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  1. SydneyPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Unfortunately Nea Bafra, the millions upon millions of Panathinaikos fans don't really have a forum to debate football. JVC is pretty much the sole panathinaikos poster making panathinaikos a fraction bigger than atromitos in terms of forum traffic
  2. SydneyPAOK

    AEK vs Olympiakos

    The hypocrisy from the elitist aek fan. You never expressed this view when the scumbag PAOK fan though the paper roll at olympiakos' coach or with our president storming the pitch. Maybe you think out football team just weren't busting their guts out there when they were on a roll and being labelled by all pundits as the best team in Greece at the time
  3. SydneyPAOK

    SL–R5: Olympiakos - PAOK (30-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Not playing well but winning and that's all that matters. Years ago if PAOK wasn't playing well we would be guaranteed to lose matches against olympiakos and aek. Very big win today! PAOK!!
  4. SydneyPAOK

    EL–GS-R1: PAOK - Chelsea FC (20-Sep-18, 19:55 EEST)

    Woops but I'm pretty sure you're well aware of what i was trying to imply. A draw doesn't help as it maintains the 2pt advantage for aex but can also open up the gap between us and gavri if they win
  5. SydneyPAOK

    SL–R4: PAOK - AEK (23-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    We definitely have the team to punish them. If the team continue to believe and act as a family we will beat them good
  6. SydneyPAOK

    EL–GS-R1: PAOK - Chelsea FC (20-Sep-18, 19:55 EEST)

    Pash, It's not being defeatist but rather realistic plus strategic. The AEX game in my opinion is 100 times more important than Chelsea. Remember we are -2 already and we need to beat AEX to go on top of them in the table. If we lose or draw the gap opens up and slowly slowly the pressure builds to make up the gap. Yeah it would be great to get a result against Chelsea and for our club to get some international lime light but that's a nice to have. Focus needs to AEX
  7. SydneyPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Not always blackhawk. The runner's up also took part on many occasions when the cup winner was also the league champion. Nowadays with the champions league taking up more spots you would potentially even have semi finalists of domestic cups participating.
  8. SydneyPAOK

    Current PAOK Roster - Latest Signings

    I thought Pontus Wernbloom was bought to start.. once match fit that is
  9. SydneyPAOK

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    50% of Greeks in Makedonia are descendants of Greeks that came from Thraki, Pontus and Asia Minor in the 1920s
  10. SydneyPAOK

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    Part of this new naming deal also involves multiple changes to Skopje's constitution. Some of the changes are: - their history has no correlation to ancient Macedonia - that they are not descendants of ancient Macedonians - that ancient symbols are not to he used in any flags - that their statues and monuments must clearly state that they belong to the ancient Hellinistic period - that they have no territorial claims on Greek Macedonia - their education system to use newly re written books and materials that does not correlate their history with that of ancient Macedonia and to not have any maps showing Greek Macedonia as part of their Northern Macedonia - that their Macedonian language is part of the Slavic language and has no correlation to the language spoken by ancient Macedonians Therefore the next generation of our northern neighbors will have a very different belief system about their history.
  11. SydneyPAOK

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    @jvc anyway you spin it, you and your club are hypocrites and part of the problem with Greek football and the Greek mentality. However big you think your club is, if it has broken the rules and owes money the rules applied to the other clubs like Iraklis should be applied to panathinaikos. No exceptions. You keep banging on about your big fanbase blah blah blah and that if you are relegated that Greek football will suffer. Well in Scotland, 2 clubs make up around 98% of the fan base and despite the fact that it would hurt the Scottish league they still applied the correct rules and demoting the club. They made no exceptions and in a single decision the Scottish league lost around 49% of it's fan base. Smaller Scottish clubs also suffered by losing their 1 of their 2 guaranteed sell out home matches (the other against Celtic) and lost TV viewers. By the way you keep banging on about how big your club's fanbase is. How come PAOK has a bigger following on their official FB and Insta pages? You might think that means nothing but in corporate marketing these numbers are real and has more worth than your 1990's Greek newspaper polls about fan bases. Facebook: Olympiakos 903k, PAOK 479k, Panathinaikos 309k AEK 250k Instagram: Olympiakos 212k, PAOK 119k, AEK 98k, Panathinaikos 60k
  12. SydneyPAOK

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Ummm JVC because the panathinaikos hierarchy aren't reading these posts you dumb ass.
  13. SydneyPAOK

    PAOK International Players (National Teams)

    Maybe Skibbe's in depth research revealed that Paschalakis conceded 6 goals in toumba against aek and olympiakos therefore didnt pick him 😂
  14. SydneyPAOK

    Champions 2018

    Just ignore us and concentrate on celebrating rather than constantly coming back to challenge us as to WHY you were worthy champions Paper champions wont get old
  15. SydneyPAOK

    Champions 2018

    Lol i love it that you bite amorgos Your thread is plagued by everything that clouds this championship off the field