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  1. Wheels have been falling off in the Greek basketball recently: Olympiakos walked off the court against Panathinaikos in the Greek Cup last month. Olympiakos forfeited the league match against Panathinaikos on the weekend. Olympiakos has approached the Adriatic Basketball League to join their league as they don't want to participate in the Greek Basketball League anymore.
  2. Lol Nikaul. The VAR room will be full of paid Olympiakos officials which will notify to review all penalty plays not given to Olympiacos during the match and won't notify the ref to review penalty claims not given when PAOK plays. We should demand foreign VAR officials!
  3. Don't belittle our success because your team is currently s%$#!. Our league position in Europe means nothing. Its all relative. PAOK will take out this championship in the same backyard with the same environment and same rules that Panathinaikos plays in who will finish 6th. We don't belittle the success of the Panathinaikos basketball team for being in a garbage league when compared to the NBA.
  4. Goal and ambition of PAOK: Win the championship, Win the cup Goal and ambition of Aris: stop a winning home record streak of PAOK The mentality of a bigger team and a smaller team.
  5. We can draw 2 matches with 1 loss. That would put us level with Olympiakos and we'll still win the Championship because of our better head to head. I just hope the players don't lose focus and play to win regardless of the mathematical equations
  6. Well going by history Greece was once a superpower... over 2000 years ago. Today though Greece is no power. Panathinaikos may have reached a European final 48 years ago but today are a club whose main competition are your mid table clubs like Xanthi, Panetolikos, Lamia etc. Aris who is currently sitting higher than Panathinaikos on the table has not finished higher than us since 2008 🙂
  7. No they didn't. 2009-2010 season you averaged 27k. So because your millions of fans are not interested we should make concessions and pump money towards your club to get the millions back on board? That is actually the job of the club's owner not anyone else. "No big clubs, just PAOK, Atromitos together with PAS" You are delusional. PAOK right here right now is a bigger club than Panathinaikos. They are the 2nd biggest club. They are financially sound with Olympiakos, have the 2nd highest average crowds and 2nd highest social media followers in Greece. That is a fact. Your method of 'millions of pao fans not interested' is quite frankly void.
  8. 2 reasons. Covering your mouth apparently amplifies and directs your voice to be heard better or its because they can swear without anyone lip reading
  9. Yes it is insane but if Khacheridi is being paid 1.2m and Varela is a better player and will always start over Khacheridi then why not ask for 1.2m and negotiate from there?
  10. Unfortunately Nea Bafra, the millions upon millions of Panathinaikos fans don't really have a forum to debate football. JVC is pretty much the sole panathinaikos poster making panathinaikos a fraction bigger than atromitos in terms of forum traffic
  11. The hypocrisy from the elitist aek fan. You never expressed this view when the scumbag PAOK fan though the paper roll at olympiakos' coach or with our president storming the pitch. Maybe you think out football team just weren't busting their guts out there when they were on a roll and being labelled by all pundits as the best team in Greece at the time
  12. Not playing well but winning and that's all that matters. Years ago if PAOK wasn't playing well we would be guaranteed to lose matches against olympiakos and aek. Very big win today! PAOK!!
  13. Woops but I'm pretty sure you're well aware of what i was trying to imply. A draw doesn't help as it maintains the 2pt advantage for aex but can also open up the gap between us and gavri if they win
  14. We definitely have the team to punish them. If the team continue to believe and act as a family we will beat them good
  15. Pash, It's not being defeatist but rather realistic plus strategic. The AEX game in my opinion is 100 times more important than Chelsea. Remember we are -2 already and we need to beat AEX to go on top of them in the table. If we lose or draw the gap opens up and slowly slowly the pressure builds to make up the gap. Yeah it would be great to get a result against Chelsea and for our club to get some international lime light but that's a nice to have. Focus needs to AEX
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