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  1. Did enough to beat OFI 2-0 at home, today. Blew a ton of good chances in the 2nd half. Araujo and Verde are really struggling to finish.
  2. Edit - up 2 points pending PAOK's CAS appeal. At home v OFI on Wednesday.
  3. Big win 1-4 today. Could have been a bigger margin with better finishing. Up 3 pending the CAS appeal results.
  4. Agree on the derbies. Lost 3-2 against PAO earlier in the season after leading 0-2. Have generally been bad against the other top teams.
  5. Shocked they won today. Can't remember the last time they beat PAOK before today. They are so far behind because the team has little depth, has had a revolving door of managers, and has had some injuries. Team has needed CB help for years and still trots out the same guys. There is also a lack of creativity on the finishing end. They tend to struggle against teams that park the bus and had some bad draws against lower table teams this season.
  6. Crazy Greek cup semi v Aris. Managed to get through in Stoppage time. Highlights are crazy. Not sure we will be able to field a team going forward. Lots of red and yellow cards dished out in this one.
  7. Oliveira and Livaja need to be on the field at the same time. Symanski's finishing was awful. He should have scored twice.
  8. 2-2 at OAKA against Aris. Should have won the game comfortably but miffed some chances. Mantalos with a bonehead foul to gift Aris a penalty. This team misses Vranjes already.
  9. We shall see. Very talented but a head case from what I have read. Was frequently late for or missed meetings at some of his other stops.
  10. They have needed help at CB for several years and have not filled the gap. Can't keep trotting the current group out there.
  11. Vranjes loan period is apparently over. That is a big blow to a team with little defensive depth.
  12. The ref must have been paid per yellow card. I think he gave out 8 total.
  13. Beat OFI today, 0-2. Had a few other chances per the highlights as did OFI. Next game on 6/20 against Aris.
  14. I love AEK but would give them little chance of finishing second even with PAOK's current one point lead. Team is too flawed and not deep enough for a strong playoff run.
  15. 100% agree. No reason to play at this point. Finish up the Greek Cup if needed and be done. The soccer will be poor and the players will not be fit.
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