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  1. Here. I've been here for a while though. I don't know why you have this impression in every post, no one thinks we are a big team, we are a mediocre team who fights for 2nd and 3rd place in qualification groups. No one thinks we're a superpower. Today, we played a horrible game and closed down after leading 2-0 and got what was to be expected. In the end, lucky to keep it at 2-2 and not concede a 3rd goal. That's football. Anyway, until October 15th, peace out
  2. Hello. It has been a while since I last wrote here, who knew we would be in this situation again so soon? Bosnia has undergone a transformation under new manager Robert Prosinečki who can certainly put up some impressive numbers to his name so far. Since Robert Prosinečki took over, Bosnia have only conceded 4 goals in the last 10 games, one of those being a 93rd minute deflection against Northern Ireland. The current team is much more organized, disciplined and defensively compact than the one Greece played in the last qualification campaign - the fact Bosnia has been promoted to Divison A of the UEFA Nations League is proof of this. However, Bosnia has lost its offensive touch and finds it harder to come to goals and chances than would have previously been the case. For example, the team only managed one shot on target in the game against Austria at home and that was the shot that resulted in the only goal of the game, giving Bosnia a 1-0 victory. I expect a hard match tomorrow, it could go either way.
  3. To play Belgium you need to have a compact defense which can shut down for a result, we can't do that. Our defense is s%$#!, those of you who follow the Greek league probably know Ognjen Vranjes who starts for us at RB...
  4. We clearly can't agree on the issue... So I think it's a waste of time to talk about it further. The punishment is final and can't change, good luck in the playoffs.
  5. I have my facts straight and have seen all the evidence. Where have you seen our fans clubbing your fans? I can't find that anywhere. Do you have any proof of this? I've seen the video of security hitting some Greek fans (when Zeca and some other players came up to fence) but our fans are not in that clip. The fans were separated by a buffer zone with about 100 security guards in it. Also, what happened there exactly? Did the travelling fan supporter group make any statement?
  6. @J1078 Our fans did not attack yours, I'm not sure where you're getting your information from. There's a tampon zone between the two sets of fans which makes it impossible for one set to reach the other.
  7. He was employed by Bazdarevic, not by the Federation, that doesn't make him a part of the federation. If you are employed by a company to do a job, and in doing that job you hire someone to help you with one part of it, that doesn't mean that your company has hired that worker. But as I said, he's gone! Stephane is no more. The punishment is final and talking about it won't change it. Gilli - hit a player, as a result lost his job, got sued and fined. Security - hit travelling fans, as a result the stadium was suspended and contract changed. Besic - hit Manolas, received 1 game suspension. That's perfectly fair. I don't understand your outrage. Closed doors bans are usually reserved for pitch invasions or extreme hate speech such as neo-Nazi chanting.
  8. I've read what you've said, I'm telling you he's been punished. I've also been searching through history and I haven't found a single instance in football history where the fans have been punished for the actions of the players or coaching staff. Do you have one?
  9. No he isn't, he worked for the Bosnia national team but he wasn't not employed by the Bosnian FA, he's Bazdarevic's friend and works through him. If you were talking about Peric or Jankovic that would be a different matter. Our manager says right here that he's NOT employed by the FA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKq2sGicSEQ Not that it matters, he's left. What point are you trying to make anymore?
  10. Belgium will not play a B side, I'm not sure where this is coming from? Martinez already said he will play all the regulars Hazard, De Bruyne, Lukaku, etc.
  11. Nope, he isn't a representative of the federation. He isn't employed by them or legally contracted to the football federation. He did his job for free as he is a friend of the manager. I've already said, he has been punished individually which is the correct procedure. This is of course if we ignore that Gianniotas (don't even remember who it was actually) actually also attacked him and tried to whip him in the face. I suppose by your logic when two players get in a fight on the field that the club should get a stadium ban because the players are 'representatives of the club'? When a player does a brutal slide tackle and breaks the leg of an opposition player, that's worth a closed doors ban? Maybe when Wayne Rooney kicked Andrija Delibasic in the back in 2012, England should have received a stadium ban? The fine is large enough, especially given the additional player suspensions and stadium suspension. It will not be played behind closed doors neither has a closed doors ban ever been given for a similar incident. Hmm, I wonder could you be? Given that our fans were hospitalised in Athens, and nothing was done about it What? Besic played his first game after 18 months of injury and they lost a game, that definitely says a lot. It's not as though football is played 11 vs 11, is it, "GreekAttackSux"? Dortmund also lost 3-1, does this mean Sokratis Papastathopoulos is a bad player? The first time that an anthem was booed was the anthem of Bosnia in Athens in 2011 (when the flag was also burned), if you are going to talk about 'doing it first'. No Bosnian fan knows the lyrics to the anthem, therefore they are not booing Greek bones or whatever you are thinking about. Every country has their own history full of turmoil. Actually I don't have anything against Greeks, neither do most Bosnians, but Greeks seem to hate Bosnians for some reason. Furthermore, a slogan mocking genocide is not 'bantz', it is a most serious offence. If Turks raised a banner mocking the Greek genocide or something related (I don't really know much about Turkish history), I'm sure that people here would be calling either for Turkey to be banned from football, right? How? What do they care for? Why would they care about Bosnia? A nation without any officials in UEFA or FIFA has preferential treatment you think? Do you also think they care for us when they suspended us from football in 2010 and 2011, when we drew the toughest team in playoffs twice in a row, when we had two refereeing decisions go against us (Dzeko vs Nigeria 2014, Spahic vs France 2011)? Just curious, because that makes no sense. If anything they are favoured towards England, France, Spain, Germany, etc. He's not employed by the federation, therefore the federation can't be legally held responsible for his actions. That's why he was punished individually by the way. Anyway, he's gone now. The punishment is more than enough, fan trouble and booing hymns is never punished as severely as you are making out! In the Serbia-Wales game in June, Serbian fans attacked the Welsh and ripped their flags off and threw firecrackers at them, but yet again they didn't receive a single punishment! Why? Because it just doesn't happen.
  12. Belgium with and without Hazard are two different teams, if he's still lightly injured he might not play.
  13. Absolutely, but the punishment we received is bigger than you think. As I said, we only have one Category 3 stadium in the country which means we're playing at an improvised stadium in another city which we've never played in before so it will be a disadvantage especially against Belgium which are 5 classes above us. Your NT do not need to worry about our results but about Sweden or Wales, no way we beat Belgium.
  14. You're right, it's a disgrace that someone could get away with assaulting visiting fans, I wonder when FIFA will finally react!?
  15. Then he got fired, sued and personally fined. What more are you expecting? Why would the fans be punished (or the team) for something which had nothing to do with them, though Dzeko & Besic got 1 match bans each and the stadium (the only one which fulfils UEFA category 3) was suspended. Nothing is a 'joke' about it, any greater punishment would be comical and has never happened in footballing history. Greece got off without any punishment for their antics in November so why are you so outraged? There is no global conspiracy against your football federation. It isn't at all 'easy' that we have player suspensions, stadium ban and a fine because of the actions of a coaching staff member. BTW, for drawing a swastika on the pitch vs Italy, Croatia got a 2 match closed doors suspension and a point deduction, so there is no conspiracy.
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