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  1. kozi

    SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    1. Have some dignity and lose 5 nil. 2. Pull team out of Greek superleague and join Skopje league.
  2. He plays Crespo and Koulouri, result is no surprise
  3. Sack this clown... NOW
  4. Worried about this game, think it will be very difficult, hopefully we can get the 3 points
  5. kozi

    SL–R10: AEK - PAOK (05 Nov 17, 19:30 EET)

    I have always said, and still say, that we need a manager that can instill the winner mentality into us. Also have the guts to go out and win a natch. I'm not up with injuries so please correct me, but if Canas and Mauricio aren't better than cimirot and shakov... Are we serious? Pelka? Spare me... Why did we bother getting Mak? Wasting another season. Still plenty to play for but we need to be more enterprising.
  6. Hope we see this lineup: --Rey-- --Matos--Zambrano--Varela--Leovac-- --Mauricio--Canas-- --Vieirinha--El Kaddouri--Mak-- --Prijovic--
  7. ... or downright stupid
  8. Team is improving week by week, great match by Zambrano, defense looks more stable with him there
  9. mak needs to come on also for pelka
  10. Just now showed how limited Cimirot is, cannot take on a player, cannot provide an incisive pass
  11. Yep, Cimirot has to go, does nothing...btw, is Canas injured or out of squad?
  12. well done to Pelka for running at the defence