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  1. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    What is everyone missing here? Let's not even mention the gun; what the hell is an owner of a major team even doing on the field, during the game?! People, open up your eyes. This crap doesn't happen anywhere. His butt should have been in the owners box. The moment he made it about himself is when he screwed the team, the fans, and Greek football!
  2. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    The league needs to be postponed until all this crap gets straightened out. How the heck did AEK lose 1-0 on paper?! The last we saw, the referee called the play offside, then all hell broke out. Now, we lose, on paper?!
  3. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Folks, let's be realistic here. How the heck can you expect anyone to come out and play after the crap that happened 2 hours ago?! 3 weeks in a row that PAOK are involved with chaotic scenes. This one takes the cherry though. No business for an owner to be on the field; EVER!
  4. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    This is disgraceful......what the hell is Savvidis doing in the field. DISGRACEFUL
  5. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Well said, Klaous. Can you imagine this happening in major league sports in Canada/USA? Hoping Greece eventually gets to a point where we can have fans of all teams enjoying the beautiful sport of soccer!
  6. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Folks, the problem is there is no level of consistency in applying the rules of the league in Greece. Has been an issue in the past, and continues to be an issue currently. That's the issue. Where else in the world do these things happen like this?!
  7. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    No wonder they are called the Gavri of the North......
  8. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Paok is the new Olympiacos of the league..........
  9. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Regardless of what team you root for, it's time for clubs to be accountable for the actions of fans in the stands. If PAOK fans are upset, it should be with the senseless fan who threw the roll at Garcia. It's the biggest game of the season, and you have to throw an object at the opposing team?! Blame him, not AEK or the league! Oly took advantage of an opportunity that an idiot in the stands gave them.
  10. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Derby without fans is just not fun to watch. Hoping for a good game!
  11. AEK's New Jersey

    Hope someone can help out.......looking to purchase the ethnosyma (Greek flag) patch that is on all the greek league jerseys this season. Purchasing AEK jersey from teamshop, but they don't offer or include.
  12. SL - R23: PAOK - Olympiakos ( 05 Mar 17, 19:30 EET )

    Any links for the game?
  13. AEK vs Olympiakos

    Vranies starting as right back, yikes!
  14. AEK's New Jersey

    No issues with mine after washing / drying
  15. AEK- Platanias

    Tell me how Morais is more competent than Ketsbai? They both suck. Horrible, in game decisions by the coach. Taking Aravidis out, and putting Almeida on the left wing cost us the 3 points!