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  1. The opera buffa continues. …. the PAOK lawyer argued that "today we must dispel a myth". PAOK is not owned by Ivan Savvidis. Ivan Savvidis is just a president. The PAE belongs to George Savvidis and Sunday Savvidis, who are commanding and just consulting Ivan.
  2. Those who read the in.gr may have read, in Greek (or in English , the following story: The revelations about Xanthi's ownership and his nephew Ivan Savvidis, who bought through the RFA company the premises of the accreditation team and the hotel "Le Chalet", are outrageous. Last week the ONE Channel revealed that until a few years ago Ioannis Kalpazidis was working as a waiter. A few years later, Kalpazidis himself, son of Ivan Savvidis' sister, appears to find 10,000,000 euros and offer them for the acquisition of Xanthi's facilities. The case is in full swing. With investigations from all parties involved and the "accused" continuing to try to save time. For days now it has been revealed that the ESA has been requested to fire documents requested by the ESA from Xanthi, RFA, Panopoulos and Kalpazidis, but also to postpone the hearing for 10 January 2020. Note that (unless I am wrong) the ONE Channel belongs to Marinakis.
  3. My grandsons were dumbfounded that I was unable to address what is important. They are of the opinion that the owners of the four big teams (AEK, OSFP, PAO and PAOK) do not care for sports. They care for power and money. Therefore, Marinakis bought the NEA and Savvides the Ethnos. Marinakis fell in love with ΝΔ and Kokkalis with ΣΥΡΙΖΑ The club of Xanthi was bought a company, TFA, owned by Ivan Savvidis. The Europeans (dumb unlike us Greeks) were dumbfounded. Therefore, one can read in the Greek press (e.g., https://www.iefimerida.gr/spor) that FIFA/UEFA want to meet with Μαρινάκη, Μελισσανίδη, Σαββίδη και Αλαφούζο. Cheers!
  4. Φίλτατε Αχιλλέα 1) Your criticisms are correct 2) Your points about the 10.gr and the ethics of Greek soccer are correct (in my opinion) 3) The story about Savvides is of interest to the OSFP supporters 4) I am sure that eventually some Phantis-referee will fix my errors
  5. Bye Bye Savvides? According to To10.gr 1) PAOK and Xanthi will be booted out the championship and 2) Savvides and his serfs will be booted out from Greek Soccer for ever
  6. The post-modern NATO: Macron is of the opinion that NATO/OTAN is a dinosaur. As of now, the nautical borders of Greece lie 6 nautical miles from Greek shores. In international law, a state's territorial sea extends up to 12 nautical miles The position of Turkey is that if Greece extends its sea borders, there will be war. According to Turkey the borders for the exclusive economic zones (EEZs) in the Aegean will not be affected by the Aegean islands. Turkey and Libya agreed on their EEZs. Greece asked NATO’s support in its dispute against Turkey. NATO is an post-modern alliance. The allies are eager to fight each other.
  7. The sainted trios 1) Marinakis bought Olymbiakos and the newspaper NEA; he is friendly to the New Democracy 2) Savvidis bought PAOK, and the newspaper Ethnos; he is friendly to SYRIZA. Now it is clear to all that the truth is not subjective; the truth is the opinions that serve the interest of the moneyed. Except, maybe, in the USA. In this sacred country the holders of the truth are those who manage to enable the Trumps of the world.
  8. Querido Pepito. Según Gibril su problema es su respecto por las opiniones burdas de los Gringos! Since I don't know if you are Mexican, allow me to continue in English. I saw the “debate” between Biden and Ryan back then When Ryan would speak, Biden would contort his body. I doubt that a chimpanzee could have a richer repertoire. When Pence and Kane had their debate, whenever Pence tried to answer a question, Kaine (the #2 of Mrs Clinton) would pop to disagree with the statement that had not been finished. I quoted an article (Biden/Ryan debate) of the Guardian. Did the Guardian lie and if it did, why did the Guardian print a plain lie?
  9. Gibril suggests that those able to read should visit https://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/12/us/politics/biden-takes-off-gloves-in-vice-presidential-debate.html
  10. In the NEA one can read “The 4 ... Bodyguards against the Ankara lions Full support for Greek and Cypriot energy positions and expansion of co-operation on security and environmental issues were agreed at the first energy ministerial conference of Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the US held in Athens on Wednesday”. Unfortunately, only Israel and the US have the muscle to force Turkey to behave while Greece and Cyprus will be the cheerleaders of the group. Most Greeks strongly dislike both the Jews and the Americans because they strongly believe that the Jews and the Americans are the source of their problems. Cheers!
  11. The problem with climate change (and not only with the climate change) is that he who does not play fair will pocket all the benefits while the costs will be shared by all. If I am not wrong, last June Reuters informed us on the position of India: India will not sign up to targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions but will instead focus on fighting poverty and boosting economic growth, the environment minister said Tuesday. Cheers!
  12. I don't recall a similar word in the US English language (or Spanish for that matter), but yet it appears that the symptoms of the government plundering the country while enriching the insiders are all there for the USA and for Mexico. Can you please explain how that is possible? Is it that we are becoming 'Greeker' without knowing it? Elementary logic claims that if A-->X and B-->X, it does not follow that A=B Mexico has a word that explains almost all of its problems: mordida. Catholism is the worst version of Christianity: Indeed, if one read a) “El Matarero” by Esteban Echeverria b) about the massacre of St. Bartholomew's night c) about the slaughter of the Cathars One would not need any explanation concerning Mexico and the rest of the .Latin America. In the US people like Trump and Clinton (see the pardon of Mr. Rich) can be corrupt but the bureaucrats are rarely corrupt.
  13. It is well known that a people which uses the word πεσκέσι (Greek) or peşkeş (Persian/Turkish) gets the parasitic government that it deserves. The government plunders the country, enrich the insiders and rains bonbons to its base
  14. Last night I was visited by Gabriel (the angel) who asked me to help mi amiguete Pepito to read an article at the Guardian ( https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/oct/12/joe-biden-paul-ryan-debate ) where he would read In the normal course of events, vice-presidential debates, much like vice-presidents themselves, don't particularly matter. And this may well prove to be the case with Thursday night's confrontation in Kentucky. But if it is, it won't be for lack of trying on the part of Joe Biden, whose high-energy performance – part angry bar-room debater, part condescending elder uncle, part comic mime artist – frequently seemed to leave Paul Ryan overwhelmed. On more than one occasion, the Republican candidate visibly gulped. It's dispiriting, of course, that political discourse should have been reduced to such displays of alpha-male dominance.
  15. Overall the OSPF is both successful and (mostly). A different story ( dirty money) can be read in the Guardian Michel Platini, the banned former Uefa president and France football legend, has been detained in connection with a criminal investigation into alleged corruption relating to Fifa’s decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, French justice sources have confirmed. Platini’s detention was first reported by the news website Mediapart on Tuesday morning, with Claude Gueant, the former secretary general of the Élysée Palace under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, also being interviewed as a “free suspect”. Another adviser to Sarkozy during his presidency, Sophie Dion, was also detained for questioning. The detention of Platini, who voted for Qatar to host the tournament, represents the first substantial public move in an investigation into the 2022 decision opened two years ago by France’s Parquet National Financier, which is responsible for law enforcement against serious financial crime. According to the judicial sources, the PNF is investigating possible “private corruption”, “criminal conspiracy” and “influence peddling and trading in influence” over the December 2010 vote, which are categories of corruption in French law. The soccer-magician Platini knew that he should hide the ball and eventually to pass the ball! The bureaucrat/personality Platini ought to have known that (1) the moolah must be hidden from the authorities and (2) shared with your team.
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