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  1. Are you sure about that, I think you are misinformed You're right. Many more matches involving Olympiakos have been fixed.
  2. Sorry Tzatziki, the CAS made their decision and cleared PAOK of any co-ownership of Xanthi. 7pts back to PAOK. You know what's fixed... the 2015 Olympiakos v Atromitos match 😉
  3. Is 9am-5pm normal to you? if so then yes what happened was not normal. If you as a person let things just be and don't fight for what you believe in then yeah this is not normal. PAOK finally has an owner that has balls to fight for the team. Why wouldn't he fight up until the 11th hour to get what he wanted? I would. So it doesn't matter if he was busting the balls of the Super League board (or whoever was in charge for this decision) non-stop throughout the night until he got a decision. I work in the corporate world and the amount of decisions that have been made overnight would blow your mind.
  4. I didn't disagree with the statement that the goal was offside did I? It was rather the statement made "coming from a team...." what do you think Boxou is insinuating with a statement like that?... that PAOK is somehow the only team to have won from an incorrect decision or a referee paid off call it whatever you want
  5. Isn't the co-ownership of PAOK/Xanthi just talk and allegations? difference is PAOK received a punishment. If the CAS deems PAOK guilty on evidence then i'm all for a punishment.
  6. Oh is it impossible for a game to sell out in the matter of hours is it? Plenty of European and derby matches have been sold out within 2 hrs of ticket release for PAOK on numerous occasions. Printing tickets at scale doesn't require stone carvings and donkeys these days. Wow "coming from a team that won the Greek cup the year before with an at least 1M offside goal". Ok cool. You ever see the 2011 Greek Cup Final where AEK beat Atromitos 3-0? Probably one of the most corrupted Cup final of all time or perhaps on par with 2013 Olympiakos-Tripoli final. Yes delusional indeed.
  7. Yes, but as per above posts which everyone agrees on, had the ref been a foreign one the players and bench would have accepted the original goal decision and the chaos that unfolded would not have played out.
  8. Nottingham Forest and Olympiakos owner Evangelos Marinakis announces he has coronavirus
  9. Of course it doesn't look good and that's what media does well. Ever heard of anchoring bias or anchoring effect? First piece of information you hear creates an anchoring point that incorrectly influences all subsequent assessments. So long as concrete evidence is provided proving that Savvidis injected money into Xanthi then I have zero issues with a punishment.
  10. Yes this is Greece where PAOK and Xanthi are being punished on innuendo rather than any concrete evidence. Once this matter goes before a court then punish if found guilty of any wrong doing. At the moment it's a media campaign against PAOK which you the "journalist" is believing every article about PAOK.
  11. I remember that match vividly. I was only 10 years old at the time and watched it on tv in Athens. When Stefanos Borbokis (my dad's 1st cousin) scored the winner late in the game I went absolutely crazy. I was probably the only person cheering in Athens that night lol. The next day I was buying all the newspapers to cut out any pictures of Borbokis so i could bring back to Sydney.
  12. @Blackhawk can you please start a new game thread for Xanthi's road trip to Olympiakos this weekend since we own Xanthi? 🤣
  13. I really hope that our fans don't decide to take matters in their own hands and become destructive during the next few matches especially against olympiakos next month. Last thing we want is point deduction for fan violence. This is exactly what olympiakos would want
  14. You are a hypocrite then and part of the problem. Where is the proof of these 2 crime families controlling Greek football?
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