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  1. Giorgos Spanoudakis - Stuttgart U19

    premier league 2 which is Reserve League
  2. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    To be honest not scared of any team as we almost beat Belgium away from home and in my opinion Belgium are more world class than the Italians
  3. Giorgos Spanoudakis - Stuttgart U19

    Savvas is playing for Norwich
  4. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    We don't have a good record against Scandinavian countries
  5. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Lazaros will get called up
  6. Future Players Of The National Team

    yeah his Grandfather was born in Greece so its pretty good to me
  7. Future Players Of The National Team

    Have you guys heard the news about Lucas Villafanez?
  8. European matches

    Sergio Araujo is the answer
  9. Eurobasket 2017

    who do we play next?
  10. Eurobasket 2017

    Anyone think we can beat France?
  11. http://www.feed4u.tv/watch/1975049/1/Belgium-vs-Greece.html