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  1. Couldn't get the money he was looking for elsewhere and seems to get along well with Jimenez.
  2. Did not even make it a full season. Jimenez is back yet again. Not a huge surprise. Team has not played well in the big games. Not all his fault as management did not bring in enough players. Ouzounidis will likely bounce back with a smaller club.
  3. Don't remind me. I blocked that one out of my mind. Decent draw for Olympiakos.
  4. That was a really bad sequence with the Alef questionable foul, the judgment call handball penalty and send off. Thought they might get a draw but ultimately lost 0-2.
  5. Lewanflopski is more like it. Bayern was clearly better and deserved to win.
  6. 4-0 now. Livaja on the board. Nice to get some production from Boye and Ponce.
  7. Aek just signed Anel Sabanadzovic for 1 million. He will join this summer and is a 19 year old midfielder. Remember watching his father play when I was in high school. Makes me feel very old.
  8. Vidi is a Scrappy team as Aek learned when they played them. Paok could have made a big step in securing advancement with a win.
  9. Started watching on the bleacher report app just before Olympiakos scored their first goal. You're welcome.
  10. Losing Livaja for 4 cl games was terrible. Not sure he would have helped tonight but would have made a difference v Benfica. Hoping not to lose by 5+ in Munich.
  11. -3 to Aek upheld on appeal. Title is Paok's to lose at this point barring heavy injuries/fan behavior issues.
  12. So much for my prediction. This sets a bad precedent going forward and seems pretty arbitrary. Might as well give Paok the title now and cancel the rest of the season.
  13. I imagine the point deduction will be overturned on appeal. If not, the title defense is effectively over. Seems a bit harsh when compared to other deduction situations.
  14. 1-1 FT. Fair result based on how the game went. Olympiakos had a big chance to win in stoppage time after Bakasetas' late equalizer.
  15. I think Mantalos just cramped. He was exhausted. Should have subbed Galo in imo.
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