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  1. I will be visiting Metsovo and Ioannina between August 4th and 8th with family and was hoping to attend a PAS GIannina friendly game hosted on August 7th. I have no idea how to go about acquiring a ticket, or if that is even necessary. Or, perhaps someone knows if that game is not allowing attendees? Any information will be much appreciated. Anything about how to acquire friendly tickets in Greece online in general would be greatly appreciated. I will be traveling in Thessaloniki and Athens as well, so there may be options there. I'm really hoping to get to a football game.
  2. This is a very promising result. We can be disappointed given the likelihood we had to win before Tachtsidis was sent off, but if you were to tell me we would be 1-1 against Belgium this morning, I would've considered that a great outcome. Our defense proved itself against one of Europe's best attacks (even without their two stars).
  3. So Fortounis led the Super League in goals AND assists last season, and is only 23? What is the latest transfer buzz with him? Throughout the year, I've heard everything ranging from Arsenal, Napoli, and RSC Anderlecht.
  4. It was a very exciting stretch to open the 2nd half, between Jonas' chance and Mitroglou's whiffed chance. I like the spirit of the Estadio de Luz, and think the fans can motivate Mitroglou or Jimenez to put one in the back of the net to send it to ET and penalties. The defense should have gained some confidence that they can bring back home. That might be the most realistic chance Benfica has. I'm quickly becoming a fan.
  5. Im very excited for Benfica's match with Bayern today. Mitroglou and Samaris can make a big impression. I would be keen for them to stay put at Benfica. They seem to have so much fun playing with those guys. Benfica has such an energy to them on the pitch. They really seem to get along.
  6. Yes, Im a fan when Bayer 04 has him playing as a defensive mid. I call it "wrecking ball mode", or "bull in a china shop". When given freedom to move about, he just seems to create chaos for the other team with his aggression and surprising athleticism given his size. Any other NBA fans out there who know of a player by the name of Ron Artest (now known as Metta World Peace)? I always tell people that K-paps is the Ron Artest of European Football. Never boring with the crazy eyes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvkv9QiuYJM
  7. I have to think we would've won this 2-1 if Sokratis and Manolas were available to help defend the set-pieces.
  8. I like the following formation going forward, after what I have seen thus far (this is my first time I've made one of these, so be gentle): ---KARNEZIS--- SOKRATIS---MANOLAS----K-POP----STAFYLIDIS --TACHTSIDIS-- --SAMARIS-- --PETSOS-- --FORTOUNIS-- --KARELIS-- ---MITROGLOU--
  9. Suddenly, I feel very good about the future of this team: Karelis and Fortounis- both 23! (WARNING: I have a reputation of being a "sunshiner" in the forum of my favorite basketball team: meaning, I over-react positively to any sign of hope.)
  10. 4 runner-ups qualify for a playoffs, correct? But, seems like a very difficult task: its the 4 runner-ups with the most wins against teams 1,3,4, and 5 in their respective groups. If we win the next two, maybe we can start dreaming of a push for the playoffs.
  11. Probably not going to be able to find a stream of this.
  12. http://www.uefa.com/under19/season=2016/matches/live/index.html?day=22&session=1&match=2019190 U19s play England today. Looking forward to seeing Lamprou. Does anyone else stand out as prospects to keep an eye on? Greece U19: http://www.transfermarkt.com/greece-u19/startseite/verein/22246 England U19: http://www.transfermarkt.com/england-u19/startseite/verein/21340
  13. I'll give this some serious thought. I would make it a Greek football/basketball pod, to ensure that I would know what I was talking about half of the time. Monthly shows would include: FOOTBALL (First half of show): Brief Superleague update (this will be the hardest thing for me to stay on top of being in United States and not knowing Greek language, but I would do my best to stream games next season) How Greeks are performing in leagues abroad Greek National Team updates Transfer news Prospect Watch: I'd probably dedicate a lot of time to this BASKETBALL (Second half of show): Giannis Antetokounmpo Watch: "Road to Hall of Fame" ~5-10 minutes a show Kostas Koufos Watch: "Stay Serviceable" ~2 minutes FIBA team Greek NBA prospects
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