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  1. The only weakness I see so far tonight is Tzavellas. He looks awful! I don't understand how one of our most inform players, playing with a current top epl side is at home, while this clown is playing.
  2. It was a really tough game to watch. Our best players were Karnezis & Manolas. Holebas is one of our most talented players offensively, he will be missed and it's such a shame. I do think going forward, we have what it takes to beat Bosnia at home. We're 3-0 and a win next month will be huge for this team so lets try to be a little positive.
  3. I really hope Gianniotas, Taxi and Maniatis start. I know Maniatis doesn't have a club, but you can always count on him to give you everything he has. To me, Gianniotas seems like that kind of kid as well. 2-0 is my hopeful score line but I think we win 2-1. PAME
  4. He's on fire boys. Another 1 today. This is perfect timing considering our big qualifier
  5. ^Same for me. This team has a lot to prove after that horrible euro qualifiers. We need at least 7 points in the next 3 games for me to feel confident about our world cup dreams.
  6. From watching his past 4 games it seems like he's much more clinical with his volleys and touches. Seems like anything he fires has a chance to score. He is at his peak right now
  7. Mitroglou returned for the game against braga and scored. Also made me some money on 365 by doing so
  8. Jonas, Jiminez and Mitro are all out. Benfica are dealing with injury problems atm
  9. Hey Guys, I'm also new here. Our left side is an issue. Holebas needs to be on the field whether its as a LW,LM or LB
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