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  1. Overall the OSPF is both successful and (mostly). A different story ( dirty money) can be read in the Guardian Michel Platini, the banned former Uefa president and France football legend, has been detained in connection with a criminal investigation into alleged corruption relating to Fifa’s decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, French justice sources have confirmed. Platini’s detention was first reported by the news website Mediapart on Tuesday morning, with Claude Gueant, the former secretary general of the Élysée Palace under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, also being interviewed as a “free suspect”. Another adviser to Sarkozy during his presidency, Sophie Dion, was also detained for questioning. The detention of Platini, who voted for Qatar to host the tournament, represents the first substantial public move in an investigation into the 2022 decision opened two years ago by France’s Parquet National Financier, which is responsible for law enforcement against serious financial crime. According to the judicial sources, the PNF is investigating possible “private corruption”, “criminal conspiracy” and “influence peddling and trading in influence” over the December 2010 vote, which are categories of corruption in French law. The soccer-magician Platini knew that he should hide the ball and eventually to pass the ball! The bureaucrat/personality Platini ought to have known that (1) the moolah must be hidden from the authorities and (2) shared with your team.
  2. Back in 2012 I followed the Biden-Ryan debate and I wondered why (1)Biden behaved like a drunk sailor and (2) the organizer of the debate did not kick him out. Apparently other people had similar reactions, and today I stumbled on an article on Biden's past achievement and his manners. For those who do not remember the Biden-Ryan 2012 debate,the following an article can be read at www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/joe-biden-was-trump-before-trump; The juicier points (in my opinion) are below: Biden, on the evening of Oct. 11, 2012, delivered the most extraordinary, most ambitious, and most undignified performance in the history of televised vice presidential debates. Biden snickered and guffawed his way through the debate, interrupting his opponent repeatedly for the sake of interrupting, and firing irrelevant juvenile comebacks at his opponent's sober points. Surely, this boorishness would hurt Biden. Surely, laughing at dead servicemen in a war his administration started, and at the insolvency of entitlements, would look bad to the press and the public.…....... After every 2016 Republican debate, I would comment to my wife and to my conservative colleagues, surely Trump’s boorishness, ignorance, and utter lack of dignity will look bad to voters. Yet after every debate, Trump rose in the polls. Like Biden 2012, Trump 2016 would interrupt his opponents — not to make a point, but to interrupt, to establish his dominance over the likes of Jeb Bush. When an opponent lodged a perfectly valid criticism of Trump, Trump would respond with an irrelevant, often personal attack. His “counterpunching” was never about rebutting an attack, it was about inflicting maximum pain so as to make the opponent hesitate before punching the next time. Biden made it clear that being a vulgar pest was a winning formula in American politics. So America was about to see vulgar pest-hood for real. If Biden was Jack Nicholson's Joker, Trump would be Heath Ledger’s Joker. …..... Biden was the proto-Trump in many other ways besides the boorish debating. Biden, for instance, had a creepy habit of pawing at women and kissing them in the open, and somehow got away with it. Americans, it turned out, tolerate this creepy grabbing. This made it a bit less shocking in 2016 when Donald Trump didn't collapse in the polls after being caught bragging about how he kisses women he’s just met, and grabs their crotches, and “they let you do it.” Biden peddled old racial stereotypes and somehow got away with it. "You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent,” he said in 2008, before Obama chose him as a running mate.
  3. 1) Petros Kokkalis chose to not be member of the “:Piraeus winner” and to join SYRIZA 2) This upset Marinakis and he claimed that a) When he bought Olymbiakos, the team was bust b) The amateur-OSFP, run by Petros Kokkalis, had a debt of 7M c) When he took over, Olymbiakos was bust and in a situation worse than that of AEK before it was demoted to the C-level d) he should have expected the choice of Petros Kokkalis; his father's fortune was built through contracts with with the Greek governments The response of Socrates was “The more Mr. Marimakis speaks, the better we understand the character of the gentleman". I guess that Marinakis thinks that he is clever because he has money. At the other end, Socrates knows that he is rich because he is clever, cunning, educated, and full of initiative.
  4. What is the problem? Let us assume that Tomorrow I step into a bank (armed and penniless) and exit with 200K. Knowing that our benefactor is running out of funds and Phantis may close, I give 100K to our benefactor. He takes the moolah, and as a result the Phantis is revived In this case, If caught, I will be accused of a crime and I will end in jail. Lazarus will also go to jail if he knew that the 100K was the outcome of a crime. Crime or not, Lazarus may have problems with the IRS. Clearly 1) and 2) are crimes. Therefore, the question is not if Assange committed a crime, see 1) above; moreover it is criminal to knowingly accept and use the outcome of the crimes of Assange. I fear that the DNC will climb to new Himalaya-like levels of ineptitude and the bozo will not be ousted from his current domicile
  5. OOne can read https://www.iefimerida.gr/ the following story: the Greek the following : Fighting a supporter of Olympiacos by five people on a vehicle in Ilion managed to prevent the men in the section of Athletic Violence. More specifically, passengers of the 18- to-30-year-old fleet of the car flew to Peristeri to find the "red-eyed" supporter and attack him, but the authorities arrested them and led them to GADA. The fans of Panathinaikos were fully ... equipped with every kind of lethal weapon, having on their full face, masks, gloves, hammers, jaws and a knife. Fighting a supporter of Olympiacos by five people on a vehicle in Ilion managed to prevent the men in the section of Athletic Violence. More specifically, passengers of the 18- to-30-year-old fleet of the car flew to Peristeri to find the "red-eyed" supporter and attack him, but the authorities arrested them and led them to GADA. The fans of Panathinaikos were fully ... equipped with every kind of lethal weapon, having on their full face, masks, gloves, hammers, jaws and a knife.
  6. It is known that Marinakis bought the news parers “TA NEA” and BHMA . As a result we can read today a totally objective and very modest article about Olymbiakos in the newspaper “TA NEA”. The headline of this article is Ενας θρύλος – 94 χρόνια δόξας Ο Ολυμπιακός γιορτάζει σήμερα τα 94α γενέθλια του
  7. Let us look, again!, at the numbers: 1) During Reagan's presidency, the federal debt held by the public nearly tripled in nominal terms, from $738 billion to $2.1 trillion. Nominal after-tax corporate profits grew at a compound annual growth rate of 3.0% during Reagan's eight years, compared to 13.0% during the preceding eight years. The top 1% of income earners' share of income before transfers and taxes rose from 9.0% in 1979 to a peak of 13.8% I The bottom 90% had a lower share of the income in 1989 vs. 1979. When Bush 41 realized that voodoo economics had brought the country to the brim of an economical precipice, he decided to forget his pre-election promises. The economists that I know opined that all of presidents are scoundrels and the #41 was the least scoundrel.
  8. If one would look at https://www.bls.gov/charts/employment-situation/civilian-unemployment-rate.htm 0ne would see that unemployment rate was 3.8% in April 2000 by Oct 2009 it grew to 10%; then it started to diminish. By November 2018 the rate was 3.7% By March 2019 it was 3,8%. Reasonable people assume that what one sees at time T is the result of policies that were followed at time T-Δ. As of now, I have not seen any Trump-lover that can be considered as reasonable.
  9. Mueller (Müller if you like the umlauts) mulled over what he discovered and said: I uncovered several illegal acts of a political Mafia We were unable to prove that the soldiers were carrying out the orders of their Don. In the US courts the accused is declared guilty or not guilty. Innocence is decided, if ever, by the Eternal. There is a color of innocence that can be decided here and now. E.g., running against a bozo (such as our gutter-species president) and being beaten by the Bozo.
  10. Today I used Google to find the Slavic equivalent of wet nurse. The answer came back and over the answer one could read Macedonian! Well, sometimes, the other fellows win. What can one say? As usual, the patriots could choose between the bad and the worse and grabbed the worse.
  11. It has become apparent to all that the bozo in the White House is likely to destroy the country and the GOP. As a result, Panetta (the son of the well known Panetta) another Democrat, and two Republicans (all four members of the House) penned an article, “Our common mission is to get things done”, that appeared in the Post. Next to Panetta's article, one can read an article by Joe.Scarborough demanding that Obama be allowed to run again! Mitt Rodney came out and stated “I can’t understand why the President would, once again, disparage a man as exemplary as my friend John McCain: heroic, courageous, patriotic, honorable, self-effacing, self-sacrificing, empathetic, and driven by duty to family, country, and God”. My friend Mitt overlooked the more important sin of the bozo. Civilized men do not malign the dead. The only problem that remains is the DNC itself. It exists in order to serve the adolescent fixations of its nomenclature.
  12. I, for one, rank the candidates on as follows: What, if any, the candidate plans to improve, why, and how? If the candidate fails to pass criterion #1, I am done Does the candidate have a plausible plan for implementing the changes in #1? If not, I am done Do I believe that over some horizon the country will be better thanks to his/her plan? If not, I am done. In my opinion, the only candidate who almost passed this test two yeas ago was Sanders. Unfortunately two bozos (in my opinion), were running for the presidency. Note: Lady Donna Brazile passed to Mrs Clinton information about one(?) of the questions that would be asked during the Clinton-Trump debate. I do not recall if Madame Brazile was fired by CNN before she resigned or the reverse. Today we were told that she will be working for FOX. If Goebbels were with us, he would have applauded.
  13. It appears to me that you disregard this candidate because you think he wants to be the first homosexual president ..... I wonder if 1) my previous text (above in this thread) was badly written or 2) badly read or 3) both! The opening statement of this thread informed us, with Gigantic letters, that if elected, the gentleman would be “The first gay elected president". I thought (and think) that I wrote a text that said the policies of a politician matter, and the rest, if legal, does not matter. Finally, I regret that I do know how not and cannot write more politely what follows: 1) I am , like all of us, thankful to the creator of Phantis, and 2) I am of the opinion that we would all be better off if we stick to “criticizing statements", not the person who made them
  14. In a functioning Republic the citizens are expected to respect the laws and their elected representatives are expected to truly represent the voters. When someone wishes to be elected because (s)he wants to be the first (woman, homosexual, midget, Comanche or masochist,....) to be elected president, (s)he must be ipso facto be ignored. A few years back there was a candidate (senator Bernie Sanders) who was proposing specific changes in the country. The DNC had already decided that the country only needed to have a female president named Clinton and it managed to put Mr Trump in the white house. Like the French aristocracy, the Democrats have learned and forgotten nothing.
  15. The Fund is of the opinion that Greece's future is doubtful: IMF: Financial Bomb Retrospective- Calls for Emergency Plan The Fund calls for an emergency plan under the threat of massive court decisions to cancel memorandum cuts leading to an avalanche phenomenon with a one-off budget of up to € 9.5 billion and permanent charges of € 1.5 billion a year. ..... The Fund also calls for an emergency plan at the risk of massive court decisions to cancel memorandum cuts leading to an avalanche phenomenon with a one-off budget of up to € 9.5 billion and permanent charges of € 1.5 billion a year.
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