Flynn) who also has deep connections to Turkey. Completely screwed. They better have a strategy to defend the islands/Thrace.
  5. This makes absolutely no sense. Is this a bad joke?
  6. I like when we play in Kriti. Ideally, Karaiskaki is the best stadium in Greece in the biggest city with the most football fans. However nobody cares and they don't support the Ethniki.
  7. Pedigree = prestige, past success etc Its not even close between the 2 footballing nations. Greece blows Bosnia away. You want to talk present form, yes I think the teams are more equal currently. Bosnia has better attackers, we have better defenders. I think Bosnia has a better style of play. Anyway, on the game. Draw was a fair result. In fact we were a bit lucky. Both sides had a couple decent chances. As usual with anybody we play Bosnians dominated possession. We have no midfield and it has been killing us badly. Mitro was a disaster up front also, we need better from him. We need to find midfielders who can actually somewhat play the position. At this point who cares what their names are. Tzavellas scored a cracker and it saved our campaign so far but I still can't stand him. (Sorry) I don't have any faith Skibbe will get it all right. Btw, Dzeko is a dick face. Always has and always will be. Hate this player. As for the fans, I also hate s%$#! like this. There is no place for it in football or in the stadium. Stupid a few people can make a whole country look stupid. They should be ashamed and not allowed ever again. We also should not play our games in Athens in my opinion. Last but not least, wake up people the Serb brotherhood is a joke. They don't give a rats ass about us truthfully and we shouldn't about them. They want to be friends and be friendly, sure nothing wrong with that. But that's as far as it should go and don't fool yourselves.