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  1. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Are you the old poster Amorgos (now on sedra) trying to promote your own blogs on Agona?
  2. Ancient Greek History

    Completely agree that anyone can be and feel Greek and can do so through different means. It can be through the love of the culture, the history, the food, the language etc. Your identity definitely does not need to be defined by your genes. I personally love the DNA testing element. Seeing the shared DNA with other ethnicities just makes me ponder about the history of all the different population movements that occurred across the area and the historical demography. I like the fact that we from the Balkans are all a mixed salata. The notion of being a "pure" Greek (which doesn't exist) actually bores me.
  3. Ancient Greek History

    According to the article it states that Slavic ancestry can vary up to 14% of the DNA the Peloponnesean population samples. Therefore, this study actually proves Slavic ancestry rather than disproves it as the Slavic DNA has remained in the gene pool for 1000yrs in an area which probably had the least amount of different Balkan ethnicities living in the area. If the population samples were further north in Greece i bet that figure would increase. Another thing to note is that they are comparing the Slavic DNA of the pure Slavs which are from your Polish, Belorussian type Slavs. If they compared the Slavic DNA of those from the Balkans the results would be very different. I dont know why but many Greeks get very sensitive when Slavic DNA is mentioned. The Balkans has been always been a melting pot of different ethnicities for over a millennia and so it is not unreasonable that we all share very close DNA. Most of my Greek friends even get surprised when I tell them that Thessaloniki's population was mixed for a millenia between Greeks, Bulgarians, Turks & Jews pretty much up to the early 1900's. From what i have read usually mainland Greeks have a closer DNA match with other Balkan peoples and the Islanders of Greece have a closer DNA match with the Italians.
  4. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Bullshit. As soon as the incident happened you have been saying that PAOK should be relegated
  5. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Sorry I'm not deflecting as i have admitted PAOK should get punished. I dont think i need to keep repeating this. You on the other hand are deflecting. You still have not manned up that aek harassed the officials. Im raising this incident because it was this incident that caused Savvidis' brain explosion. Again it was a stupid act and he should get punished but the chain of event should definitely not be ignored. The overturned goal at that point was a championship deciding factor. Emotions are high and because of all the historical corruptions at play, Savvidis saw this as another play at a ref going against PAOK. You like many fans are feeding off the media frenzy which only highlight elements that will sell a story. Its all too easy for you and the aektzides to be wanting PAOK to fall apart so you can win the championship. The courts and governing bodies when neutral will ignore hype and look at the facts and chain of events. I think you dont like this part because aek may be subject to some minor punishment.
  6. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    What point? I have admitted that my team needs to be punished for the actions of Savvidis. You though have not manned up. I dont see you calling out aek the way the players and management behaved by manhandling and verbally abusing the officials until the decision was overturned.
  7. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Most PAOK supporters aren't denying accountability or punishment for PAOK. I am not excusing what happened yesterday. I am not sure how long you have been following Greek football for but i can tell you that Greek football has been plagued with corruption and fan violence. It hasn't all of a sudden become all this since yesterday and i disagree with you that PAOK f**ed Greek football. And by the way injustices of the past can be addressed today. Any crime committed in history can be dealt with today so not sure why we cant go back in time. It also allows an outsider or someone new to Greek football ( im guessing you) to understand the mentality. Its very easy to pounce on the event that just unfolded and make PAOK look like the worst club on the face of the earth. It actually highlights how much other clubs in Greece NEED a scapegoat. 3 weeks ago AEK officially asked for Greek football to be suspended until court cases were resolved. Now all of a sudden AEK fans are up in arms complaining that the league has been suspended as this punishes all clubs not PAOK. Hypocrites. AEK fans slammed PAOK for winning the Cup final in 2017 for a goal that was scored from an offside position labelling PAOK cheats and accusing Savvidis of running Greek football. Do you not recall 2011??? Let me remind you what Atromitos owner said "This took Greek soccer back at least 100 years" AEK won the cup today because it had to win. Everyone saw what circumstances we had to play in?". AEK fans also stormed the pitch that day and clashed with police and ATTACKED Atromitos players. This has all been forgotten now and PAOK are the culprits of the mess in Greek Soccer according to you. Panathinaikos fans are demanding PAOK be relegated yet their club has not been relegated like Iraklis for being in debt. Hypocrites. Olympiakos fans are labeling Savvidis as a corrupt owner who has influence over the Greek Super League yet its ok and all forgotten that their owner has been that for 20 years. Its all forgotten that he is involved in match fixing. They want to label Savvidis a gangster for carrying a pistol yet police found tonnes of heroin on one of his ships. Hypocrites Again I am NOT excusing what Savvidis did last night. It was STUPID and should be punished 100%, BUT don't come here and act like your team are angels and that Greek football was a church before events that have occurred at TOUMBA. Greece is a mess for a reason and so is Greek soccer. It needs a royal commission an a massive overhaul of management
  8. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    The thing is that the olympiakos fans rioting on the pitch in Karaiskaki after the aek match was grabbing all the media attention. Now that PAOK has been involved in events does that mean you sweep that incident under the carpet? Should other fan riots/disturbances not be looked at either where fans and police have been injured across other teams? What about corruption of the last 20 years where there are match fixing allegations and scandals, refeering decisions favouring one team, club owners storming dressing rooms, other cup finals won in dubious circumstances, clubs with debts not being punished. Why should all these things be ignored? In all honestly why should aek players get away with man handling the officials? PAOK should be punished but so should other clubs. A royal commission of the entire greek superleague needs to occur where every single club and all football bodies are investigated.
  9. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Let's not forget that half the aek team man handled the ref and linesman like animals for a solid 5mins until the goal was overruled. They ref should have started issuing yellow or red cards to disrburse the aek players as well as the 4th ref sending the aek bench into the dressing room. Then the game would have continued
  10. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Like panathinaikos who are in debt and owe players money.
  11. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    If AEK refuses then 3pts to PAOK
  12. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    On some camera shots the goalkeeper is NOT impeded at all and the keeper was not the first to complain which says alot. Savvidis should not have stormed the pitch. He has done so well investing in PAOK and creating a team that was of championship material. Tensions in Greek Super League is on all time high given there are 3 powers out there (PAOK, aek, olympiakos) all trying to be the no.1 force in Greece