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  1. If he plays either of these two as a wingback he should be fired immediately.
  2. Hearts fans calling him man of the match in both games he's played. They say he controls the tempo of the game and looks a class above everyone.
  3. True conservative=true bigot? It's 2016, gay marriage and abortion are antiquated social issues used by conservatives to mask economic policy decisions which do not benefit their base. Only weirdos care what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home.
  4. You're clearly unbalanced. People should listen to your opinions on fiscal and social policy and then do the exact opposite.
  5. Tachtsidis is a nothing player. Good vision, little else. If we are persisting with 3-5-2 it should be a midfield 3 of Petsos - Mantalos -Samaris. I like the idea of Fortounis playing withdrawn behind a target man.
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